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Micro-Dosing / Over the counter painkillers with microdosing
« on: April 13, 2015, 05:52:24 PM »
I've been microdosing for a couple of weeks now and my current week's dosage is about 600mg per day with one day off as still testing the strength of the RB as from a new supplier.

Does anyone know if I'm able to take paracetamol and/or ibuprofen with this without causing any problems? I had really wanted to abstain from all other drugs but it's not looking that possible! I can't seem to find any info online as to what might be deemed a safe level, although perhaps it's just with a flood that might potentially cause problems?

Micro-Dosing / Re: Doing sports while microdosing?
« on: April 04, 2015, 04:53:02 AM »
I can't really give you much of an input as I've only just started microdosing on very small amounts (100-200mg this week) but I am extremely unfit from an exercise perspective so have been doing a bit of Kundalini yoga, which of course isn't exactly rugby! However, I haven't had any issues with fast, light controlled breathing.

I'd definitely be cautious about doing anything strenuous, although hopefully another forum member can provide input. From what I've read, people tend to really enjoy exercise after an iboga treatment but I can't find anything about doing it during microdosing. Since starting the iboga, I've been really exhausted (more so than with benzos) and I think it's important to let your body rest.

General Discussion / Re: Hcl vs TA for dual diagnosis
« on: April 04, 2015, 04:45:59 AM »

Thanks for the links - will check them out

I-Man, if you decide to do it alone, rather than go with a provider, I'd recommend extracting your own TA from your RB

General Discussion / Re: Hcl vs TA for dual diagnosis
« on: April 02, 2015, 02:12:17 PM »
Someone in the forum mentioned that HCI can worsen mental difficulties, although I haven't yet seen any evidence that that's the case, and that it's more suited to drug addiction. It has the advantage, however, of being easier to dose and appears to be a cleaner and less intense experience. 

I think the main issue with TA is that you don't quite know how strong it is, making dosing more difficult. One guy I was reading about used all three (RB, TA and HCI) in three separate flood occasions - he found that the RB was by far the heaviest on the body (which I think most people would agree with), but definitely had more afterglow and allowed him to feel closer to the plant. The HCI he found easiest on the body but the hardest psychologically and with the least afterglow, with the TA somewhere in between. Quite a few people combine with TA with the HCL as few people can handle ingesting large amounts of RB.

I don't think anyone will be able to recommend a dosage based on the forum rules, but I'd recommend reading a number of the trip reports on erowid, if you haven't already, and look at the weight and dosage of the reviewer, although of course everyone is different so there are no hard and fast rules. Whatever you choose, make sure you stagger your doses and ensure you have a sitter, ideally someone who has some experience.

As you're quite sensitive, I'd probably not go as high as 20-22mg/kg. This is a seriously long read from a guy who took 18mg/kg but I quote "I can attest that this dose of ibogaine was thousands of times stronger than anything else I've ever experienced". In fairness, he did only quit his opiates a week before, but then goes on to take some Kratom and I think he also has a joint during the trip. I'm not sure how much this may have intensified it.

Introductions / Re: Saying hi
« on: April 02, 2015, 04:51:54 AM »
Yeah...they got me!

Introductions / Re: Hi
« on: April 02, 2015, 04:51:28 AM »
Thanks for the kind words brother and hope everything goes well with your microdosing!

You're very welcome and wish you the best of luck with your research! Please don't feel dumb about the whole psychiatry thing - it was the right decision at that time for you to go down that route and many people aren't aware of other potential treatments. Although meditation is often recommended to me as the best therapy that's completely free, can be done anywhere and has no side effects, sometimes you need that push to get you into a place where you're able to carry out routine. I like the words of Thomas Edison when he said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."  ;)

My last microdose cycle was something like 35mg of RB a week for a month ( not a typo, I break up a 350mg RB capsule into 10 doses).

Yes, I've heard a few people mention it's more effective at smaller doses. I did my allergy test yesterday - I did read that a pinch would be ok, but also read that this wouldn't be enough to get a good idea of whether you indeed have a reaction, so I took about 1.5grams yesterday which in hindsight was probably too much. Felt a bit dissociated but more than anything, really exhausted after about an hour so ended up falling asleep on my sofa! I think I'll also go for a very small dose 35-50mg when I start this weekend - thank you for your input - sounds like you've seen some excellent results!

I find that Kundalini yoga, in particular is a good fit with Iboga.

That's really good to hear. I've been doing yoga extremely irregularly over the past 2 years but found that I couldn't really get into Ashtanga and Bikram is way too intense for my liking, but Kundalini resonated more with me than anything else so that's definitely something I'm going to get back into over the coming weeks. Now where's that yoga mat...

