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I hear ya, Skinny.

I was given one Tracking Number and I had to get mad to get it from him.

Now he tells me there was two packages and He supposedly sent it the same day...

I'm very upset with the whole experience. I was planning on being a regular customer and was hoping to find a reliable source.

It would have been worth the risk if he would have been legitimate. Now I have to concern that he was Malicious in Labeling the Package as a (Unreasonably) Controlled Substance by genus and species name...

Yesterday I received my shipment.

It was Marked as Voacanga africana Root Barks in Two Places on the Envelope Exterior.
Any good Seller/ Provider would mark it as Natural/ Herbal Medicine.
There is NO Reason that Anyone in the Post Office needs to know the Genus and Species name of the Herbal medicine!!!

I contacted the Sender and he said that he sent the Iboga seperate and the same day.

It has been Confiscated by CUSTOMS because he Labeled it as IBOGA ROOT BARK....

I will Never Trust this Seller to Provide Stealth Shipping.....


NEVER BUY FROM ------>    >:(

Now, I'm now waiting for a Police Raid or other Law Enforcement Issue.     >:(

South West Region, Cameroon
Tel: 237 77 9624 27

Eboka Cultivation / Re: Mi 'boga is in flower
« on: September 22, 2013, 11:58:34 PM »
Does iboga require a certain light cycle or anything to promote flowering?

Eboka Cultivation / Re: fresh seeds
« on: September 22, 2013, 11:54:21 PM »
Nice... I also just got a pack of seeds. If I have any luck I'll try to create a grow journal on another thread...

So far I've had problems with the first 4 seeds I tried to germinate. I had a fungal infection so I tried a Hydrogen Peroxide soak. The fungi were white hairs that kept growing into the soil and attacking the seeds. So I just left them in that medium and set them aside.

So I just did 4 more using a Concentrated Sulfuric Acid dip to promote improved hygiene and germination.. But I'll do another batch with just Scarification to promote germination..

I was looking at your other grow journal post and realized you didn't have any trouble. I'm not sure why I had problems on my first round of seeds. But I'll try again with a few alternatives to determine if there is another good method. I think you were using Coco Coir in your other journal so I might get some and try a batch to see if I get better Germination and Root Development.

Thanks for posting your journals.

Eboka Cultivation / Re: Tabernanthe iboga Grow Log
« on: September 22, 2013, 11:40:18 PM »
@Roach - Those are nice Perskiopsis Cacti in your pic collection!

Have you had any luck grafting?

I've been getting ready to get my splathulata reproducing.

Eboka Talk / Re: Iboga toxicity and motor neurone degeneration
« on: September 21, 2013, 10:58:12 PM »
Hi MissJess...

Have you done any searches on PUBMED for information about other people having the Same reaction?

I'll do a little search and see if there is any other people that have had similar experiences.

I'm still waiting for my Tracking Number from ---->

For a while he wasn't responding to my Messages and I was concerned.

After messaging him a few more times and posting a comment about him being a thief he replied..

I will keep everyone updated on if he is legitimate supplier of T. iboga and V. africana.

As for now I'm not sure if he is going to fill my order totaling 265 Euros. 

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