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Compost Pile / Re: Micro Dose journal
« on: September 22, 2014, 10:39:52 AM »
hey, king, you that same dope fiend laddie who used to post at the lycaeum ages ago by any chance?

Staying Clean / epistemological framework
« on: February 11, 2013, 12:15:27 PM »
we're not born into nature, or anything natural.
we're born and immediately plugged and plunged into the mommy-daddy, the kindergarten and the school, the flickering screens, the suggestion of objects, meaning of language, convention of protocol, tyranny of 'common sense'; everything around is thoroughly constructed, solid, predefined and already 'discovered'. there is not a single natural thing in the infrastructure of our habitat, which itself is - naturally - reflective of the world we 'think' we live in, the one implied in our ideas, syntax, manner of speaking and terms of thinking about things.

and as everything from Schroedinger's Cat and Heisenberg's Uncertainty on has further and further shown and unraveled, we seem to be living almost entirely in the delirium of a mirage, inside the image of a world in violent conflict with the nature of how things work in the reality of fact.

when we take account of all this, addictions and dependences in the light of the general state of affairs are not only understandable reactions, but in the case of opioids often even somewhat of a 'cure', a grounding into a certain metabolic reality, disconnecting a bodily flow to connect it into the external extensions of the syringe hydraulics, streets and heroin market economy... a sort of an organizing ego principle, only defined by something more solid, actual and unconditionally simple than the habit of saying 'I'... like the tick, the bacterial spore or flatworm, a junkie's reality mode is reduced in the focus of reacting to fewer stimuli in a clearly stated manner of narrow necessity perspective...

but i digress...

anyway, what i am getting on to is my belief that we need to, in the process of our re-wiring, accent on the importance of nutrition, exercise, etc. just as much (if not maybe even more) as we ought upon the need of reconceptualizing our world of understanding.
we should be aware that we 'see' what we 'know', that we to a larger degree articulate and arrange the possibilities of our perception(s) in the terms of the language in which we speak and think in. and if you start, for example, changing some of the syntactical habits in which you categorize things in the linear successions of their cause and effect, your whole sense-percept-conceptual apparatus will begin to slowly reconfigure and adjust itself.

[to be continued in a bit...]

General Discussion / caution
« on: March 31, 2012, 07:33:12 AM »
so, what's the biggest danger of iboga?
nope, it's not that your heart can stop or your liver can fail, that's pretty much over exaggerated bullshit.
the biggest danger is giving somebody your last money that you probably took several loans to get cashing them in in the last of your hope only to leave with PTSD, more fucked up than you arrived and hungrily rushing towards the relief of a fix.
BEWARE of whom you trust.
avoid ex junkies, in general.
these are usually damaged people with unresolved issues, underqualified and underskilled, who can't really do anything else and are neurotic and slightly manic at best, but often just completely off the hook and bat shit crazy.
the horror stories i hear lately make me shiver.
we are even working on a site to expose and even publish the identities of such people, alongside rats, informants, scammers and generally fucked up rude people to stay away from.
do your homework, do your research, DIY and do it yourself with people you trust (family, friends, etc).
i can only think of exactly two ethical people that deal with this, both are aged and have never had any substance related problems.

dmitri 'mobengo' (his shaman name cost like 300$ in gabon i think, he shamelessly carries it around like it means something) is an utter scumbag and an anti-semite.
so is paul brookshire.
featherstone is a pretty confused chap as well.
most of them are, really.

these people are danger to themselves and those around them.

and keep in mind that, just as with everything else, money talks.

i personally have nothing to hide.
i have been an addict for 7 years, i have struggled a lot til i got clean, on my own.
i got 4kg of rootbark from gabon which i mostly gave away and tried to help friends, to the point that i at some point ended up broke and almost on the streets.
i came to the bitter conclusion that no good deed is left unpunished.
i was robbed by people like costas (or as he delusionally entitles himself 'cosmos') makedonas.
i am ashamed of what i have done to myself and those around me getting into this 'medical subculture', ashamed of having trusted people and having been a naive dumbass.

truth is, ibo IS a powerful medicine, and as such, has its dangers, biggest one being it makes some people loose it.

all that said, i think this is the place to discuss such issues.

leave the bullshit at the doorstep and let's face it.
ibo is a dirty business, as dirty as heroin.

the shit that happens and the stories i hear and what i have personally witnessed..
things can get scary.

