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Introductions / Re: want to treat heroin addiction. first timer.
« on: September 16, 2010, 09:47:00 PM »
Roy d and Sister :

Thanks, you may be right. And there is a small chance that helping them to lower their tolerances without any guarantee that they will follow through could lead to overdose, I suppose. I would hate to be even partially responsible for something like that. I guess it makes me feel pretty helpless to see them like that, and know that there's nothing I can really do. Even if I let them stay at my house, they just use the opportunity to do more heroin than they would otherwise-- easy access to a bathroom, I guess, and it's a safer place to lose control.

I think they do need to do more of the research on their own, but it's been hard, because that means I have to have them over and give them access to the computer and books, and whenever they are here I stress about my stuff disappearing (gotta watch their hands all the time... I think they have kind intentions but it's hard not to be ruled by desire in their position) and I stress every time they go to the bathroom. It's got to be done, though, and I think I need to have a long talk with them about their understanding, fears and hopes, and make sure they are really ready and intending for this happen. I really want this for them, but me wanting them to get better is just not enough, you're right.  They aren't the first friends I will have lost to heroin addiction, and I'm really afraid that they will die out there, if not this year, then the next year, or the next. It hardly matters at that point. It's a terrible way to die. for my own addictions.... ouch. that was close to home. I smoke herb all day, but that doesn't really bother me, I say it levels me out. I used to be a pretty hyperactive kid, too hyper to get  even a few words out sometimes, and these days between the weed and just being older I have finally found a pace of life that works for me. And I really like it. And it's really available. I could probably do without all the other crap -- substances here and there and alcohol almost every single evening --- and I really do worry sometimes, but for the most part I think I'm doing OK, hangin in there like everybody else... hmm... something to think about though....

General Discussion / Re: tabernaemontana undulata
« on: September 16, 2010, 05:38:31 PM »
It is mentioned in the Ibogaine TIHKAL entry, by Alexander Shulgin.

Tabernaemontanta is not actually a genus but a "sub-family", and therefore also classified  as "Tabernaemontanoidae". that may turn up some more results too. He reports that only some of the several dozen or so plants in this sub family contain ibogaine, others may have analgesic or sedative properties.

I haven't seen any of that plant available for sale myself... but Voacanga root bark, which is legal in the United States and a pretty commonly sold entheogen, contains a very small amount of ibogaine. If you have access to a chemistry set and a little chem knowledge, the extraction process looks pretty easy. 

is there a good way to post attachments, like a .pdf file? i have a great journal article on this to share. :)

Eboka Journals / Advice for a Caregiver
« on: September 16, 2010, 05:28:56 PM »
Ok.... so I know they can't use soboxone for at least 5 days beforehand, and can't use heroin within 6 before taking ibogaine. But is there anything else?

What about pot? Can they smoke pot before, during and after? Will they even want to smoke pot after? my partner and I like to smoke, is that something we should do away from people using ibogaine to heal?

Something about contraindications with grapefruit? is that something I need to worry about?

What should I expect them to be like, physically? Vomiting for the first 3 or so hours... or for the full 36 hours? I am prepared for some loss of coordination, speediness, slight tremors... thirstiness... and I am generally used to being around tripping people. Anything else I should be prepared for?

Will they be hungry? Will they be able to go to the bathroom? What should I say to them?

Will they experience withdrawals during the trip, or while coming up?

My current plan is to close down the house for two days, put an air mattress in the living room, and get two 5 gallon buckets (and label them "His" and "Hers"... I have a weird sense of humor) for the vomit. smoke a little, talk a little, listen to some music... I was going to leave out some musical instruments, (guitar, ukulele, keyboard) out because they used to like to play and are actually pretty good, I thought it might be entertaining and comforting. we have a box of stuffed animals, puzzles, and trip toys (lights, juggling balls) we pull out for special occasions sometimes too.... that kind of thing. How does that sound?

I appreciate anything and everything you can tell me about it.... thanks a lot!

General Discussion / Re: poppy pod supplier?
« on: September 16, 2010, 04:46:42 PM »
I've seen them at the Farmer's Markets, sold as decorative flowers....

Introductions / Re: want to treat heroin addiction. first timer.
« on: September 16, 2010, 04:45:11 PM »
thank you thank thank you thank you!!!

