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Eboka Journals / Re: Today is the day!
« on: March 13, 2010, 10:36:08 PM »
Hehe, if you had any idea what normal is for me, you'd have no worries!  ;)

Eboka Journals / Re: Today is the day!
« on: March 11, 2010, 01:07:56 PM »
I did a capsule the day after my flood which was about 200-300mgs of actual alkaloids.  It kicked it back up a notch.  Then tuesday I was feeling a bit crappy and I ate a cap.  Smoking weed always makes me feel better and is pretty much all I really need, but the day after taking that capsule, it boosted my energy and mood.  The day of I didn't really feel it til late n the evening and it made it kind of hard to get any sleep. 

I fell asleep wednesday morning for a couple hours, then had energy all day and felt pretty good.  Got a few hours of sleep last night, but woke up a couple times between.  I think I'll go for more sleep rather than another capsule, unless I start feeling really crappy.  I think it's the nor-ibo that keeps me feeling normal, or possibly some other alkaloid or metabolite that is doing it. 

I have been getting a little bit of exercise, so I should start feeling better soon.  I imagine by next week I'll be feeling pretty normal.

Eboka Journals / Re: Today is the day!
« on: March 11, 2010, 12:00:40 PM »
My experience was decent.  Still nothing close to my first go with TA.  I got mild visions.  Mostly objects or faces or people floating through my visual field with my eyes closed.  I could close my eyes and see the room I was in perfectly, and could point out random things in the room with my eyes closed.  I didn't really get a whole lot of meaning from my visions, but I did have some mental revelations while enjoying the strange movie playing in my head.  I noticed that I would lose my train of thought very easily and quickly, and I would have to start thinking about something new, because I could not remember what I was thinking about previously. 

I am doing a bit better each day, and as long as I stay pretty stoned, I don't get much post acute withdrawal.  As for dreams, I suppose I am pretty much living my dream, although with a bit more energy, I could more fully realize my dreams, as things will begin to pay off much more when I am more actively pursuing my goals.  For now I am just taking all the time I need to recover, and doing what I need to to make sure the bills are paid.  Slow and steady wins the race! ;)

Eboka Journals / Re: Today is the day!
« on: March 07, 2010, 06:04:25 PM »
Sorry I didn't update this sooner.  I am doing good, feeling almost back to normal.  I have been getting sleep, and taking it easy.  Getting a little exercise each day, and eating as much as I can.  Cannabis has helped me feel the most normal, and removes the goosebumps, for the most part.  I have been getting night sweats, a little.  I wake up soaking wet with sweat, but other than that, I am feeling pretty good.

Introductions / Re: hey catfish here
« on: March 07, 2010, 05:54:59 PM »
Howdy catfish, welcome aboard!  You the same catfish as on and other places?

Eboka Journals / Today is the day!
« on: March 02, 2010, 04:20:06 PM »
I just took my first capsule of TA at about 5 minutes after 4 pm EST..  I will update this as I am up to it.  Light a candle, keep me in your hearts and minds, and I will return with a good story!  It's gonna work this time!

Love and light!

Eboka Journals / Re: Luminosity, my Iboga experience.
« on: March 02, 2010, 07:21:38 AM »
I honestly think iboga straightened me out, so I could get much more out of every psychedelic experience, including LSD, but I don't know about them all that close together.  I'd probably wait at least a couple months..  I did use a little bit of mushroom tea a few days after my first flood dose, not much for a trip, but enough for a little boost in energy and mood..

Nobu, I noticed you've suggested taking hot baths, but unfortunately, my water in the bath tub doesn't come out all that hot.  I need a new knob to stop the flow of cold with hot, so best I get is lukewarm.  Should I start boiling pots of water on the stove?  How much does it help?  I know I felt chilled for a few days after my methadone detox (tapered down to 12 mgs a day), but it wore off probably within a few days or so. 

Well, it's really Chris Jenks' work, with a few notes I picked up elsewhere.  I just read it, and wrote it in regular people terms.  Although some is a bit more advanced organic chemistry, I tried to make it at as understandable as possible, and let me tell you, that freebase TA alone, takes out so much gunk, that is makes probably a 40-50% TA..  The acetone and HCl steps are bonus if you really want some nice pretty tan crystally powder, but not really 100% necessary, because we have HCl in our stomach that should convert all the alkaloids very quickly.  A gram or two of plant material is nothing like taking 10 grams from an acetic acid extract or trying to munch down 30 grams of wood.  Much respect to those who can, but in withdrawal I have trouble munching anything, let alone some nasty, bitter tree bark..

