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Flooding / How exactly ibogaine HCL affects heart
« on: February 03, 2018, 04:22:25 PM »
I have prolapse of mitral valve, not serious condition, I can run 2 miles without rythm problems or something

But I fear that 1 gr of HCl could cause serious heaviness, because root bark did cause heaviness on heart, and I did avoid problems because I did great pacing, about 0.2 gr for 15 min. 10 gr of root bark with pacing didnt cause much problems.

I consider to use Voacanga Africana as a source, so I think with my skills it will be pure.

Of course I will keep strict MAOI diet before flooding.

Just 2 days ago I did another microdose about 4 gramm of rootbark.

It was unusually, but "healthily" severe, plant was trying to clean my brain, even on low-level lurking manner.

Now I left with kinda feeling of unfinishedness, it is not strong feeling, it is somwhere on backgroung.

How many time it will took of noribogain to left the organism?

Eboka Talk / 3.7 gramm of root bark and problem with heart pressure
« on: November 02, 2016, 10:48:49 AM »
Got root bark from ibogaworld. Michaell said it has 7% of ibogaine, and definitely it is likely to be.

I did keep 2 weeks of IMAO diet.

Used 1 gram as allergy test with no single adverse effect on body.

Then, after 1 week, I asked one person to be a sitter and everything was calm and promising, no fear.

I started to eat my capsules and ate 3.7 grams. And after about 1 hour my heart started to make really heavy pressure to my chest. Single problem was that it got moderately painful, so I did vomit deliberately. After that symptoms dissapeared in about 20 minutes.

But I got noribogaine in my blood anyway, and even after 2 days I still have slight tracers and very good mood changes.

I did EKG and talked with cardiologist before. She said "prolapse of mitral valve doesn't interfere with heavy workout and usually people live with it quite good life". Yes, I liked to run one summer and I was able to run 2-3 miles with no pressure problems.

So now I consider that some alkaloids in this root bark from ibogaworld is bad for me, so I need pure HCL.

Or it is just problem of low quality?

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