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Eboka Journals / micro far so good!
« on: June 02, 2013, 03:24:43 PM »
I wanted to try micro dosing to get to know iboga, and help me with these incessant urges for kratom and cigarettes (or should I say nicorrete gum) took my 1st 300mg rb cap this morning and found I had no withdrawals from not taking kratom. that's great! so no kratom is a start. I had some nice energy and my mood was good. still chewing that foolish gum, but will try going without tomorrow. I took a second dose(3mg) at noon time. I notice it in a vague  way. I feel ok to go out and get some errands done, which doesn't happen if I don't take my kratom that day. that will be it for today. another couple caps tomorrow. ( I would do 1 tonite, but not sure if I would sleep ) so far so good!    oops meant 3oo mg

I will be doing a flood dose, If I could do it this week I'd be happy, but it doesn't look that way. has anyone here ever used micro dosing RB to get thru kratom withdrawals.

Introductions / finally found you fine folks!
« on: May 30, 2013, 10:53:15 AM »
Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been looking into iboga for about 8 months.  I will do a flood dose at some point , although feel I have much to learn before I do.  I have always struggled with addictions, never made a mess of my life but I'm awful tired of beating back the beast. in my 20s it was drinking I had to kick, did that and quit cigarettes for twelve years. found that to be OK, although I've always been a bit dysthymic, so eventually started with pain pills after an injury. (what a great mood lift ). of course after about 5 yrs of that. something had to change , so I self prescribed suboxone to get off the pills. I did that for 2 yrs (low dose), and of course that wasn't good for long term. quit subs, and after a month and a 1/2 of never ending withdrawals. found kratom,....just another beast to beat. really want to stop all this addictive sort of stuff and come to a place in my life where I can just be OK. I'm now on and off cigarettes, which is maddening to me. I was wondering if low dose root bark would be helpful in helping with kratom withdrawals and /or cigarettes, plus I really want to introduce myself to the plant and get a feel for it. ( or maybe it get a feel for me ). I've done a tremendous amount of spiritual work and therapy over the yrs. I'm in my 50s, I've always just quit things on my own. I really would appreciate any thoughts!

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