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Eboka Talk / IBOGA does not work well for Loperamide
« on: May 23, 2013, 06:31:07 AM »
24 hours after flooding after a week on morphine and 2 weeks on oxy and still the lope is not letting go. 1 gram of IW Hcl and 4 grams of TA from a friend and well it was great and all but had to redose just so i would stop screaming.... i guess i really am gonna have to do this a very gradual taper. on the bright side my/the mind needed that but please do not get too friendly with ope. ive been dosing 144mg daily give or take for almost 2 and a half years and its not good

does anyone know of any research or have any info on ibogaine and or noribogaine's effects if any on clearing Amyloid Beta from the brain?

does anyone know iboga and ibogaines safety profile in regards to having high cholesterol?

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