I think they are pretty ready to quit, although I'm trying to keep my own optimism in check just in case. They are not tough people with tough backgrounds by any means and I think they are pretty terrified on the street. They have detoxing to subs and then falling back into it in a rather vicious cycle for a little while now. It's hard to blame them, suboxone is pretty stupid. "Here, don't do those drugs that you crave and can acquire independently.... here, become dependent on a crappy knockoff high that will still let you get a little sick and we are totally in control of *for you*, and that will make a you a better person"?? anyways. We've talked about ibogaine, they think it's too good to be true, but really want to try it if I can find it. They have already started dreaming of and hoping for a junk-free future, and I think that is a good sign.

I've heard something about a healer here in Portland who does treatment underground, but the $1,600 price tag is pretty far-fetched for me, a college student, and my partner, a lovely stay-at-home hippie. I'm willing to shoulder the cost for them (where on earth would they get the money?) for some medicine, but we were more kind of hoping to do it discretely at home by ourselves anyway..... so you're right, I think a great deal of research is in order!

I've already begun my research and now is a really good time for me, since I am between semesters for the next two weeks :) Unfortunately erowid, usually the first place I go, has been down due to maintenance lately. I mostly need to know how to be a good caregiver (contraindications, for example, potential dangers) and need to know if I can trust internet suppliers not to rip me off... or if I need to go to Canada somehow. That could take a while :(

Anyways, thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. I can't imagine any other way to get this much help and knowledge about this kind of thing....

Introductions / want to treat heroin addiction. first timer.
« on: September 16, 2010, 01:32:10 AM »
Hi, there, everyone. I am new here and I need some help. I have a feeling like I have come to the right place, though. I really want to help my friends who are now junkies living on the street. They were once my neighbors and trusted friends. They are young kids, in their late teens (I am in my late twenties); a couple that has been together for at least 3 years now...I'm not sure...  they were together before they became junkies, back when I knew them better. Anyway, they are wonderful people, deserving of a second chance, but homelessness is a very difficult burden to bear while withdrawing from heroin. They are actually pretty far along, I think, using needles several times a day, but longing to be free of the addiction. They are rather afraid of withdrawal, but I can only imagine how difficult that is to experience while in the cantankerous din of a youth shelter... it's hard to explain how I know it would be so difficult, except that I was lucky enough in my own youth to experience heroin addiction and homelessness at distinct and separate times, and feel pretty certain that if I had had the misfortune to experience both at the same time I would have been pretty damn fucked. Excuse me if my language offends. Anyway... I am not good at talking about feelings, but this is pretty important to me.

Anyways... they know I managed to kick it once upon a time, and want to know how I quit, but I just don't think the advice applies. I never used a needle (was too scared... and it was just too easy not to. special case maybe) and I never became homeless over it.... that's pretty far along. I did have some friends who ended up homeless because of it... and I'm concerned that so many people who hit the streets because of shit end up dead because of it, too... if you've lost enough to become homeless over it, you've lost enough to die for it, too, you know...  They don't have super stable families and I can't just be concerned on the sidelines all the time. I end up in a weird position where I really really want to help them but I never know what kinds of help are actually just going to enable them (to their own regret) further the downward spiral of addiction. For example, I can't just let them stay at my house every night, because.... they are prone to stealing, in spite of what I believe are genuine intentions, and because they seem to find it easier to shoot up at my house than at the shelter than on the streets or the shelter or wherever and I don't want to be responsible for overdose... and it's hard not to feel a little responsible. It's complicated! Anyways. Please help.

I think ibogaine would be a good solution for them. I want to help them get it somehow (hopefully without putting myself at risk of going to jail, oh god) and I am prepared to watch over them and facilitate, and help them get back on their feet afterwards. There are some relatives I think would be interested in helping if they thought these friends were clean or were sincerely trying to get clean. They  (the friends) are very hopeful about ibogaine, and want to try it.... and I really believe they are frightened on the street and want to quit,  but are not at all in a position to find it for themselves.

I am generally pretty clever about these things.. I have been reading up on erowid for years now, making my own special brownies, and whatnot... but I don't know if I can trust online vendors.... it's complicated. But, frankly, my friends' lives are at stake. I have to do something.  Am in in the right place? I sure need a lot of advice...

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