General Discussion / high fructose corn syrup
« on: March 26, 2012, 06:44:44 PM »

and the most awesome part is, it all started with nixon ordering the minister of agriculture to come up with something to stabilize the prices of food...

i swear guys, i am more and more coming to the conclusion there is no place as fucked up as the US...
maybe north korea...

General Discussion / absinthe
« on: March 26, 2012, 07:53:29 AM »
i am revising an old hobby of mine.

my slightly modified absinthe based on an original 19th century czech one is, without much modesty, legendary among those who have tried it, but now i think of trying something completely different...

saving just the bare basics of what makes absinthe, with the addition of a load of other psychoactive herbs, here's what i am thinking (haven't figured/researched the proportions yet):

artemisia absinthium
acorus calamuus
blue lotus
nelumbo nucifera
wild lettuce
turkestan mint
calea zacatechichi
lemon balm

that would make, imo, one helluva brew, nearly psychedelic and plenty euphoric with lotsa lucid dreams.

and the more speedy idea:

betel nut
kola nut
coca leaf
yerba mate
lemon balm
wild lettuce
papaver somniferum (?)

(a few heavily sedating herbs to level the highly stimulating concotion)

will be able to get all of this around the 5th with my salary and will report back, but am pretty excited about the whole idea.

oh, and just FYI, absinthe is made by soaking the said herbs in 80-90% alcohol, squeeze a few times re-soaking with more H2O and less EtOH and then distilling.
add water and a few sugar cubes and/or milk adjusted to your tastes and enjoy...
most top shelve booze there is.

General Discussion / phalaris dmt extraction.
« on: January 22, 2012, 02:19:16 PM »
thought this might be of interest.

just stumbled upon it at dmt-nexus.  << a compiled pdf with photos.

have considered the exact same thing myself for... well, years. just noticed i had even purchased a wheatgrass juicer 2 years ago, that they asked for more $ for shipping expenses that i somehow missed & perhaps forgot about, lol.


basically you just juice some phalaris (brachystasis is best, arudinacea will do, latter contains more 5meo), boil it lightly for the chlorophyll to cobble together, filter a couple of times til you get a light brown organe-ish liquid, base that with NaOH, add naptha (petroleum ether, what is frequently labelled as VM&P naptha or, i believe, coleman's fuel, in the US; i think toluene or xylene will also do, maybe even better, or most any hydrocarbon non-polar, if these unavailable), shake the fuck out of it, allow the 2 phases to separate completely for a few minutes, get the non-polar one (naptha. a separatory funnel here would be great, but you can just go the technically shameless 2003-meth-cook ghetto way and use a large ziplock bag as a disposable sep funnel, or just make your life harder with a turkey baster).

now, either freeze precipitate (put in freezer and see crystals forming on the bottom), or evap at room temp.

this is quite friggin awesome, as phalaris grows by the ton in the wild, everywhere in the world.
you can plant some in your garden and cultivate it for the purpose of an increased yield, grows like cyanobacter in polluted waters.
one can easily harvest some 10gr of nearly pure DMT a week.
on the $$ profit side of things, a gram costs 150-200$.

and the most expensive component in this enterprise is the juicer. a hundred bucks for a decent one.

this saves one the 10-15 defat steps (with considerable losses along the way) in the usual sysiphian pain-in-the-ass acid/base extraction.

