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Hello dear friends.

I am making this post as a very good friend of mine has terminal brain cancer. They are in their early 20s, have had 4 surgeries, and most likely less than 6 months to live, possibly not even that long.

I have flooded Iboga once and drank Ayahuasca 5 times. My friend does not know of either Iboga or Ayahuasca.

I am wondering if either of these plant medicines legitimately have the potential to help my friend. I need consultation from others more knowledgeable than myself.

Does anyone have any words for me? Could either of these plant medicines legitimately help my friend with end stage terminal brain cancer? If so would one be better than the other (iboga vs ayahuasca)?  Also to note my friend does have heart problems.

Should I speak with my friend about this?

Thank you.

General Discussion / Desiring to Flood again
« on: July 06, 2015, 07:08:38 PM »

It has been 2 years since I flooded for my 1st and only time.  I am desiring to take iboga again sometime this or next year.  I do not know with who or where, but thought that I would write this post to get the intention out and flowing. 

I was fortunate enough to have had a wonderful 1st flood.  It has been two years, I have had much to process and chew on during this time.  Since my first flood I always felt that I would like to take Iboga again but only when the time is right.  I haven't felt that the time is right until recently, but don't feel the need to rush into it right away.

I simply wanted to share. 


General Discussion / Inner vs Outer Journeys - Iboga and Ayahuasca
« on: February 16, 2014, 11:31:43 AM »
Greetings.  I have heard Iboga described as an inner journey and Ayahuasca described as an outer journey.  However my experiences couldn't have been more opposite.  My iboga journey was completely outer and my ayahuasca journey completely inner.  I'm curious do other people experience iboga as an outer journey and aya as inner, or iboga as inner and aya as outer? 

General Discussion / Ordinary sitter vs Shaman
« on: November 08, 2013, 02:21:17 PM »
Hello everyone.  I am wondering what other people have to say about flooding iboga with someone as a sitter, who isn't experienced with plant medicine vs doing it with an actual shaman or someone who is experienced with plant medicine and dealing with spirits.   

I was fortunate enough to flood last time with someone who was able to "hold the space" real well for me during my flood.  I want to flood again and have a friend who volunteered to sit for me but I am wondering if this isn't a good idea as he isn't experienced with plant medicine/iboga.  He is a very spiritually aware person however. 

In my experience I felt like if I hadn't had the person with me last time that I did, that I could have had a really bad experience.  I know others seem to flood though with a friend or family member as a sitter and are alright though. 

What are other peoples thoughts and opinions on this?

So it has been 2 months since my flood with Iboga.  I do not feel that Iboga has helped me with my current mental state (which is what I was hoping to resolve). 

My flood with Iboga showed me many things.  Many many things.  Many many many many many things, all of which were spectacular, insightful, and what I feel to be full of truth, however...

My experience was so so intense that I feel it did not help me whatsoever with the here and now.  I encountered all kinds of spirits, my soul traveled outside my body to the outer edges of space and back.  I went to far out other dimensions.  There was much insight I gained about the universe and everything...

However I do not feel that it helped me in the least bit with the here and now, with where my life is here on planet earth and with my current mental state.  It's like I traveled so far beyond that which was cool, but I feel that I have nothing to take from it here and now today in my present reality here on this solid rock. 

I don't feel like I took too much, I definitely took a *full* flood, that is for sure, my head was cracked wide open.  But I wonder if I were to take less if I would be able to deal with current life problems here in this dimension.  As far as my life goes today and what feels to be a stuck mental state of non-stop torture I am in the same exact boat I was pre-flood. 

I feel like flooding again regardless.  I like Iboga and I like what it showed me.  It did reset my brain in a positive way.  My brain and head feel more clear.  if I were to flood again does anyone think I should take less of what I took before?  (which was 3 grams TA)  Or perhaps do I maybe just need several full floods to resolve what it is I am trying to get at? 

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciate. 

