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General Discussion / NAC and affinity to Iboga
« on: October 29, 2016, 04:45:39 AM »
Hi Friends,

Over the past six months i have been using the Amino Acid, N-acteyl cysteine (NAC). My experience tells me that i have come across a little gem that seems to replicate some of the benefits of Iboga

Here is my understanding of why i feel that Iboga and NAC have an affinity, Research also seems to support my conclusion, however this is my understanding so check it out for yourself, please dont take my word for it:-

Ok, a brief introduction into my psyche:-

Childhood:- I was a handful as a child and if "ADHD" was around in my day im sure i would be labelled accordingly.
Late teens: Struggled with depression. found buddhism and meditation but also found the party seen and discovered mind altering substances. Enjoyed XTC, not the depression that followed and of course found cocaine in the same circles.
Adulthood: 20/ early 30s developed a cocaine and alcohol habit. I clearly sought refuge from my default setting and used these substances to change the channel so to speak.
Adulthood: early 30s to present, gradually loosened my addictive tendencies to destructive substances and found Ayahuasca and iboga as key allies in my abstinence.
The plants have shown me a mirror into my consciousness and my reliance/support on them is less than it was. My last Iboga session shown me my shadow self and gave me a clear understanding of my psyche and shown me that i have to also do the work on my own.

So...I have sought wellbeing through exercise, meditation, yoga,eating a Sattvic diet and taking supplements.
I am learning to manage my mind. The difficulty lies in the busyness (if thats a word) and constant mental chatter and heres where i have found NAC to be a small revelation:-

Heres why:-

NAC- Increases GABA and Serotogenic receptors
       - Reduces Glutamate ( the excititory neurotransmitter)
       - Increases Glutathione levels ( Glutathione is the bodies very own powerful antioxidant )
       - Kills off unwanted gut parasite
       - Increases histamine levels ( can be a pain the arse for those susceptible )
       - Research suggests that it reduces craving for substances and repairs the nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmental area of the brain ( associated with the reward pathways        and addiction )

Iboga -  is also a glutamate antagonist ( buffers against activiting glutamate receptors)
          -  Kills of unwanted gut parasite
          -  Increases histamine levels as above
          -  has an affinity to GABA and Serotogenic receptors
          -  Increases Glutathione levels
          -  - Research suggests that it reduces craving for substances and repairs the nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmental area of the brain ( associated with the reward pathways and addiction

How has this helped me:-

I take NAC as and when needed. If my mind is very busy then i will take NAC.
More content. No desire or fight to use substances to alleviate restlessness
more focused
Quietens the mind
Aids meditation practice
good for immune system and health in general

Too much can make me sleepy, so i have altered my dose accordingly.  I have tried to use l-tyrosine when i got flat but that just made me restless.

Just thought i would share with you.

There is alot of research linking mental disorders to high glutamate activity!!! There is enough research on NAC so look it up :-)



Micro-Dosing / Microdosing conflicting information
« on: June 02, 2016, 08:34:07 AM »
Hi all,

Im not neuroscientist so please excuse my ignorance if I have missed something here.

Im on week 2 on a microdosing schedule and have some thoughs I would like feedback on.

I take approx 20mg of rootbark sublingually everything morning and spend a few minutes looking into the mirror and repeating (aloud) my intent/affirmations.

Within a few minutes I notice a clearing in my headspace and I feel focused and proactive. However, the positive Iboga seems to wear off after approx 6 hours and I fell a comedown effect with typical effects being a slight anger, irritability and restlessness. Iboga in small doses is stimulating and it makes perfect sense that I get these effects as it wears off. From this point of view it seems a little like the crash from caffeine.

I have also noticed a real tiredness and exhaustion too. All this indicates to me that it is stimulating my dopamine/norepinephrine system. What concerns me is that whilst microdosing Iboga can have these wonderful effects on brain chemistry and craving etc, is there also a consequence of daily microdosing ie Adrenal fatigue etc. In which case the microdosing schedule can actually be counter productive.

The conflict for me is that if Iboga is supposed to repair receptor sites etc then the crash from microdosing would suggest otherwise.

