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Flooding / Help with dosing protocol.
« on: July 30, 2016, 12:16:25 PM »
Hey guys,
I need some help.

I have previously done a "flood dose" (I suspect not a full flood), consisting of a crude vinegar extract of 28 grams of Iboga, in me, 140 pound guy.  It gave a brain defrag, some very crazy visions, some of them I suspect will come true in the future, I got eaten by a lion, met the tree's spirit etc... but always KNEW I was under the influence.  I was always in a position where I could've pretty easily identified with my body.  From this I assume I did not flood.

Additionally, I did not deal with the issue I was hoping to deal with, namely a total inability to trust anyone, and a constant paranoia regarding the motives of everyone around me. 

The thing is, I'm not totally sure I CAN trust anyone.  Basically everybody fucks you over eventually.  But I do think my girlfriend is a genuinely good person, and basically the exception to this fear.  Mostly I would like to not wildly speculate about how she is plotting to destroy me ALL OF THE FUCKING TIME.  I think Iboga can help.  It just didn't last time.

SO, I've come back to try again.  Real rootbark has basically vanished, so I purchased myself some semi-synthetic Ibogaine Hydrochloride, of which I have 1 gram.  I also have 10 grams of rootbark left.  I am desperate and feel like this is basically my last shot, or my girlfriend is going to leave me for my delusional and oppressive behaviour.

How much should I take?

All of it?

Tl;DR?  140 lbs. guy wants to flood HARD.  Has 1 gram semi-synthetic ibogaine HCL and 10 grams rootbark.  How much should he take?


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