Introductions / Re: Saying hi
« on: April 01, 2015, 03:23:46 PM »
Yes, I think I know exactly what you mean, Ratu! Here's hoping some iboga treatment can "align" these two sides so they work together.

didnt have time to register on nexus.

Although I registered, I saw today that I couldn't log in until I answered a series of never ending questions. The Nexus has said this is due to a large number of new applications and because some existing members aren't behaving in accordance with their ethics. However, some of the questions have been utterly bizarre and nothing (that I can see) has to do with their Attitude principles. What's additionally frustrating is that you can't seem to access certain sections of the site whilst this suspension of the account is in place in order to research the answers to said questions! Starting to wonder if it's an April Fool's Day joke...

Introductions / Re: Hi
« on: April 01, 2015, 03:15:41 PM »
Welcome to the forum I-Man! I'm new here myself, having also been a lurker :)

I certainly have a lot to learn when it comes to iboga and although I'll be microdosing from this weekend for the first time using powdered RB, I've never had a flood. Based on what I've read from multiple sources, I agree that 25mg/kg sounds like way too much as it's at the very top end of a flood dose. I can see you're experienced with psychedelics, but as you've experienced some mental health issues, I would urge extra caution be taken. Was Michelle aware of your background and sensitivity to drugs before advising you? I don't have any experience with IW but have read very mixed reviews about them.

I'll be posting my microdosing report on Erowid when done so feel free to PM me if you'd like a link - my symptoms are very similar to BPII so hope it might be of some help!

Eboka Talk / Re: Suppliers
« on: March 30, 2015, 08:20:59 AM »
The problem with a lot of reviews regarding quality is that quite often we have no idea how much the person took, what they're preparations were (empty stomach, detox, etc.) and they're sensitivity levels, so a lot of what I've read is very subjective and as has been mentioned, feeling rough is often part and parcel of it, particularly with RB.

The two suppliers I'm currently looking into are and (both UK based). I've found a few reviews about the latter and whilst they can take absolutely ages to send out, they can be trusted.

Introductions / Re: Saying hi
« on: March 30, 2015, 07:07:40 AM »
Nexus - damn registrations closed

I managed to register on Nexus on Saturday so if you try next week, it may work unless they have one "open day" per week!

Can u please explain what do those abbreviations mean ? Im from Ukraine, i dont know.  Actually first time i did not attribute it to anything at all. I just felt what was that, always had the inner knowing. But after some
time and some people i had time with i began to take so much shit programs and settings into my mind... So that i looked into wikipedia and stared to read and read.. First everything was ok, and i knew what was going on. But after some time i had almost everything ive read about. Just because i have stupid tendency to have exprience that im interested in or read too much about or saw it in the movies ive watched.

Yes, they're the full disorder names (DID used to be MPD, or Multiple Personality Disorder and sometimes NPC can be used for Narcissistic Personality Disorder).

I guess nothing is clear cut and it's also very easy to diagnose yourself with a zillion disorders when you start reading up about them - I've been there! For a while, during a rough time, I got very much into Buddhist philosophy and I kind of accepted how I felt, rather than attributing any label to it, and for a while that made me feel better. I took on this "well, I am who I am" mentality for a while but I think ultimately I just repressed a lot of negativity. Thank you for explaining further.

Eboka Talk / Re: Suppliers
« on: March 29, 2015, 05:24:35 AM »
I'm in the UK and recently received this email from Maya after I contacted them:

This message is to bring issues under your attention regarding the quality and potency of our recent supplies of Iboga rootbark.

In the last year we have had the greatest trouble and losses because none of our many Iboga suppliers were able to provide us with consistent quality material. In some cases the quality was very bad, or it produced unwanted side effects, resulting in many complaints and loss of our investments. We had to throw it away and our suppliers didn't refund us for any of the losses.

Now we have found a new source and that material has been available for a while, but again we receive mixed reports, ranging from negative physical effects, to unexpected strong effects. In one case a customer reported that a participant had to be taken to hospital. Note that the dosage at that point was 4 grams, taken in 2 portions. This is simply too much. This new stock is too strong to take such an amount at once. Generally, Iboga is administered in small teaspoons of half a gram, with a maximum of one spoon per hour, over a course of 20 hours. This avoids unexpected effects and allows the body to work with the material slowly.

All these problems made us decide to stop providing Iboga rootbark, until we have found suppliers that guarantee their product, and when we have methods to analyse the product to ensure it meets our standards, before offering it to our customers. We regret to temporary discontinue Iboga rootbark, and we hope to have found a solution very soon.

