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Compost Pile / Drama and Forum Feuds
« on: September 01, 2013, 01:16:02 AM »
the fact that my comment was removed after criticizing  Kampum for his hypocrisy & calling him out for his ego based comments, I believe shows that he has no business Moderating anything on this forum.


The Muse / Psychedelic Drugs Don't Make People Crazy, Study Says
« on: August 22, 2013, 03:44:00 AM »

 Contrary to what some anti-drug campaigns will have you believe, dropping acid probably isn't going to make you depressed or psychotic. In fact, psychedelics might actually be associated with better mental health, a new study finds.

Two neuroscientists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology looked at associations between lifetime psychedelic use and mental health with data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in the United States. More than 13 percent of the 130,152 randomly selected survey respondents reported they had used psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin, mescaline and peyote at least once in their life. The study found that psychedelic use wasn't significantly associated with serious psychological distress, receiving or needing mental health treatment or psychiatric symptoms.

The study didn't find any evidence for LSD flashbacks or hallucinations.Psychedelic users were likely to be younger, unmarried, and male, when compared to non-users. They were likely to have used a whole range of illicit drugs, and to have said they enjoy risk-taking. But they were not more likely to have lasting depression, anxiety or psychosis as a result of their drug use. Nor did the study find any evidence for LSD flashbacks or hallucinations.

The researchers did find some associations between psychedelic use and a lower rate of mental health issues, including lower rates of psychological distress, mental health treatment and psychiatric medication prescription. But, caveat: The associations were statistically fairly weak, and because it was a retrospective survey study, they couldn't determine whether it was a causal effect. "[T]hese results might reflect beneficial effects of psychedelic use, relatively better initial mental health among people who use psychedelics, or chance “false positive” findings," they write. Furthermore, they "cannot exclude the possibility that use of psychedelics might have a negative effect on mental health for some individuals or groups, perhaps counterbalanced at a population level by a positive effect on mental health in others," according to the study.

"Everything has some potential for negative effects, but psychedelic use is overall considered to pose a very low risk to the individual and to society," clinical psychologist and co-author Pål-Ørjan Johansen said in a press statement. "Psychedelics can elicit temporary feelings of anxiety and confusion, but accidents leading to serious injury are extremely rare."

LSD and psilocybin could have potential as treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder.These results are consistent with previous research showing that psychedelic use isn't generally dangerous, and can actually have several therapeutic applications. Studies have shown drugs like LSD and psilocybin could have potential as treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and alcoholism.

The study appears in PLOS ONE this week.

The Muse / Civilization by Marco Brambilla
« on: July 26, 2013, 10:47:26 PM »
Maybe change the music to something more Bwiti & WOW !!!!
does it remind you of anything?


Savant HWP Announces NIDA Funding for Pre-clinical Development of 18-MC as Potential Treatment for Addiction, Obesity

la ~ 18 - MC is a synthetic drug derived from experiments using the ibogaine chemical structure as a reference point: the idea (as I understand it) was to look for a drug with more overall 'appeal' which meant that it provided the same [or improved] anti-addictive properties as ibogaine but with less undesirable side effects and heightened safety margins. I do not know whether or not Mr. Glick and his team presumed the visionary state of ibogaine as an undesirable side effect but the conjecture in the 'underground' at one time seemed to indicate this. It is an interesting discovery and one I hope will continue to develop. There are threads around here about it but not much in the way of anything new  ;)

edit - here's a really cool article about 18MC  - - I think it's worthwhile to look at new drugs based on ibogaine to help those who may be precluded from treatment...{we prolly should start a new thread if this article piques alot of interest  :o}

Figured i would take Lala's question & Calaquendi's  advice & start a new thread because this should gain interest.

Announcements, News & Events / VICE on HBO - Ibogaine treatment
« on: June 27, 2013, 02:04:21 PM »
Underground Heroin Clinic: Bwiti Naming Ceremony (VICE on HBO Ep. #7 Extended)

Vice Founder, Shane Smith heads to Harlem to meet up with Matt, a heroin user who recently kicked his habit through a ritual ceremony involving the psychedelic drug, ibogaine.