General Discussion / ketamine, electroconvulsive therapy & depression.
« on: April 10, 2011, 08:49:36 AM »  New Form Of Ketamine Treats Depression "Like Magic"  Medical News: Ketamine Cuts Depression in Bipolar Illness  FuturePundit: Ketamine Mechanism Against Depression

"It's like a magic drug", said the lead researcher of a team from Yale University in the US whose latest study suggests that ketamine, a drug normally used as an anasthetic, could be reformulated as an anti-depressant that takes effect in hours rather than the usual weeks and months of most available medications.

also:  Ten Year Study of Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy (KPT) of Alcohol Dependence  Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KPT)of Heroin Addiction:
Immediate Effects and Six Month Follow-up

ketamine seems to be gaining official recognition beyond its anaesthetic purposes and from the looks of it it might soon be introduced in official psychiatric practice. i know of a certain psychiatrist in athens doing rapid detoxes by administering IM ketamine injections.

also, ketamine makes it clear that its not just the serotonergic system that is implicated in depression. that the new trend in medicine design should be multi-target. ibogaine, in that sense, is a sort of a pharmaceutical miracle.

same with ECT, which has been re-designed as an unilateral rapid pulse ECT, with administered muscle relaxants and anaesthesia, as opposed to the old bilateral bone crushing electrocution. check out this TED talk on the matter, along with a bunch of recent articles and publications that i am too lazy to click a few times and dig up.

the mechanisms by which ECT works to so instantaneously improve depression are still largely unknown, but IMO, there seems to be an obvious correlation between the NMDA antagonisms of both ibogaine and ketamine, and the associated synaptic plasticity and information re-processing that takes place, and the sudden electrical shocking of your brain to 'wake one up'. makes me think of the zen master with the bamboo stick.

my own recent personal experience with ketamine, a single IV dose of 100mg... weird. completely dissociated from my body, feeling like a 'ghost in a shell', everything becomes fragmented and mechanical, my face in the mirror - no recognition of myself as such. going deeper down the K hole next time, 200+mg.

i did feel light and upbeat for hours to follow.

it's been awhile now since i've been looking into voacangine to ibogaine conversion.

pure voacangine from commercial biochem suppliers seems rare. most say they are about to add it to their products list, others say they don't have it in stock.

so im stuck with perhaps isolating it myself.

the rootbark has the highest alk content. one proceeds with the total alkaloid extraction as one would with iboga rootbark. the resulting VTA is a mixture of all the alks, and we're only interested in voacangine. which is the trickiest part, esp when most of the compounds are structurally similar.

im digging info, but this particular step seems to be mostly omitted.

here's one mention:

The most promising alternative source of ibogaine was its semisynthesis from voacangine, obtained from the bark of the Voacanga africana tree. A patent (10) by Janot and Goutarel claims that while T. iboga root bark contains only 0.3% ibogaine, the more abundant and accessible trunk bark of V. africana contains 0.5% voacangine, which can be easily converted into ibogaine. Extraction of V. africana trunk bark using vinegar (see the experimental section) was highly successful in isolating crude alkaloids. However, extensive attempts to isolate or even identify voacangine in this mixture, or to convert the mixture into ibogaine according to the patent, were completely unsuccessful. A later publication (13) found only 0.14% voacangine in the bark, and suggests that the concentration of voacangine varies.

perhaps there aren't that much chemists around that could be of help, but thought it might be a valuable information nonetheless.
i'll update the thread on my possible success, but any additional ideas or info would be appreciated.