Eboka Journals / An Update On Me
« on: August 13, 2013, 06:01:56 PM »
Well it has been some time now since my flood, actually less than 2 months now that I think about it.  It seems like a lot more time has gone by but I suppose it hasn't.  I decided to take off on an adventure shortly after my flood in late June. 

I got offered a ride to the Rainbow gathering in Montana and was there from July 1-7.  I made my way to Seattle after the gathering to visit my ex-girlfriend.  We spent 2 weeks together that were great.  We really reconnected and I had some of the best times of my life with her.  We talked seriously about being together and it seemed that was what was going to happen.  We were planning on going back to California where I'm from together, until out of nowhere she told me I needed to leave and to not contact her again.  I didn't know how to react, it was so sudden and unexpected that I went into a completely numb state for 8 hours.  She blocked my number, and deleted me from fb, and skype, leaving me with no way to even contact her.  It was such a heavy blow.  We had just talked about having kids together and getting married, spending the rest of our lives together.  What she did was really fucked and I still don't even know what happened and why. 

Being that I was backpacking I made my way back to Seattle from her place which was on the outskirts.  My first night there I was offered 25i, some wacky research chemical.  Being dumb and not thinking things through I took it.  I ended up wandering off and left my gear and boots.  When I came to in the middle of the night, all my gear was gone, I didn't even have shoes.  Someone had taken it.  I had no sleeping bag, jacket, shoes, nothing.  The later part of the night I had a horrible trip and froze thruout the night. 

Fortunately I was able to come up on a pack and sleeping bag, and eventually got some new gear together for my travels.  Being that I was homeless and that the homeless people I was around tended to drink and do drugs I started drinking pretty heavily.  I didn't really give a fuck at this point.  I had battled and was still battling pretty heavy depression as well as not feeling mentally well for over half a decade, and had just lost my love after getting my hopes up thinking things were really going to work out between us. 

I started drinking, then was doing some coke, then some molly, then some meth, and then finally my buddy offered me heroin.  Wow, I hadn't done heroin in over 3 years.  Being at an all time low in my life I said fuck it and did some heroin, and it felt good.  I started doing it regularly being that where I was in Seattle was basically a candy shop for drugs.  I was up smoking meth and heroin all night one night + drinking.  The next day I felt so fucked.  I felt I had really pushed my limits and come close to dying.  I wasn't really caring because of how hurt I was but realized how close to the edge I had really come. 

I decided to call my grandpa who lived near the area.  I went to his place and rested up a day or two.  I decided to fly home to my hometown because where I was and who I was with was bringing me down real fast.  Plus the memories and what had just happened with my girlfriend was really messing with my head.

I came home and am back in CA in a relatively good place.  I ended up getting stung out down here and still struggle to give a fuck about life but at least am in a place where I can recalibrate. 

It's interesting after Iboga even having done a large quantity of drugs I can feel that the Iboga is still helping me, and that I am in a much better head space than where I'd be in I hadn't taken Iboga.  After first drinking again I would notice the Iboga was still helping me.  The more and more I started using drugs again though I notice the effects less and less. 

I want to do Iboga again, at some point.  I would like to take a trip to south america at some point, and incorporate ayahuasca into my experiences. 

I am not sure what I am going to do now.  I guess I'm just chilling right now, trying to get back on my feet.  I'm still pretty hurt from what happened between me and this girl, I suppose that will mend in time.  Right now I'm just trying to take things slow and take care of myself.

Well, just wanted to share and post an update of where I'm at.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Thanks for reading. 

Eboka Journals / Day two after flood
« on: June 25, 2013, 10:59:37 AM »
Greetings, all who helped me prepare for my flood, and all in general.  It has been two days since my flood.  I started on Friday night and it lasted until about Sunday morning but has more or less been continuous.  The meaty part of it I would say was at least 36 hours but I'm not really sure as I lost complete concept of all time. 

WOW what an experience!  I could have never fully prepared to expect what I was about to encounter.  What an absolutely astonishing and beautiful experience. 