I figured this was a good place to share this.
If you haven't seen it yet its worth 5 minutes of your time to watch this video

I found this article most interesting & wanted to share ~

I have noticed that in general westerners are misinformed about the different types of Amazonian shamans.  This is especially true in regards to ayahuasca shamans.  It is unfortunate that this is the case because westerners who come to Peru to drink ayahuasca often do so with some expectations that may not be met if they drink with the wrong type of shaman.  In fact, in some situations, drinking with the wrong shaman can be dangerous.

This confusion is largely around the difference between “”ayahuasquero” and “curandero”.  For many westerners they are just looking for a shaman that works with ayahuasca and therefore end up drinking with an ayahuasquero.  After all, the name fits….right?  The answer is yes….and no.

An ayahuasquero is simply someone who has the ability to prepare the ayahuasca brew, set up the space for an ayahuasca ceremony, and conduct the ceremony.  Sounds good right?  Maybe…..

A major problem is that if there is healing to be done, it is largely out of the hands of the ayahuasquero shaman.  An ayahuasquero is generally not a healer, or they are a healer still in training. (Note: when I use the words “healer” or  “healing”, I am talking about healing on all levels- physical, mental, and energetic/spiritual as ayahuasca is a truly holistic medicine.)  Ayahuasqueros are relying on the medicine to provide the insights and healing.  Ayahuasqueros are not actively working with the guests energies or the medicine to maximize healing and insights.  They may notice that there is something “off” in the guest’s body or energetic body, but usually an ayahuasquero does not have the training to do anything about it.  In fact a good ayahuasquero that sees something is amiss in a guest will refer that guest to a curandero for actual healing.  Now, if you are considering drinking ayahuasca you may be thinking, “I don need any healing”.   This may be true….or not.

Sometimes people go to an ayahuasquero “just for the experience”, not for healing.  Then they go into ceremony to discover they have some very significant energies/spirits that they were unaware of and those energies need to be dealt with.  Again, if the ayahuasquero is of high integrity, he/she will refer the guest to a quality curandero.  There is a bit of a catch though.  If the energy that manifests is too powerful or overwhelming for the ayahuasquero it can be a problem.  I have heard stories of this happening.  An ayahuasquero comes across a very strong energy or spirit in a guest, they can’t deal with it, and they end up running scared out of the ceremony.  Not good for the guest in question nor the other guests in attendance.

To summarize, an ayahuascero is essentially that can run a ceremony.  They can cook the brew, set up the space, serve the ayahuasca, sing icarros, and run the ceremony.  They generally are NOT healers.

A curandero, as the name implies, cures people.  A curandero has a large toolbox to draw from as the training for a currandero is much more extensive and varied.

Curanderos do a large number of plant and tree bark dietas.  These dietas form a strong bond between the currandero and the plants dieted.  Those plants become allies, and the plants teach the curandero how to work with them during ceremony and in healing.  A curandero can call on one of his plant/tree allies to protect the guest, to bring in the medicine, and help cure a guest.

A curandero has learned to work with energies/spirits that may be in the guest.  If the spirit or energy is not useful or harmful, the curandero helps the patient learn to control that energy/spirit so that it does not cause further negative manifestations in ceremony nor in life.  It is also possible that an outside spirit may try to get into a guest during ceremony.  A curandero protects the guest from these outside spirits.  This skill of managing energies/spirits is particularly important in an ayahuasca ceremony as a person’s energies open up significantly in this space.

Finally, curranderos often have the ability to make remedies for various ailments like candida, arthritis, herpes, and in some cases cancer.  These plant remedies are administered alone or in conjunction with ayahuasca.  The idea behind the remedies is to cure the root cause of an illness vs. the western  model of just treating the symptoms.

