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General Discussion / noticed neurological interaction w iboga flood!
« on: January 08, 2013, 11:37:19 AM »
Hi guys, heres the story, i used to twitch like a mf when going to sleep pre flood, i dont know if it was the phy (meth)or h or even ssri's, but i also have  hereditary liability to pressure palsy, which is genetic and hereditary, it means the myolin sheath on my nerves is not formed properly and i get whats called wrist and foot drop, basicaly paralysis until and if the nerve grows back, 3 mnths to 1 hlf yrs so far.
this was a worry with iboga as 2/3 days in bed and i could loose the use of any  of my limbs, poss all(luckily didnt, prob cos i thrashed around and shook a lot day 2.)
anyway i've lost my bedtime twitch post flood,i was beginning to worry about it it was a pretty violent twitch in the last mnths, hope it stays away,
day 16 or 17? no cravings no twitch just need to sleep now!

General Discussion / 10 days post flood, little sleep,
« on: January 02, 2013, 08:26:21 AM »
happy new yr folks, i'm day 10 i think post flood only got 1 hr sleep some nights since flood, f knackered but still determind not to take any opiate(and theres plenty of it round here), my doc has tried me on zopiclone but they didn't work at all, today she is giving me benzos and tamazipam, just need to know if it will react with ibogaine hcl,
waiting for melatonin then i will be sqeeky clean, no more shite pharma, bring it on.

General Discussion / four days after flood, wow advice on boosters please
« on: December 26, 2012, 03:37:58 PM »
heres the story,i'm 46 70kg  i stopped my meth on 19th nov, my doc wouldnt give me sao so i went on street meds for 5 weeks i know not very clever but what else, pods was not enough i was on 40m meth for yrs plus the odd relapse onto street, waited for my kids to go away for christmas and flooded, wow what an amazing experience not even close to shrooms or lsd in any quantity.did last sao on 22nd dec and then test dose at 11am 23rd flood at 12.50,
it came on in 10 min had t lie in bed then the only word is wow, i had all the crazy overpowering buzzing in every freq and every synapse and atom in my body, esp my brain, then the visions came thick and fast for 5 hrs and stopped real quick like a sign saying the end but it was something i cant rem it went so fast. then i thought i was going to enter the dream phase but it didnt come as i expected(whatever that was) i did think over things and the ibogaine taught me i was scared of emotion and that was why i ended up like i did (i have had an awfull lot of death in my life and i cant handle it). the second day i did thrash about (rls or whatever) but thats prob the meth,but was still getting flashes and the odd wierd visual, now im ok but very tired, no craving no withdrawl wow again, please give advice on when to take small boosters i have .3 hcl left,
 love to all on this journey!

General Discussion / ordering over the interweb!
« on: November 08, 2012, 06:26:28 AM »
Hi folks,
first off peeps,
thanks for an awesome forum, i appreciate everything you have all written and thanks for being so open and honest with your posts.

I am about to order HCL from IW and would like to know if anyone has had any problems with orders not  turning up when using the registered post route rather than the very exp courier option?
I am in the UK so there should be no problems with legality, and i'm not in a desperate hurry to receive it, so is there any reason to pay the extra.
it says that they resend any lost orders unless held by customs, 
but being held by customs is the only way i see it not turning up,
has anyone here ever had their orders go missing in action?
and how often(if at all) does this happen?

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