Thanks for understanding.


I don't know whether we're allowed to recommend suppliers on this site but there's another I'm looking at who I believe are based in the UK and their bark is sourced from Cameroon, rather than Gabon, but I'm not sure if the problems exist with supply from both countries. I note the message above said that was 4g taken in two sessions which I think would normally be roughly 200mg HCI which doesn't sound like very much at all so I'm not sure if they're essentially saying that's too much for microdosing, or just that their stock has been so strong that 4g would equate to much more than 200mg HCI.

Introductions / Re: Saying hi
« on: March 28, 2015, 04:58:41 PM »
So gooooooood ur grandma is from cameroon !!!

Haha - she's totally eight ball. First time I met my grandmother was on my 30th birthday - she looked like a mad Whoopi Goldberg. She never likes talking about the Cameroon though, as think she left just as the political situation was becoming quite volatile, but I hope to make it there one day.

Yes, the guy on YouTube is a big lad if we're talking about the same one! (

If you don't mind me asking, did you attribute your identity issues to anything in particular (say BPD, DID or NPD?)

The Nexus is a site that predominantly focuses on DMT, although there's a fair amount of iboga info on there as well - register quick before the weekend's over!

Introductions / Re: Saying hi
« on: March 28, 2015, 06:29:32 AM »
Thank you all for the warm welcome!  :D

That's great to hear that your healing has started, Ratu. Yes, I definitely agree that cannabis can bring problems to the surface. I honestly don't know why I insist on smoking it as never actually makes me feel better, and I tend to do it more when I'm alone - it's definitely not a social drug for me any longer. The problem started when a close friend of SWIM's used to grow skunk so had this absolutely endless free supply!

What kind of microdose schedule did you do after the initial 5g? I think I'll probably start low, maybe 500mg RB, which I think would equate to around 20mg HCI, and see how I get on. One guy I watched on YouTube, who'd kept a 30 day diary and appeared something of a psychonault, felt a starting dose of 1g was too strong for a newbie so I'll monitor the low dosage for a few days and then up it depending on how I feel.

Anyway, wonderful to read about your positive experience! I, too, would love to go to Africa (Cameroon ideally as my grandmother is from there, but I've never been) but due to serious lack of funds, I think that's probably a long way off...still, cheaper than 6 months of private therapy!

Will head over to The Nexus to see if I can register there also as definitely good to have lots of resources.

Introductions / Saying hi
« on: March 27, 2015, 08:26:24 AM »
I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to the forum. I had also tried registering with DMT Nexus and although a wonderful resource, sadly it does appear that they are no longer accepting new members.

I'm a 34 year old woman from the UK. I don't have any experience with iboga but my first knowledge of it came from a guy who was a client of mine (I used to work as a clinical hypnotherapist) who used to visit Africa for the purposes of having iboga administered for his alcohol dependency.

I completely forgot all about it until the other day when I was looking for substances to help treat depression, rather than go down the usual anti-depressant route, and stumbled across it again. My experience with psychedelics is limited to shrooms, ketamine, LSD and San Pedro in a recreational setting. Generally, I've had positive experiences and the negative effects have only arisen with LSD if I've been in the company of certain friends or with strangers as they're not really aware of my neuroses, which has consequently resulted in feeling controlled/trapped and unable to express myself, in part because I have a serious loss of identity. The most profound experience to date came from San Pedro.

However, I have noticed that over the past few years that my depressive tendencies have reared their ugly head once again and I have a strong suspicion that I have either BPD, Bipolar II or a combination of both, although I've never had a naturally-occurring psychotic episode. This may be at least due to heavy cannabis use over the past 3-4 years, which has now turned into a psychological addiction that I want to put an end to.

I have attempted meditation many many times but feels as soon as I'm getting anywhere, my mind kind of goes into this "Whooa just stop right there - you're not allowed to improve" type state! As with any kind of routine, my mind just shouts "NO". The most noticeable change in my outlook was about 4 years ago where I took MDMA almost every weekend for the best part of a year, although this coincided with me meeting my partner so it may have just been the honeymoon effect!

I've been very interesting about reading reports of BPD sufferers having success with iboga so plan to microdose with root bark.  I aim on simultaneously getting a referral from a doc for a psychiatrist so at least if any issues are brought into my conscious thought, I will at least have some support should I not be able to deal with and make sense of these myself.

Before registering, I was dipping in and out of this forum so also want to thank everyone here for their helpful input! I hope to share my microdosing experience in the near future.

Aside from my mental background, well I like drawing/painting, music, cooking, travel and....cats!

Peace  :)

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