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Micro-Dosing / Started microdosing. Questions and advice sought
« on: July 05, 2018, 02:20:32 PM »
Started my first root bark micro dose this week. Monday-150mg, Tues 250mg, Wed 300mg, Thursday 300mg. I'm not sure whether to keep going. Not much of a mood lift yet. First three days was even MORE depression and anxiety than when I started. Alcohol urges are less insistent. (I'm not drinking, but still feel the "pull". Kind of like, "the rest of the band is doing a shot, you should do one too!") Still can't put down my stupid e-cig habit. Sleep has been fine until last night). Haven't had any breakthroughs. Started getting mild 'tracers' last night, not uncomfortable.

I'm a little unclear on the protocol. Some say small amounts daily for a week to a month. Some say 1 day on, 2 days off. Or one week on, one week off. Which is right? Do you take a break when you start getting visual effects or when you can't sleep? What other supplements/herbs is it safe to take for sleep and anxiety? (I have CBD oil, but it's only mildly effective and won't get me to sleep.) Thanks. 

(If you didn't see my other post, I"m microdosing for depression, anhedonia and anxiety. NOT for addiction treatment.) 

Thanks to everyone

Micro-Dosing / Questions about other meds before microdosing
« on: June 28, 2018, 12:47:27 PM »
Hey all,

I'm getting ready to start macrodosing RB powder for depression and anxiety. Not addiction or PTSD, so I don't think I need a flood, even if I COULD afford the time off to do it with a provider.

Trying to be as safe as possible, I have a couple of questions before I start:

Do I really need to get an EKG and liver panel for microdosing?  I've never had heart or liver issues, I'm in excellent PHYSICAL health.

I quit Cymbalta (tapered down for a week from 30mg), Adderall (15mg) and ambien (0.125mg) four days ago, is that long enough of a dry-out period?

I'm still taking small amounts of kava and kratom (plain leaf) because otherwise, I wouldn't be able to function. I also cut alcohol back to 2 drinks a night (from 4-5), but won't have any the night(s) before.   Will any of those be a problem?  I've seen conflicting information.

I had phenibut today (only take it once a week), how long does that need to be out of the system?

Will I be able to work while microdosing?

Thanks in advance for any and all responses. 

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