I started out closing my eyes and the first thing I saw was myself or consciousness floating through space passing stars, galaxies, and going into a whole other dimension.  What happened next is completely indescribable in words.  I went to billion other dimensions and zillions of visions, sorta all at once.  Beautiful, horrifying, and everything in between.  It was for sure the hardest thing I've ever been through in my life, but well worth it and rewarding in the end. 

i took 7 pills of TA, staggered doses and when it was hitting full force still had two left to take.  I didn't want to take them at all, and thought I would die if I did but my sitter convinced me and those last two pills were what really kicked the whole experience into full force.  I am definitely grateful I took the full 9 pills.  (3 grams TA total).

Ya, basically my head was cracked full on open.  My brain was traveling at lightspeed with a million questions and every question was answered.  It was like I had the key to life, and infinite file cabinets at my instant access of pure knowledge and Love.

Love was a major theme of my flood.  Actually I would say Love is the major theme of flood.  I saw that everything worked together because of Love and Love was the ultimate, the highest vibration.

I encountered a lot of Light.  Very high dimensions of light and vibrations with lots of sound and colors.  The music my sitter played really made the experience awesome.  It was the Jose Campos Ayahuasca Shaman music.  Those sounds and vibrations totally helped get me through a lot.  At many points that's what I would hold onto, the sweet sounds.

I encountered a lot of spirits and saw how things work, reincarnate, and ultimately are all interconnected into one. 

The first night I went through a lot of difficulties and darkness but come morning I started to be reborn into light.  The whole next day was totally amazing.  I was the happiest I'd ever been in life.  So free and pure feeling.  A totally new me.  I looked at my face in the mirror and felt like I was seeing it for the first time.  It was so full of life and color.  Ah it was so amazing. 

The next night I encountered some darkness but there was a lot of light around, it was pretty cool actually.  I drove home the next day and have been taking it easy since.  When I first arrived home I felt very light, calm, and like my body was at 100% peace.  The next day I began to get depressed and got a really bad headache. 

This lasted for quite some time and I remembered I had some microdosing pills so I took one and that helped things out a lot.  Though I woke up this morning extremely depressed and with a lot of suicidal thoughts.  I thought that part was over but it crept back in which is what really scared me because I've been living with that darkness for quite some time and want it to vanish. 

Well I just woke up this morning and feel quite well.  I feel refresh and reborn, and very light.  I am hoping for the best and that things will continue to be on the Up. 

Much thanks to all who helped me prepare.  I would have been so lost without the words of wisdom I received from many members of this site.  Fortunately I also fell into the hands of a great sitter who has had experience with Iboga and made sure I was thoroughly prepared and helped get me through the hard parts.  I am very thankful for that and definitely understand now that this is the most powerful plant on the face of the earth and definitely not something to take lightly.  Thanks to all who made sure to let me know that before hand. 

For now I will continue to take things easy and not move too fast in one direction or the other.  I am going to be doing a lot of self work.  Taking care of myself. 

That's about it for now.  :) 


Introductions / Flooding this Friday
« on: June 17, 2013, 10:20:06 PM »
I will be flooding this friday.  Everything is in place, and I have a great sitter.  I will be taking 3 grams of TA.  Will post my experience after.  Wish me well!

Introductions / Looking for a sitter in southern CA
« on: April 27, 2013, 08:38:18 PM »
Hello everyone,

I have been researching Iboga for a few months and am hoping to try it soon.  I have been experiencing feelings of depersonalization/derealization for 6 years.  Despite many efforts to heal the feelings of disconnection from my self have not subsided.  Recently a few people from a DP/DR forum I am a part of posted saying that they cured themselves through the use of Iboga.  I am anxious to try this.  Iboga World advised me 2.6 grams of TA.  All I need now is a sitter, which I do not have.  I live with my parents who are out of the question and I virtually don't know anyone who could fill the roll of a sitter.  If anyone reading this lives anywhere near southern California and would be willing to be a sitter for me I am willing to travel and would be very grateful.  I am male/25 for reference.  Thanks for reading. 

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