I have asked myself whether its just me that has these effects but it appears several other people find this is also the case.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Micro-Dosing / Magnesium and NMDA Receptors
« on: February 10, 2016, 11:38:53 AM »
Hi all,

Heres a little discovery I recently found. Magnesium works as an NMDA receptor antagonist like our friend Iboga. Magnesium binds to the receptor site and acts as a buffer against the stress response, meaning that it makes someone who is prone to stress and anxiety a little more resistant. Magnesium regulates over 300 biochemical reactions through their role as enzyme co factors. As a whole our species is severely lacking in magnesium. Western diet and low quality soil means we dont get the quota we once did. Dairy seems to play a big role as Calcium reduces Magnesium. The stress response also plays a part and it is thought in some circles that Magnesium is deliberately used/lost when we come across a fight/flight situation, the loss of magnesium heightens the fight/flight response so we react quicker. The problem we have here is that with the pressures of modern life our fight/flight response is constantly being pressed and we have no sufficient methods of replacing the magnesium to rebuild the buffer, which in turn means Chronic anxiety/stress/depression and adrenal fatigue.

There are a number of types of Magnesium that are available. The most used tend to be Magnesium Aspartate and Citrate. They have a nice calming effect on the system. Magnesium oxide is to be avoided as its not well absorbed by the body

Take care not to take Magnesium with Dairy as it seems to lose some of its magic.

The seems to be a number of research papers that are suggesting that the NMDA receptors play a primary role in mental well being and the next generation of antidepressants could be based on this research.  Interestingly enough Ketamine also works on the NMDA Receptors and is being used as an effective antidepressant. The Caapi vine in ayahuasca and its Harmala alkaloids also work on the NMDA receptors.

Peace and Love,


General Discussion / some questions on the shadow self
« on: November 16, 2015, 01:41:38 PM »
Hi all,

I partook in a flood over the weekend and I think this particular experience was my most difficult, particularly during phase 2 when I spent some time with my shadow self.

Of course it is the nature of Iboga to be the stern father and show me the things I have suppressed. The were some things that I couldnt look it and i tried to avoid them. After phase two finished I felt vulnerable and was consumed by fear. Fortunately for me I am able to rationalize my mindset and breathe through the experience.

The pictures that I struggled with were related to my childhood and I concluded this fear that the left behind was residue from the main experience.

The question I am asking myself is " I tried to avoid looking at this painful memory but Iboga was relentless in showing me. I relived this painful experience and because I relived it has the Iboga relieved this from my subconscious mind"

I also had to sit through this voice criticizing me. The criticisms were the same ones that came from my parents when I was a child. It was like the Iboga was showing me the program my subconscious mind/Shadow self runs on. I learned a valuable lesson here and feel I made resolve as I realized I no loner have to listen to that voice anymore because it comes from a conditioning from my parents and not my true self. I now know I can override that default program with my conscious mind.

Can you share your thoughts on the above. I am still trying to digest what it means.



Flooding / Start again
« on: April 27, 2015, 01:03:21 PM »
Hi all,

Well here I am again. recovering from a night of cocaine and alcohol.  I cant believe that I did a flood in January and I am back in this place. Prior to January the last time I partook in a flood dose of Iboga was in June 2012 and I managed two and a half year without relapsing. I know where I have gone wrong this time. I was too preoccupied in looking at my inner issues without considering the potential triggers in my social life and after 6 weeks of abstinence I went to a friends house and he offered me a line and I said Yes! Wft I didnt even consider what I was doing. Bottom line is I now need to do another flood but I just want confirmation that I will be OK to do it bearing mind I only did it three months ago.

I know what I have to do. I feel like scum of the earth. I love my sobriety and this has hit me for six.

Your thoughts would be a real help.



General Discussion / Beginning again ( relapse)
« on: January 18, 2015, 04:42:06 AM »
Hi all,

In June 2011 I used Iboga to stop my addiction to alcohol and cocaine. It worked and spent over 3 years without using anything and adapting to my new life. Iboga is amazing, sadly for me I have spent the last few months relapsing and using again. I thought I might be able to recover from it but I have not been able to. I got too comfortable with my sobriety.

