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Hy guys, thanks for your support!
 I didn't have any insights, just felt fear and dizziness... I'm a dentist and I did all the blood tests recommend, EKG, etc, by myself once the clinic doesn't requested me nothing... My physical health is perfect! I think they might be afraid of the risks of the treatment or even that they was more interested on the profits by giving people much lower doses than what they say they do... For sure I didn't get the flood dose... It doesn't lowered my tolerance...The only thing I can notice now, 2 weeks later, is a slight better mood...

Hello dear members of this forum.
My name is Katia and I wish to report my failed treatment with Ibogaine HCL in a Brazilian clinic, last month and to ask for guidance and some insight of what dose of Iboga TA 50% extract  and/or root bark, should I use to treat my cocaine addiction.
My body weight is 45 kg and the so called "therapist", owner of the clinic I went to, said that Ibogaine HCL dose should be 20 mg/kg divided in 5 days...
On the first day I took one capsule that I was told had 100 mg in it. I felt nothing!
On the second day I took two capsules (200 mg?); I got dizzy, scared and slept a lot.
On the third day, they gave me two different capsules (?); nothing.
On the fourth day I took four capsules (400 mg?); again felt a little fear, dizziness and I slept all day.
On the last day I would take just one, but as I said that my cocaine craving was still uncontrollable, so they gave me another four capsules (400 mg?); again nothing !!
The next day, upon returning home , I was still desperately craving cocaine!!, so I had to go out and score some.
I'm convinced that I was not really treated with Ibogaine HCL ...
I wonder what would be the flood dose of Iboga TA extract 50%, and Iboga root bark, in mg/kg that I should take for my cocaine addiction?

Could anyone please, help me?

Many, many thanks!


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