Much thanks for the kind compliments. 

Love and light!

Eboka Talk / Re: Ibogaine Conference (Streaming Feb 13-14-?)
« on: March 02, 2010, 06:19:13 AM »
Up on

Ibogaine Forum of February 2010

Anwar Jeewa

Chris Jenks

Tracy Blevins

Bob Sisko

All on JoeFriendly channel:

No one said it was a fun ride!  Love to hear more details.  I kinda like it, but it's not like it's fun..  Well, at least not for everyone..  It can help heal ya, though..  My guess is from all the anti-psychs your brain was probably made worse.  I mean, I guess some people truly have chemical imbalances and all that, but often people with loads of psychological problems, I believe comes from their inability to process difficult or traumatic experiences properly, which manifests itself as these symptoms you describe.  I don't know if iboga can cure you, but it won't for sure, if you can't deal with the issues that arise and work through them.  Kinda what Nobu said.  I don't have near the experience, nor all the scientific data to back it up, but I feel it in people, who complain of loads of problems, that I know well.  Usually it is a mind state they are unable to work through that causes them the stress and symptoms and when faced with the truth and truly wanting to understand, they often open up and become much more alive when they realize how they are processing this thing we call consciousness..

I was just thinking (which is what happens, when replying/sending, so I make edits and add more stuff, lol) that maybe the added oily freebase alkaloids, that won't precipitate from the acetone could be dissolved in some vinegar or some vinegar and water, then evaporated to make acetic acid salts (although these are probably gonna be hygroscopic, if that works). One could try carbonic acid, citric acid, fumaric acid, tartaric acid, phosphoric, whatever one has access too, and see if any of those work to salt out those added alkaloids.

Could just take some of that freebase oil, split it up evenly each in a separate small amount of distilled water, then add each acid (pH  maybe 4 or 5 in case any have real low pKa's) and evaporate the water. Maybe one of the concentrated acids could be used to salt them from the acetone even. See if any of them form crystals or a nice solid.

SWIM'd give it a shot if the bark wasn't so expensive, but for anyone thinking about extracting kilos, it might make an even better, full alkaloid TA, in which all the alkaloids are more stable, and very pure, with all the active alkaloids of iboga present, and in a salt form. Wouldn't that be awesome? There are a lot of different acids one could try.


My reasoning:

Trichocereus bridgesii is Achuma cactus, with the most extra alkaloids of any Trichocereus (just under Peyote  aka Lophphora williamsi).

When extracting Trichocereus bridgesii, made basic with calcium hydroxide  (plus a tiny bit of water to make it a paste), with d-limonene (orange oil and NP  solvent), one first extracts the paste with the d-limonene and filters it out, then uses acetic acid to pull out the Mescaline , then can use some carbonic and citric acid mix, all of which you can find in the grocery store, to pull out the added alkaloids, it makes a TA achuma or bridgesii extract.

This has many more effects, including two mild MAOIs contained in the cactus, which intensify the effects of the Mescaline . By making the TA, you get much more of the full alkaloid profile of the cactus making it a more powerful, slightly different experience.

Some people prefer pure Mescaline  HCl, while some prefer the full alkaloid profile of the bridgesii (just like our iboganaut friends!). Either person can be happy by either extracting and recrystallizing the Mescaline  HCl one way, or they can use another way with several different acids to make an extract of the various alkaloid salts of the cactus.

Some acids form nice crystals of each type of alkaloid, just got to figure out which one works with each alkaloid..


Just another thought for the chemistry people out there..

Whaddya, think?

« on: February 27, 2010, 08:46:15 PM »
Happy, B-day! :D

Eboka Talk / Re: Ibo in Mexico
« on: February 27, 2010, 06:18:01 PM »
It's at the end of this one:  (This one is mostly about ibo politics)

And beginning in this one:  (This one contains more about actual treatments right in the beginning)

BTW, freebase TA is total alkaloids (actually the ibogaine, ibogaline, ibogamine and residual alkaloids), PTA is purified total alkaloids (ibogaine, ibogaline, ibogamine in HCl salts), PTAA is purified total active alkaloids (all active alkaloids from tabernanthe iboga including, but not limited to, ibogaine, ibogaline, ibogamine, tabernanthine, in HCl salt and freebase mix).

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