Im not willing to spend the next few months and years getting into back debt and rewiring my brain with negativity. I have made tremendous progress since 2011. I am gutted that I relapsed buy I dont think looking back is going to help my cause.

However I am a little scared of the undertaking I am about to take and there is a part of me that is wandering whether I should do it because there are risks. I would like to think that because I am 36, eat well, take plenty of vitamins, omega 3 & 6 etc that I will probably ok, but then I have a wife and four beautiful children at home and this is where I think maybe i shouldnt do it. However on the other side of the coin I see that my wife and children deserve better and that is what is prompting me to do it.

Can anybody help me with getting my head round this. I am being too cautious and giving in to paranoia?

What other precautions can I take that will help me as I approach the flood dose.

Many thanks,


General Discussion / Microdosing for Anxiety and depression
« on: June 02, 2014, 06:45:20 AM »
Hi all,

Its been a long time since ive been on this website and three years since I did my last flood dose of Iboga.

Ive been feeling really anxious and depressed recently and have tried ayahuasca, jogging and diet to help me understand and move on from my state of mind. Im not really getting anywhere though and in a moment of craziness i considered going to the doctors to get some SSRIS but I want to feel alive, not numb.

Anyway, ive purchased 20g of RB from Iboga world and am considering microdosing between 200-500mg a day as an antidepressant. I feel so flat and lifeless but at the same time really anxious.

Im sure Iboga will help me out but small doses often have a stimulating effect and I am wondering whether it will make my anxiety worse.

Your thoughts and input will be greatly appreciated :-)



General Discussion / Treating friend
« on: October 02, 2012, 01:48:53 PM »
Hi Everybody,

Its been  long time i hope you are all well.

Well, it been 20 month of abstinence so far and i can confidently say iboga is nothing short of a miracle.

I have always wanted to show my appreciation and give something back and i guess Iboga tells you when he wants your assistance. I have at back and waited patiently and last week a friend of mine said he wanted to take Iboga. I thought this was just come down talk but he came to my house a few days later ready to place an order with Iboga world. I am assisting my friend and he has paid for it, I am not doing this for profit but out of sympathy. I always thought he was happy with his lifestyle so Im very surprised he approached me.

I have been liaising with Michelle at Iboga world and ordered the correct amount of TA. I have told him he needs to take vitamin supplements for a couple of weeks, eat a healthy diet consisting of fish,fruit,veg and isotonics, drink 3 litres of water a day and under no circumstances take any drugs between now and the next two weeks.

I have also asked him to mediate on why he wants to do this, what it means to him and make plans for his life after taking Iboga, i have told him its not a magic pill and he needs to put work in himself and make changes in his life. I have told him to expect to have to find his identity again as he will feel lost as he was so attached to his previous lifestyle.

Can any of you think of anything else i will need to consider to help him out.



Eboka Journals / 8 months and counting
« on: February 07, 2012, 02:20:14 PM »
Hi friends,

Last time i reported on here was in September when i was 4 months into abstinance since my last Iboga flood dose. Well another four months have past and i feel great. I was surrounded by alcohol over christmas and new year and not one temptation came into my head.

People tried to pursuade me to have "one" drink which i replied "dont need it" I can go out and have a great time without drink or drugs in my system. Ive found a new interest in things and enjoy them alot more. I think my brain has been repaired. I enjoy life and dont ever think i will touch another drop of alcohol or cocaine. No way! ive got too much to lose.

I can only equate my decisions on lets say someone asking me if i wanted a cup of coffee and i cant stand coffee.

So all is good im doing a run for charity in March and can now run 10kilometres. This time last year i couldnt run one.

The only thing i need to get my head round is how can i help other addicts with Iboga. I would love to be a healer and sitter and help people but im scared of the risks of something going wrong. My head keeps saying no but my heart keeps saying yes do it!

sorry if its all me, me, me, i just had a realization on how far id come and wanted to share it with you all


Love and light to you all and thank you for all the support you shown me.



Eboka Journals / Somethings definately different this time
« on: September 09, 2011, 12:05:13 PM »
Hi guys,

Its been a while since ive been on this site. My last flood dose was taken in May of this year so i have been around 4 months free of drink and drugs. The 8 weeks after my flood dose i didnt really know what to do with myself and felt lost. I didnt seem to respond to social situations with enthusiasm too, it was certainly and odd time.

