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General Discussion / Anyone tried to inject Ibogaine
« on: March 09, 2016, 05:02:55 PM »
Hello brothers and sisters

Have tried many times Iboga, in root bark and extract form, never HCL or PTA. Now have some HCL, was thinking to try it inject iv. , but small dose for microdosing, something like 10-20mg for begining, already check and it is soluble in water, but on web couldnt find that someone tried it.

Know that H. Lotsof was giving his patients also injections, of HCL, but he had his own patent for it, and it was already in water, HCL-ibogaine and all material.

I was thinking to try inject, for some higher experience, also since already tried even chew bark and TA sublingual.

Don't know ph of ibogaine hcl, but taste is very bitter and it makes your tongue and mouth frozen -anaesthetized.

My only concern is that it could maybe happen that my veins or blood sistem also got frozen or got starved of blood, than would be in big problem, but had remembered that cocaine is also hcl form, and it also make your nose and mouth froze, like Ibogaine, so with that similarity there shouldnt be problem, since people also inject cocaine.

Anyways, what do you think on that idea, and most important have you tried or heard that someone did it?

Also, I am deffinitely not so brave and wouldnt dare to try inject some bigger doses or flood.

Sory on gramar or sentence mistakes, since english is not my first language.

Blessed all you

General Discussion / Reability of one site
« on: June 14, 2015, 09:54:29 AM »
Hy everyone. First sory on my grammar mistakes, since English is not my fist language. I tried Iboga many times and purchase always from one vendor. I would like to try others vendors to compare quality, also second reason is price. Since Maya etc. want anymore send Ib to my country, due legality I was considering to order it from this site- ., ( )  They only sell rootbark, prices look very well, my question is has anyone try to order from them and also if where how is the quality? Im skeptical because can find anywhere on web and forums any kind of return information about their site, since I open this theme with vendors, did also anyone try products form shamanic.extracts., Im also skeptical about their page, since there is no mail or any way to contact them, also on forums there is lack of return information about their products, only have found one review, and it is not good. I guess you all read that in near future prices of Ib will rise, because of big demand and increasing extinction of Iboga.


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