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Eboka Talk / Re: Alternative to IW in the US
« on: April 16, 2015, 08:24:35 AM »
Sorry fellas - can't allow sourcing for places where this stuff still has an unfortunate legal status - these topics are best discussed via PM's.

Introductions / Re: Hello,
« on: July 28, 2012, 01:35:20 AM »
Hello and welcome to the forum!  Glad to have you aboard

I'm with Cal on this one..

Skinny, I usually enjoy reading your posts and the things you have to contribute.. But this isn't the ISC (where you managed to finally get Chris to give you a week-long ban, which amazed me), we're definitely more strict here about being respectful.  I hope we don't have to lose you as a member, because when you try you certainly have a lot you can contribute - and a very unique perspective that just adds to the flavor here.  But it's time to shape-up or ship-out.

General Discussion / Re: Iboga just kicked my ass - bad trip
« on: May 09, 2012, 10:21:04 PM »

Wasn't it Terrence McKenna who said something to the effect of: "If you haven't ever had a bad trip, you're not taking enough."

Introductions / Re: hello there
« on: May 09, 2012, 10:15:32 PM »
Welcome to the forum!

Like it's been said, if you use the search function - you will find a wealth of information about suboxone/iboga..

But if you have any specific questions or need quick answers, just fire away.. I took a ceiling dose of suboxone for a year, kicked cold turkey in jail twice, got back on it for a few months, got off again, and used it to detox several times, so I'm pretty familiar with it.


Eboka Talk / Re: RELAPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
« on: May 09, 2012, 07:57:42 AM »
"If they're not willing to do the things necessary then they should not take Iboga."

I really liked the video CP.  All of that stuff seems like common sense to me - but he says it in a firm way that you don't always hear online.

Wow, I sound like an echo, but I don't quite have time to leave a full response right now either.  I check the forums several times a day from my iPhone, and I'm at work right now so I must be brief.

But from what I skimmed of your post, it sounds to me like you're rushing things a bit...

If you have to do a quick flood, root bark is not your best option.  If you take flood levels with root bark, you can expect a 1-2 week recovery time, at least.  And I mean, you will NOT be able to drive or work for at least a week.  If you take TA or HCL, you'll be back up and running much quicker.

The caps you were getting from IW probably contained about 100-200mg of bark - so that time you took 10 of them you should have gotten at least 1 gram in your system.  Depending on your weight, 10 grams would be a moderate flood dose.

If you're just looking for a booster dose, you could start with at least a gram or more.  Most days I personally take 10 caps of root bark myself, though not all at once, I eat them throughout the day so I can still function.  But if you're eating bark and you want more effects, be prepared to swallow 20,30,50 or even more caps of it.

I'll re-read your entire post when I get home tonight to see if I missed anything - and I apologize for my rush.

Oh yeah, and glad to have you here on the forum ;D  Welcome!


It will probably depend on how much Iboga you took in the first place.

I would wager that if you took something near flood levels - to the point where you can still feel it working in your system for days/weeks after, that you will still want to be careful when mixing anything else with it. 

If you're taking smaller amounts, it would probably be ok to try something sooner - just start small to be safe.

However, when I respond to posts like this - I like to add from time to time that I am not a doctor, and have no professional medical training.  All my advice comes from my own personal research and experiences.  So please keep this in mind, and always put your own safety first.

General Discussion / Re: is kanna ok to use after micro dosing or no?
« on: April 30, 2012, 06:59:40 PM »
I don't know much about Kanna, but:

Treat Iboga like an SSRI.. It had been hypothesized and/(or) in some cases demonstrated that Ibogaine has effects that mirror SSRI's and SNRI's.

I can tell you from personal experience that if you take a drug that is said to interact with an SSRI, and you have a sufficient amount of Iboga in your system at the time, it WILL fuck you up. 

So I highly recommend against it.

General Discussion / Re: tabernaemontana undulata
« on: April 30, 2012, 06:56:46 PM »
What are the active chemical/alkaloid components in sananga?

Introductions / Re: Hi I'm Skyward (Cal's Sister )
« on: April 30, 2012, 06:53:03 PM »

i suggest that from now on you keep your body alkaline.  i am able to sense when mine is going acid.  it feels uncomfortable and brings on negativity in me.  i get a fresh green juice or fresh sprouted almond milk into it asap.  hey presto! negativity vanishes and vitality returns.  so simple - and delicious!