Upon reflection i can say that my lack of enthusiam / motivation were caused by a lack of dopamine in my brain. My neurotransmitters were in the process of being built and it was only after the 8 weeks that ive started to get excited by things again.

I have lots of interests now and have picked up some of those i previous had such as playing with my guitar and reading.

I remember the first time i went out to a pub. i ordered a lime and soda, i had no desire for alcohol whatsoever but! i felt awkward, it didnt fit right. Previously i couldnt go into a pub without drinking alcohol and not having a beer in my hand. Over the numerous times we would socialise in the pub i accepted my awkwardness and boredom for the sake of others having a good time.

As time went on i started to feel normal and began enjoying myself in such an enviroment and without a drink. I love the fact i can go out on a friday night, drinking water or lime and soda, getting to bed at 1am and getting up for work slightly tired but enthused because i had a great night without consequence for the day ahead

My hobby is no longer binging on drink or drugs. My hobby is getting up in the morning and going for a run, eating good food in good company, doing the garden, digging the weeds. taking the kids out, listening to the birds and smelling the air.

Life is not perfect i still have shit days but! aint that normal for us all.

Iboga has given me a choice to embrace life and live my past. I know the choice i have made.

Love and light



General Discussion / A little lost
« on: July 12, 2011, 03:17:34 PM »
Hi Friends,

Since working with plants i feel so connected to the earth and my soul but i also feel lost. I am aware that i am part of a bigger picture, i am part of consciousness/God. I almost feel complete but i miss community, i guess i sort of feel alone with my feeling/spirit despite having the awareness we are all one. Mainstream religions have groups that meetup and share their beliefs and experiences. We can do this on line but there is nothing like face to face contact.

I have considered taking joining a faith but something doesnt fit right. I dont like the "join us or perish in hell" religions, i find them stifling for a free spirit like me. I used to have an interest in Buddhism and meditate quite regular but im still not sure.

Someone once said i am like a ship without a rudder. Im starting to believe i am.

The plants (Ayahasca & Iboga) are my path i just wish i could share my enthusiasm with somebody local to me. There's not many that i know of that are aware of these plants. I guess im a complicated guy as my interests are normally different to everyone else.   

Yours Confused,


General Discussion / Iboga conference
« on: July 05, 2011, 04:17:22 AM »
Hi Brothers and Sisters,

Its been 5 weeks of abstinance of dirty substances and 4 weeks since my last flood dose. Things are great. I feel so motivated by all the things i used to love again ( i guess that the part the dopamine plays).


Over the last week i keep feeling restless with regards what i should do next. I keep thinking that i need to spread the word of Iboga. What can i do to help other people who live through addiction and trauma?

I would like to use Iboga to heal other people but i need to educate myself first. I have a good idea of the processes involved but i wont even consider it untill i am prepeared for any eventuality and i am 100% familiar with the proceedure for using Iboga against various addictive substances.

So what do i do in the meantime? Well, i think Iboga has given me the duty of spreading a message of hope here in the north west of England and i am considering setting up a conference to generate interest and education of Iboga. This is not something that i can do immediately as i need to be fully conversed with everything to do with Iboga. However, what it does do is gives me a project that will also help me to educate myself whilst working for the good of Iboga.

I want to give an honest account of Iboga including the dangers involved. I am not doing this to talk people into taking Iboga, it will be their decision.

My only concern is whether or not i would be giving the authorities a cause for concern and would i be contributing to highlighting Iboga as a substance that needs to be classified as a dangerous drug. Iboga is currently legal here in the UK and i wouldnt want to rock the boat but then again if it grabs enough attention maybe there will be too much good about it to ignore.

Im not arrogant enough to assume i will be doing the right thing so i am asking you what you think i should do.

You opinion is definately needed.

Love and light to you all.

Ryu :)

General Discussion / Iboga WOW
« on: June 13, 2011, 03:43:20 PM »
Ok friends,

Just a recap. So i took a flood dose on Friday night. It is now Monday night. My mind is as still as a calm lake. I have no nervous energy which normally leads me to talk excessively. My thoughts are observed before i speak and i think about what i actually should say rather than ramble to get to point. I feel so much love and joy. My mission is one of selflessness and that is my duty on this earth.