Eboka Preparations & Extractions / methanol tek
« on: April 02, 2011, 09:50:56 AM »
when i was about to do my 1st extraction,  i was considering methanol. but since everybody seemed to be going the acetic acid route, tried an proven, thought i'd proceed on the safe side.

but it turns out, as i actually suspected, methanol is the way to go.

in my opinion at least.

one advantage is you easily yield the alks in their stable salt form, as in the standard vinegar soak & evap tek you get the freebase alks, which are prone to oxidation.

so, one should soak his bark in methanol and warm it for awhile (~2hrs), strain that, filter, and repeat until the strained bark-soaked methanol no longer has any coloration.
you add some acid to that - i add hydrochloric, but acetic/tartaric/etc will do just as well (yielding ibogaine/ibogamine/etc hcl and ibogaine/etc acetate respectively), til the snow storm settles and the alks salt out and precipitate on the bottom.
then just decant, evap, and that's it. i even find this one more potent than the one i was making using vinegar soaks.

General Discussion / books
« on: March 30, 2011, 08:53:49 PM »
thought i'd upload some of the gems i have lying around this hard drive.
well, here goes.

Ebook - Pharmako Poeia - Dale Pendell - Plant Powers_ Poisons _ Herbcraft _Psychotropic _ Psychedelic Plants_ Herbs_ Drugs_.pdf - 10.87MB   excellent and inspiring read.

The_Encyclopedia_of_Psychoactive_Plants.pdf - 33.00MB

Science and Sanity - Alfred Korzybski.pdf - 41.27MB  science and sanity: introduction to non-aristotelian systems and general semantics. or how is quantum physics and all the scientific paradigm shifts that followed apply to (the structure of) our language so it would represent a more accurate 'map' for the nature of reality. among many other issues. goes deep. golden, fundamental, a must. IMO.

Zen-Brain Reflections by James H. Austin.pdf - 5.90MB  about to begin it.

opioid_analgesics_casy_parfitt.pdf - 5.66MB  opioid analgesics: chemistry and receptors. quite exhaustive.

afghan_heroin_production.pdf - 0.50MB  afghan heroin production. with photos. not much equipment there. some barrels, some buckets, some fire and a bunch of cheesecloth. interesting, and shows you just how easily its made.

oxy_otto_snow.djvu - 2.55MB   oxycodone and oxymorphone. commercial/industrial production and various routes for its synthesis.

The-Organic-Chem-Lab-Survival-Manual-Zubrick_1_.pdf - 3.86MB  the imperative must-read for any beginner kitchen chemist.

General Discussion / opiates as allies?
« on: March 28, 2011, 02:05:42 PM »
In Laos, among the Lao and the Hmong, smoking opium is not stigmatized, it confers no special status upon a person. Addiction to the point of impairment, however, does. The situation is precisely analogous to drinking in the West: moderate drinking is neither good nor bad, but alcoholism is seen as a defect of character and a serious liability. Thus life in the Laotian mountains provides an example of a culture where the use of opium is "socialized." In Laotian villages that are actually growing and producing opium, up to 10 percent of the population may be opium addicts. In cities where opium is widely traded, but its presence is less pervasive, the addiction rate is around 5 percent. In villages near the opium fields, but which are not actually growing poppies, the addiction rate is 1 to 2 percent. These figures suggest that even in villages where opium is an everyday part of
life the addiction rate is roughly the same as the rate of alcoholism in the West. This lends some credence to the theory that the proportion of addicts in a society is a constant, that it is only the object of addiction that varies.

that being an excerpt from dale pendell's "pharmakopoeia".

now, what was your intent and expectation and reason for trying an opiate for the first time?

considering that the opium poppy is pretty much the archetypal medicine, opiates are IMO allies when you are not in a disposition to not want to ever leave junkdome.

can we pin down a healthy stance as it relates to opioid use?

it's probably not so much about (self-)responsibility, as it is about a state of mind where you don't really need it and its no longer a temptation. the same way aspirin or mescaline are no temptations.

i have noticed that when i have to devour and process a huge amount of information for exams, while many of my colleagues were frying themselves on amphetamine based stimulants, i was doing morphine - it got me rid of the anxiety and the hurry to go through that amount of information for the sake of 'making it through', calmed me down to the point i no longer really gave that much of a fuck about the exam itself - i was studying, and i was enjoying it, and i was consecutive and organized. and believe it or not, i scored better than most.