How does one keep their "body" alkaline or acidic?   As I have always understood it, the contents of one's stomach can have either a generally higher or lower pH value - but the entire body? 

Did you just mean ingesting more basic foods?  Like watching what you eat and avoiding acidic stuff?

Eboka Talk / Re: What to do between stopping suboxone and flood dose??
« on: April 30, 2012, 06:46:57 PM »
I have had luck in the past just going to my doctor and being honest..

"So... I'm shooting a gram of heroin a day, and I REALLY want to quit.. But I HAVE to lower my tolerance gradually before I stop altogether."

--Ok, well I can put you on methadone or suboxone.

"Yeah, but I don't really want to get on that long-acting crap again.  I was hoping to use shorter acting chemicals, like hydrocodone or oxycodone"

--Well we can do that, but with your tolerance I'd have to start you off with at least 180 norcos a month, and that's about all I can do.

I told her that would be fine, and we worked out a dosing schedule.  Honesty can sometimes be the best policy.

General Discussion / Re: this aint easy
« on: April 25, 2012, 03:13:37 AM »
This is a great addition to the boards - a wonderful post.

It's good to let people know these kinds of things about Iboga as well.. I'm curious, do you know how much you took?  And how much do you weigh?

My first time I was over three months clean going into it, so I kept my flood dose small and shot for 15mg/kg, but only managed to keep down maybe 12mg/kg worth.  I took it at about 2pm and was able to walk out of the hotel I had got and down to a friends car at checkout the next morning around 7 - and by the end of that second day I went out for a walk to the park to enjoy the weather.

But yeah, I know that many people do floods that are WAY bigger than what I took.. I took about 1/3 of what IbogaWorld recommended.

General Discussion / Re: Iboga TA from Ibogaworld Dosing Question
« on: April 24, 2012, 12:53:01 PM »
First of all...

Im not important on this forum, im just another member

^^ That's not true.  You are very important to the forum, and I have really enjoyed having you here for as long as you've been.

Anyway, this thread is locked.  I had to re-type my post because at first I was cursing as well.

Jimmyjames, i have no idea what your problem is.. But maybe you didn't know, we JUST RECENTLY had problems with someone being as rude as you, and discussed the issue, stating that the next time it would happen it would result in an immediate ban with no warnings.

You just called one of our members a "stoopid passive/aggressive cunt"... I'm going to confer with the other mods first, because that's how I like to handle these things, but it is very likely that you will be receiving, at the LEAST, a 30 day ban.  That shit is NOT acceptable here.

General Discussion / Re: Iboga TA from Ibogaworld Dosing Question
« on: April 21, 2012, 10:50:17 PM »
Kambogahuasca Panacea - you said "By the way I am only speaking from experience, to all this % shit, I don't really know nor am I gonna give it one iota of attention."  I am a newbie so I defer to the experienced members on this forum, but without using percentages, how else to figure out dosing for that first time flood?  It sounds as if you are saying just take the upper dose anyway because Ibogaine is safe and you'll regret not having had enough.  Should I be forgetting about the recommendations and go 1-2 grams higher?

That partially plays into the debate that has gone on concerning different TA's, different sources, and different dosing methods...

There are those who are less concerned with figuring out strength and mg/kg ratio, and more concerned with how it feels and doing things intuitively - and then there are those like me, who recommend getting as much information as you can, trying to gauge the strength of your iboga as best you can and make an informed decision on your dosing, etc.

Now, obviously I have my own opinions, and other people have theirs - and I will say that some of our members who tend to say "eat more iboga!" a little more often than others, they have had great success, are good friends of mine, and most of them I would trust with my life - we just happen to have different opinions on the subject.

In my eyes, it is very important to try to find out exactly how strong your product is, and do the math and dose accordingly - at least when you're shooting for flood levels.  Anything under that is probably save to "eyeball" and just feel out the right amount.

Again, this has been a touchy subject in the past, and I don't wish to stir angry debate - but I'm glad this has come up, as I feel it's something that our long-time members need to weigh in on.

But again - it is my personal opinion that you should always start lower, and work your way up.  Please put safety first.  This stuff is very powerful medicine, we are not doctors, and in the end it will be you in control of your own life.

Take your time.  Breathe.  Read. Learn. Read some more. Ask questions.  Do everything you can until you feel like you know all you need to make the most informed decision possible.

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