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Introductions / There seems to be this connection/ suboxone sucks
« on: September 13, 2010, 03:05:14 PM »
I am hoping this gets in the "intros" section.  ::) I'm a bit computer challenged ... some days.  Anyway,

Hello everyone, just got here. After running across a few U Tube videos and advertisements for Iboga Treatments and surfing around a bit I actually made a connection with someone who had recently undergone the experience.  Of course I remember "Mom's" old addage " If it sounds too good to be true ...." and so I was VERY skeptical in the beginning ( and barely open minded now) BUT this person seems to be really really centered and also to have had a very positive life changing experience.  However, she was not taking the medicine for Opiate addiction and that would be the case with me. (Should I decide to jump)

A bit of history.  Began using opiates about 40 years ago and have had little experience being completely free from them since with the exception of incarceration time and a few runs at 12 step recovery.  Some of you know all that goes with that so I won't rehash the redundant details of Heroin addiction, old and ugly. I am currently using Suboxone and have been "there" for about 5 years.  Started at 12 mg., up to 16 mg. then tapered (over two years) down to 6mg. because I couldn't stand the lack of mental clarity and all the other "wonderful" side effects.  I do feel like the US federal gov. and the AMA sold us a bit of a "bill of goods" on "Sub" that wasn't quite what they represented but it was my choice so ... there it is there.  I am stabilized on "Sub" ut my life is not what it could be or really what I want it to be.  I have always had a very strong Spiritual connection with the "old medicine", and particularly plants are very attractive and I love Reckitt Benckiser won't be making a huge profit there.  Probably part of the reason Ibogaine is classed as it is.  We have a bit of a mess facing the kids we are leaving this planet to as we, the baby boomers fade away.  I regret that and take some responsibility though I have been as active as an "old dope fiend" can with environmental issues and respect for the earth we are "stewards" of.  Enough of the ramblings ... What I really want to say/ask is this.

Where does one start, How do I get the "right" info?How does one get off the "Sub" ? Swithch to Heroin for 3 weeks, kinda unacceptable if thats the deal?[/color]And is it true that if I do decide to "Spin the Wheel" one more time will I have no craving for nicotine, sugar, slot machines and "Big Mac's" as well?  I have heard that the concept is that one (me) could be "scrubbed" clean on a psychic and cellular level and be returned to the physical pre addictive state but still have all the baggage but a clear idea of where to start, or continue to do the work necessary to maintain that focus.  I'll be hanging around here for a while, got y'all BOOKMARKED and waiting for some kind souls to share what experience you have that you're willing to.  I am not a lawyer so if I crossed the "disclaimer line" let's just call it all theoretical.  ;)

PS  I am not anywhere near 75 and in fairly good health save Blood Pressure due to Sub weight gain and a life of self abuse.

Thanks for listening.

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