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Eboka Talk / Ibogaine metabolism
« on: August 23, 2013, 12:59:33 PM »
Hey guys, first post here, Cal stole me from topia and after ten years of studying the effects in literature, I figured its time to take it further. For now, my first batch will be taken as recommended, without any alterations to the metabolism.

However, I like to do my research very much ahead of experimentation. That being said, I want to discuss maximizing the potency of this plant through enzymatic inhibition. So, from my limited sources on the matter of ibogaine metabolism, the general consensus is that the cytochrome p450-2d6 is responsible for breaking it down to noribogaine. Ive done some searching here, and I have seen a few threads mentioning inducing the p450-2d6 enzyme to speed up ibogaine to noribogaine conversion. Although I am aware of the clinical findings regarding the potency of noribogaine, it stands to reason that inhibiting ibogaine metabolism with something like cimetadine will both increase oral bio-availability and extend the effects of ibogaine WITHOUT degrading the experience or enjoyment (however you view it) of noribogaine when it is finally metabolized.

My question is, has anyone used cimetadine with the rootbark, if so, care to share your results?

Anyone have any comments on possible side effects or results? (excluding the obvious side effects of a high dosage without potentiation)

The reason why I mentioned cimetadine instead of any other natural plant is because the dosage is easy to be consistent with, and I have previous experience taking it a half hour before adderall when I was prescribed it for my overnight newspaper route, followed by a full time course load.

Other than that, I have spent a few days lurking and I very much like what I have read thus far and I appreciate Cal for directing me here. Oh, and no worries, I dont plan on any potentiation anytime soon, and I dont recommend it to anyone because it does seem like it can have disastrous results if not done right, just figured it would be nice to cut the cost down considering how expensive it can be.

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