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General Discussion / Re: Just wanted to vent somewhere.
« on: October 06, 2010, 01:32:19 PM »
Wish you the best in dealing with your loss.  New to this site but when I read about your friends death I was touched.  There has been alot of death around my scene lately too.  Overdoses, cancer, suicide.  Young and Old.  Clean and using.  Real Bad Summer for that but perhaps some of the folks I (or you) lost are at least in a place of less pain and agony of addiction.  At any rate, my condolences and best wishes on YOUR journey.

Introductions / Re: There seems to be this connection/ suboxone sucks
« on: September 14, 2010, 12:01:53 AM »
Hey, that was sure a quick response.  Thank you all.  Yeah, I know there are NO "cures", didn't expect one but damn GD, 80% sounds pretty damn close.  I've had plenty of experience with kickn over the years or at least alot of experience being sick and if iboga can shorten WD's that's a great benefit but the real interest here is reprogramming and getting rid of opiates permanently.  Long term.l This site has already proven to be both informative and friendly so I will take my time and investigate.  I am lucky enough to have some UG providers close to friends somewhat nearby so if and when I take the plunge I imagine I would have access without too much struggle or hardship.  In fact, they recommended this as on of the better sites to explore.  Godawg, drug companies are pure evil.  GD,Cal, Tia, B.Atom, thanks so much for your considerable effort in responding, it is appreciated and so ya know, I DO PLAN on doing all the research before decision I can and making sure that if I do take this path that I follow directions and be safe.

Have a great night everybody
time to curl up with my critters and movie out.

Introductions / There seems to be this connection/ suboxone sucks
« on: September 13, 2010, 03:05:14 PM »
I am hoping this gets in the "intros" section.  ::) I'm a bit computer challenged ... some days.  Anyway,

Hello everyone, just got here. After running across a few U Tube videos and advertisements for Iboga Treatments and surfing around a bit I actually made a connection with someone who had recently undergone the experience.  Of course I remember "Mom's" old addage " If it sounds too good to be true ...." and so I was VERY skeptical in the beginning ( and barely open minded now) BUT this person seems to be really really centered and also to have had a very positive life changing experience.  However, she was not taking the medicine for Opiate addiction and that would be the case with me. (Should I decide to jump)

A bit of history.  Began using opiates about 40 years ago and have had little experience being completely free from them since with the exception of incarceration time and a few runs at 12 step recovery.  Some of you know all that goes with that so I won't rehash the redundant details of Heroin addiction, old and ugly. I am currently using Suboxone and have been "there" for about 5 years.  Started at 12 mg., up to 16 mg. then tapered (over two years) down to 6mg. because I couldn't stand the lack of mental clarity and all the other "wonderful" side effects.  I do feel like the US federal gov. and the AMA sold us a bit of a "bill of goods" on "Sub" that wasn't quite what they represented but it was my choice so ... there it is there.  I am stabilized on "Sub" ut my life is not what it could be or really what I want it to be.  I have always had a very strong Spiritual connection with the "old medicine", and particularly plants are very attractive and I love Reckitt Benckiser won't be making a huge profit there.  Probably part of the reason Ibogaine is classed as it is.  We have a bit of a mess facing the kids we are leaving this planet to as we, the baby boomers fade away.  I regret that and take some responsibility though I have been as active as an "old dope fiend" can with environmental issues and respect for the earth we are "stewards" of.  Enough of the ramblings ... What I really want to say/ask is this.

Where does one start, How do I get the "right" info?How does one get off the "Sub" ? Swithch to Heroin for 3 weeks, kinda unacceptable if thats the deal?[/color]And is it true that if I do decide to "Spin the Wheel" one more time will I have no craving for nicotine, sugar, slot machines and "Big Mac's" as well?  I have heard that the concept is that one (me) could be "scrubbed" clean on a psychic and cellular level and be returned to the physical pre addictive state but still have all the baggage but a clear idea of where to start, or continue to do the work necessary to maintain that focus.  I'll be hanging around here for a while, got y'all BOOKMARKED and waiting for some kind souls to share what experience you have that you're willing to.  I am not a lawyer so if I crossed the "disclaimer line" let's just call it all theoretical.  ;)

PS  I am not anywhere near 75 and in fairly good health save Blood Pressure due to Sub weight gain and a life of self abuse.

Thanks for listening.

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