I am confident and happy with who i am

I am utterly astounded at what this plant has done to me. The world needs Iboga. It cures on so many levels. I have read some scholars refer to it as the tree of life/of good and evil/ of knowledge.

Im convinced!

I hope ive not bored you. I just wanted to share how i feel.

Love and light to you all

General Discussion / Near death experience anyone?
« on: June 12, 2011, 06:32:22 AM »

So i partook in ceremony on Friday night and am absolutely stunned with what i went through. I have been using teacher plants Ayahuasca and Iboga for the last two years but i have never been confronted with my own death. I ate 4grams of TA and after an hour i was filled with a sense of dread. "Oh dear what have i done".

The normal open and closed eye visuals started putting on a show and then it started turning creepy. i saw this shadow either coming away from me or coming into me, i not really sure. but i was my shadow! then all the nasty demons started tormenting me and i was pre occupied with ill feelings of my childhood. i was in quite a scary place. One of these demons turned out to be my mother.

My mother had her own issues with addiction and me and my brothers were neglected. She was very insecure and used to fall in love with any man that gave her some attention. The men were scumbags. They would beat here and treat her like crap but she would stick with them and they came before us. She always felt she was hard to in life and blamed everybody else. She used to cause trouble between the family and say one person was bitching about another when this wasnt the case at all. I believe that she used to bitch about other people to make herself feel better.

I was very angry towards my mother in my youth and resented her alot. When i got to around 17 i started accepting her for who she was but she was still causing trouble between people but i just ignored it and thats how it was untill two months ago when i had enough and i havent spoken to her since.

Now this demon showed my mother for what she is. Here addiction and selfishness left me fucked up. I have had to learn how to love and i have had to make a real effort to love my children and it didnt come naturally but since i have been using the plants for healing my love for them has accelerated massively. I am happy with who i am as a parent now but i dont want my mother anyway near them and i will ensure they get the childhood they deserve.

After i was confronted by my demons things started really wierd. i saw this tunnel and then next minute i was in and slopiing a downward spiral at light speed. Next thing i know is i am in pitch black with nothing. That nothingness scared the shit out of me. I interpretated that as being hell. Nothing but my soul in blackness for eternity. The realisation came to me that at present this is where i would be if i was dead. Lady Iboga told me that all the the imprints / memories one collects are cumilative till death then we will be judged.

Even though alot of my childhood problems were not caused by me their after affects become part of me and i have to take responsability for them. If i dont make more of a conscious effort to be more selfless,kind and caring then im fucked!

Me, my wife and the children would go church every now and again and ive been reading alot of the bible recently and thinking  about getting abit more involved and developing my spiritual life. I do believe that the people you associate yourself and your enviroment make who your are. I think that one of my reasons for falling of the wagon after my second flood dose was due my social life. We didnt really hang around with drug buddies anymore in fact we didnt hang around with anyone so over the course of time it is enevitable that as the Ibogaine wore off and i had nothing but boredom i was more likely use again.

So i need depth in my social life. I dont like the churches history or mans interpretation of it,It was all based on guilt. I dont believe that god is all wrathful and condemning but he is the way to love. I think that heaven is within each one of us but must be cultivated. I see the people in my local church and the seem to be spiritually fulfilled.

I always had an issue with being labelled a sinner and couldnt feel like i could develop a relationship with god but since my flood the other night i am happy to look back and think "yeah, i have sinned but i can turn my back on it, culivate love and loosen the demons of my past.

Love and light Ryu ;D

General Discussion / Food and Drink 12 hours before partaking
« on: June 09, 2011, 09:45:12 AM »
Hi friends,

I am partaking a flood dose of Iboga on Friday night ( estimated around 7pm). My only concern is that i will really struggle not to eat on the day of ceremony. When is the very last time i can eat without hindering the Iboga ceremony.

Also, i want to make sure i am very hydrated. Am i ok to drink 2 litres of water on Friday morning to ensure i am ok.

Love and light to you all,

Ryu  :)

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