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Eboka Talk / Re: Getting stuck / Incomplete or Partial Flood issues
« on: November 07, 2018, 07:39:33 AM »
Hi, I'm new here but I have some experience of what I now believe were 4 sub-flood / partial flood experiences on retreats using the root back (next time I will be using TA at home with an experienced sitter and making sure I do FULL flood).
After all my partial floods I experienced benefits but also some experience of being 'stuck' afterwards in life. What got me past being stuck was water-only fasting (I did it for 7 days and 10 days 4/5 months apart). Even though the fasts were 2 and 6/7 months after iboga I could feel the iboga working through me on the fast. Each night was like medicine night (especially on the first one). I could feel the healing going on in my body and my mind. After the fast, my feeling of 'stuckness' had gone, I felt a clearer mind, it was sharp, there was no procrastination and dramatically reduced addictive habits. I couldn't remember feeling better. It's as if the fast allowed the iboga which was still present in my body to finish what it had started. If anyone gets stuck after iboga I would recommend looking into water-only-fasting. I looked up the work of Dr Alan Goldhamer to make sure I was doing it right and doing it safely.
Also, during the sub-flood experiences themselves I felt quite stuck, repeating the same visions over and over again and literally coming up against the same walls over and over again. I feel that a full flood will take me beyond this because my ego-mind will have less ability to resist the iboga, so maybe there will be no need top fast in the months after the experience.

Eboka Talk / Re: 4 years after my flood my opinion on Iboga
« on: November 07, 2018, 06:53:33 AM »
I have experienced some mental decline after iboga, as well as a general feeling of 'being stuck' in life. I've found that water-only fasting (once for 7 days and once for 10 days) dealt with this. During the fast I could feel the iboga at work, that which had remained in my system even over half a year after my iboga experience. Every night felt like medicine night. I could feel the healing going on in my body and mind. It's as if my iboga experiences had done half a job and the water-only fast finished the job. After fasting I was clear in my mind, and functioning better than ever, procrastination, anxiety and addictive-habits dramatically reduced, effectiveness increased. Now I know, if I get stuck or decline after iboga, water-only fasting will sort it. To learn how to do it safely I researched the work of Dr Alan Goldhamer.

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