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Micro-Dosing / Microdosing iboga while metadon tapping
« on: February 09, 2018, 08:46:28 AM »
Hi group.
I'm on a high dose of methadone 150mg
I scared of going cold turkey while flooding, think it's to high a dose.
But it's simply to big a mindfuck for me when I tap down.
Is it possible to take approximately  a third 1/3 my dosage and use microdosing of iboga to keep me on track.
Anyone have any experience in this?
Imagine to start with 40mg at morning 07:00 and at evening 16:00 take 1g iboga powder
Next day same thing and at the 5 day stop and if needed jump to 50mg and be psychological stable again.
An perhaps 5 days later do a flood dosage from 50mg to 0mg
I really need to get out before these methadone depressions get the better of me.

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