As you can see there is a significant difference between an ayahuasquero and curandero.  Personally I think working with a currandero is a safer and better way to go.  A good curandero has much more training and a large toolbox to draw from.  Of course I am biased as the maestros I work with at La Familia Medicina  are all curanderos/ayahuasquero /vegetalistas/paleros.  Note: a curandero can also be an ayahuasquero, vegetalista,and/or palero, but not necessarily vise versa.

Below are som brief descriptions of some other types of Amazonian shamans:

Vegetalista-  a shaman that works with various plant medicines.  This can be done alone or in conjunction with ayahuasca.

Palero- a shaman that works with tree barks.  These tree barks are used in dietas alone (Puro Palo dietas), or with ayahuasca.  The trees are another source of remedies.

Tobaquero- a shaman that works with tobacco.  Tobacco is a strong medicine , a strong purgative that cleans the body out.  It can be drunk, snorted on its’ own or mixed with a brew such as ayahuasca.

Brujo/Bruja-  The literal translation for brujo is sorcerer and bruja is witch.  These people dwell on the darker side of shamanism in Peru and throughout Latin America.  A brujo is a shaman that does not necessarily act in a guests best interest, they act in their own interests.  A brujo is most interested in money and power.  There are more brujos than shamans in Peru because it is easier to become a brujo and oftentimes more profitable.  The lines between shaman and brujo can get blurry as many shamans become tempted by money and/or power.  Those shamans try to straddle both paths of love/light and power.  Unfortunately the path of power is quite seductive.

The above is by no means complete.  My main intention is to educate westerners about the difference between curranderos and ayahuasquero.  This is due to the significant and increasing interest in ayahuasca by westerners.

The Muse / Alex Jones on DMT
« on: June 03, 2013, 07:17:37 PM »

Sorry i had to share this bit of Dis-info here, i couldn't resist

Compost Pile / Chris Jenks: Extracting Ibogaine
« on: April 30, 2013, 01:01:54 AM »

Eboka Journals / There are no Shortcuts to Redemption
« on: January 26, 2013, 05:42:07 PM »
Hello, So this is my personal experience with Ibogaine as an Addiction Interrupter for Methadone
In mid to late 2010 I was taking 130mg daily of Methadone a day via clinic.
I was in the midst of a hard break-up of a 3 year  relationship , due in large part to my
Methadone addiction , she had left town for the weekend so i could pack & get a plan
 I was depressed & feeling hopeless as a sat in the living room  of the house we had shared over the last close to 2 years, I put a BBC Documentary called "Detox or Die" by David Graham Scott (DGS) ~ >
as i watched this I became optimistic again about my situation with methadone, I could get off this shit for real if I was just given a window to escape, I could get my life back, MAYBE.

well I knew this wasn't living , I was ghost of my former self & i was existing  at best with all the worst side effects of Methadone limiting my quality existing. That MAYBE is all i needed.

So I set out looking for more info on the inter-web in late 2010 , I contacted DGS about his documentary &  he answered allot of questions for me.  as well as gave me the info to someone in the United States that was doing a form of Guerilla Ibogaine Treatment in the NY area. This person referred me to a provider in California but she was asking way more than what i could afford, as a passing note she hooked me up with a good fella in my State, Colo.....

Here Enters Harvey Plex in early real point of contact with the African Medicine  &  overall Game Planner . I had already started dropping down my Methadone dose from 1 to 2mgs a week to every 2 weeks depending on when i had to go to the clinic to get my poison. This process continued over the next 2 years more or less, slow yet stabilized enough to not lose my job or set in motion a possible relapse  back to Heroin or other Opiates.  Anyway HP & I spoke as often as we could, he always started our conversations within the first 5 minutes with "where is your Dose right now at? are you still dropping it ?"
well I am going to fast-forward up to November 30th 2012 ~

At this point i was down to 30mgs of methadone a day from 130mgs two years earlier with Ibo still my focus.
 I got laid off at my Wage Slave Job & was given an amount of money that could last me long enough to do Ibogaine & recoup from possible methadone PAWS.

