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Eboka Journals / I feel as if I may explode
« on: February 21, 2013, 11:58:53 PM »
I remember being a child with too much energy, lying in bed, tightening all of my muscles to release the energy from within, the bomb.  Not since then have I felt that, not til now.  Not now in a literal sense, now in the sense of post-Iboga.  Post Introduction.  It's been over a year since my first flood and I recently experienced my second.  Wow! It was a wonderful concoction of 1.2g 98% Ibogaine HCL salt dissolved in deionized water and poored down my throat.  I want to describe my experience not only as a chance to record the qualitative data but also as a confession:

Iboga was never a drug detox for me.  My first flood was an experiment to ease the mind of a friend that was prepared to detox but needed a little comfort before embarking on the journey.  The effects were profound, but that is another story.  Since then I have done infrequent microdosing and a couple, what I like to call, microbursts, which are light flood doses.  In this same time I have, by chance, come across a monthly supply of little compact opiates.  Although they were mostly going to others, I ate quite a few every month spurring a ritual detox period every few weeks.  Not heavy, but the closest I've come to consciously experiencing what many of you have experienced. 

Then came my second flood, and, by the way, I didn't think I had a problem with pills.  The flood was to ready me for the next stage of my life, my new baby girl.  I had not taken any opiates for a week before the flood, since I didn't have any, but the day before my launch I happened upon a bunch more.  I then decided to take 15mg of oxycodone 5 hours before my flood, and I remember my sitter, just before my dosing, asking me if I had an addiction, and I responded no, like a liar.  I knew the dangers of mixing opiates with Iboga and that still didn't stop me. 

Anyway, during my flood I knew it was a mistake.  I wondered at times whether or not I would survive.  I saw my insides. I traveled into my body to see my organs and feel how they felt.  I Purged a lot.  I had a flash-flood, which was my previous flood compact into two minutes.  I then remembered that Iboga had given me back my memories.  Before my first flood I was forgetting my life and all the events that created me and Iboga released the files.  I also heard music and a voice talking of pills and medicine/nature as opposites. 

After the flood I had a couple of wonderful days basking in a beautiful glow.  Then I decided that taking some little green and white tablets sounded like a fine idea and I quickly stepped out of my glow and back into a cloudy dream world of opiates for about a week until two days ago when I decided to stop taking any pills.  I realized that I was cheating myself.  Not only was I destroying my Ibo glow, I was ignoring a problem that could destroy much more if left unattended.  I then took 5 capsules of root bark and spent half a night awake and was greeted again by the voice talking of nature and pills, however, each time the voice said 'pills' another voice, a chorus, said 'Noooo'.  Amazing. I got to hear the detox powers of Iboga first-hand. 

Afterward, now, I feel the glow, my minds-eye is sharp, and I am prepared to venture on without the addiction.  I also feel a fire within, stimulating my nerves, making me smile and want to explode.

General Discussion / an observation
« on: February 15, 2013, 07:13:12 PM »
I've been reading through many threads on this forum and am now wondering if only kind people take Iboga or if Iboga is the cause of this completely joyous civility... 

Theorize with me.

Introductions / an introduction
« on: February 14, 2013, 11:25:40 PM »
Physically, Iboga cleansed me of toxins and seemingly cured my Crohn's disease.
Mentally, Iboga completed my struggling process of self esteem, awareness, and joy.
Spiritually, Iboga connected me to a new depth of my reality and this infinite experience.
Thank you, Iboga! 
And thank all of you, this forum, for being here because, although from the sidelines, I have already gained an incredible amount of knowledge and help from many of you.

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