how has iboga changed your perspective and fell for opiates?

anything good to say about them?

opiates are a slippery slope, the slipperiest of them all maybe. but can one learn to utilize them without becoming a rat in a skinner box?

has anyone?

i have been asked to write a small informative book on iboga/ibogaine.

i am undertaking the part concerning its chemistry, metabolism and mechanism of action, including my own anecdotal report.

i don't insist that my name be stuck in there (as i have expanded the author staff by now anyway), but i do wish to make this as exhaustingly and adequately informative as possible, and am thus collaborating with as many people as i can think of.

just thought i'd ask if any of you people are interested in having a look and probably, if you wish, add/contribute, be that with your own personal experiences.

i also wish to include a lengthier section about the neuro-biochemical nature of addiction and biochemical 're-programming' and re-conditioning in general.

Eboka Pharmacology, Research and Clinical Findings / apomorphine
« on: March 13, 2011, 04:45:11 AM »
Why did you stop taking drugs?


I was living in Tangier in 1957, and I had spent a month in a tiny room in the Casbah staring at the toe of my foot. The room had filled up with empty Eukodol cartons; I suddenly realized I was not doing anything. I was dying. I was just apt to be finished. So I flew to London and turned myself over to Dr. John Yerbury Dent for treatment. I've heard of his success with apomorphine treatment. Apomorphine is simply morphine boiled in hydrochloric acid; it's nonaddictive. What the apomorphine did was to regulate my metabolism. It's a metabolic regulator. It cured me physiologically. I'd already taken the cure once at Lexington, and although I was off drugs when I got out, there was a physiological residue. Apomorphine eliminated that. I've been trying to get people in this country interested in it, but without much luck. The vast majority - social workers, doctors - have the cop's mentality toward addiction. A probation officer in California wrote me recently to inquire about the apomorphine treatment. I'll answer him at length. I always answer letters like that.


Have you had any relapses?


Yes, a couple. Short. Both were straightened out with apomorphine, and now heroin is no temptation for me. I'm just not interested. I've seen a lot of it around. I know people who are addicts. I don't have to use any willpower. Dr. Dent always said there is no such thing as willpower. You've got to reach a state of mind in which you don't want it or need it.

The miracle was accomplished with the aid of a remarkable physician, Dr. John Yerbury Dent, and a new compound called apomorphine. Apomorphine is made by boiling morphine with hydrochloric acid and it allegedly acts on the back brain to regulate the metabolism. "I can state definitely," Burroughs has written in the British Journal of Addiction, "that I was never metabolically cured until I took the apomorphine cure." Over the years before Dr. Dent died, Burroughs sent numerous other addicts to him, with, reportedly, equally favorable results. But the American medical profession still maintains an uninterest in the whole subject. "They are afraid of apomorphine here," Burroughs says. "It's a semantic hang-up: The association with morphine scares them." Burroughs is convinced that apomorphine is the best tool' yet invented to handle all forms of anxiety and addiction, and is tirelessly propagandizing for further research to be done with it. One psychiatrist in New York has been persuaded by Burroughs to try it on alcoholics and reports good results; the Federal hospital for narcotic addicts at Lexington still remains coldly indifferent.

always wondered about this.
it has gotten little to no attention, scant anecdotal info, and it is, very rarely, used as an emetic.

Eboka Talk / benzo (valium) + heroin addiction
« on: January 12, 2011, 03:11:15 AM »
does iboga help much with GABA related disturbances?

how should one go about that?

does ketamine do a better job when it comes to benzos?

or is the safest way to taper down?

or substitute with a GABAb agonist?

any ideas, suggestions, tales of experience?

Eboka Talk / iboga and dmt
« on: December 04, 2010, 03:33:10 AM »
are there any dangerous interactions?

is it safe to take a blast of DMT with ibogaine still in action?

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