Anyway I get my hands on the 10 grams of Ibogaine TA c/o a friend of ours & a Train Ticket back to Nebraska  to start finishing  up my detox  & to take the Medicine. I had somewhat talked to friend about "sitting" for me while HP & Lala were going to be on a sort of standby  to help if he had any questions once i started my Flood.  Well needless to say the Sitter & Space fell apart once i got to Neb & i still continued to at this point rapidly detox off of Methadone because my supply was limited yet I didn't know how to  safely take the Medicine alone , I got freaked out & started taking  large amounts of Xanax  & Valium thinking it would take the edge off (BAD IDEA, at least the amounts i was taking) Then after a week of mostly being in a Blackout , HP suggested that I try something else.

At this point I feel the need to say if you are considering doing what i did , avoid it & get a Sitter, please use great caution if you dont have much 1st hand experience with Iboga or Ibogaine !!!!

So the idea was purposed to Stack smaller doses over a week or two. (stacking) At this point I was totally out of Methadone, in full withdrawal & messed up on Benzo's   
so I waited about 18hrs from my last pill intake  & put on music
Youtube: 8sacredroot8  - the Bwiti section.
& lit one candle .

On the 1st night  - I took 1 Gram of TA
I completely Blanked out shortly after the medicine kicked in. I came to about 6 hrs later & jumped up out of bed...I fell back down but something wonderful & yet scary had happened The room I was in, the world I knew had completely changed. My Mental Computer had been reset off of 1 gram & I swear to this.  I have not craved or even thoughtfully considered going to a methadone clinic or scoring real opiates since that 1st one Dec 27th 2012 I saw how big of a self-centered prick i had been while Detoxing the week before , I saw how insignificant my addiction is in the grand design of my life & humanity on this planet as a whole. Yes I had a few intense hours of real soul searching, Crying  & laughing....Very emotional stuff. I was & am genuinely humbled by my experience.   

Night  2  -  i took a Half Gram of TA
very mild but I could feel the ibo working

Night  3 -  i  1 & a Half Grams of TA
mild but could feel it working

Night  4 - I took 2 Grams TA
still mild & very minimal

Night  5 - Took None

Night  6 - I took a half gram around 1pm & moved around on it all that day, That night I took
2 more Grams
- I believe I had a Threshold Flood Experience, Intense Psychedelic visuals for about 3 hrs but was still able to  slowly walk myself to the toilet in the 3rd hr

Night  7 - took Nothing

Night  8 - i took 1 gram
mild but still working on me

Night  9 - Nothing

Night 10 - \took 1 & a Half Grams
very mild but still felt the medicine working

That's the Bulk of it, I have done a couple Booster Doses since but those have been a half Gram or less & few & far between.
Again I owe a ton of Gratitude to Harvey Plex, Lalababa & Calaquendi for their Feedback, Support, Guidance, Sharing of knowledge & genuine friendship as well hours & upon hours of phone time I can not thank them enough.
I feel an extra need at this point to give HP  5 out of 5 Stars for a Job well done

 I feel it was a success. Is it to early to say so ? Maybe but my GUT tells me I will giving back sooner than later & you can't do that fully if you regress back to old behavior & thhe old force of habit.

I learned 1st hand & believe fully that You need a game plan Before, During & After you take Ibogaine as a way to Interrupt an Addiction of any sort. It is No Magic Bullet but it is African Jungle Magic in its purest form, You have to respect it.

that is all for now, I am sure i will need to edit this in time due to spelling & memory issues.

Trusting Bwiti
Jack Tripper

Introductions / Hello
« on: January 14, 2013, 07:13:56 PM »
my name is JackTripper & I am in Denver, Colo. USA
I'm a friend of Calaquendi, Harveyplex & Lalababa
I recently Discovered the power of Iboga's Jungle Magick first hand.
I will have much more on this later as my head clears. I can say now though it has changed my life
in many positive ways.
I just wanted to Introduce myself & say Hello for now.

Trusting Bwiti

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