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The Muse / Re: Iboga saw me
« on: December 23, 2014, 09:59:40 AM »
Awesome...thank you

Eboka Talk / Re: I love VICE! This ones on Addiction
« on: December 14, 2014, 02:31:02 AM »
Greetings, Rise!

Thanks for sharing this one mate - at first I thought I'd seen the parts about ibogaine, clipped from 'I'm Dangerous With Love' - but this looks like the newest documentary material about the Medicine.

The village in Mexico looks awful familiar...anything ring a bell mudhen?

Great to see you Rise!

General Discussion / Re: the past two weeks
« on: December 14, 2014, 02:24:21 AM »
  Interesting point about Time, Lalababa - this is something I've often considered closely -  me and my brother were recently engaged in a heavy discussion about it.  He's 18 months my junior so we're really close in age, and he says he has definitely noticed this speed up that you describe. We kicked around the notion that perhaps it's simply an intrinsic aspect of growing up and getting older, which we both saw as an obvious truth - but we also agreed that what we are sensing is likely something beyond the 'normal', natural process all of us must feel as we shed the invincibility of youth and struggle with accepting our own mortality.

  Looking back even ten short years there seems to be a real, palpable sense of temporal acceleration manifest - and it is interesting to see just how many others will agree once the subject is opened. A day is still twenty-four hours, and there's still only sixty minutes to an hour...yet there's an intuitive impression of time passing much more quickly than it did before.

Before...what? Or, before when more precisely?

  Actually - like RhythmSpring pointed out - the only times I've felt like the pace had dampened, and the whole ship wasn't careening on the cusp of out of control, are the intervals around deep iboga work. Every psychedelic experience has interesting qualities of temporal distortion, but nothing else for me has stretched so far beyond the trip proper as iboga. This is a fascinating topic worthy of its own thread for sure  :)

Always good to see/feel you fine folks!



Yeah, RhythmSpring - I know exactly what you mean about the 'rubbing fabric' auditory hallucinations. Whenever I'd roll my head to one side or another, the contact with the pillowcase was loud and - freaky...after a brief fascination it also became a teensy bit aggravating for me... anyways, the sound always reminded me of those cheap plastic hollow tubes that you can swing around and they make this far-out whistling noise, it oscillates - these toys were popular swimming pool toys also. Anybody know what I'm talking about? They had like a kinda corrugated - ness to them and made these really weird noises. Anyways that's the impression I always got.

That buzzing sound, to me, was always the first real signature that the voyage was fast underway - abruptly following an initial cognitive/mental alert , it means the check was fo sho in the mail...That sound came on very early and stayed at a constant level the entire trip. No matter what else I experienced, the incessant buzzing never failed, nor did it change pitch or scale up or down. Occasionally the hum/buzzing/what have you - would pan very clearly from side to side, and it seems like when this happened I would always try to find out what 'caused' it, but I never did get my answer. Sometimes, it [the bzzzzz] would take a backseat to some intense visionary part of the trip, then afterward I'd find my attention fixed on it again, and the transitional 'aspect ratio' from one focus to another would go undetected. Just another way iboga's unique qualitative expressions manifest: It's a weird phenomenon, not in any way 'bad' or creepy enough to put you off, but neither is it comfortable or easy to shrug off. The sheer peculiarity of the thing would invariably draw my attention back to it at various times during a flood.Personally, I found it to be another effect of flooding which I consider disorienting.
  There's very staccato, stroboscopic feeling to the main thrust of the flood, the experience doesn't move in flowing or undulating patterns the way everything else in our psychedelic portfolio does - yet somehow there were always enough parts of the whole which I found wonderful and fascinating enough that whatever strange, disjointed, unfamiliar vibrations I experienced never made for anything like a bad experience on the whole. I can't say I enjoy auditory hallucinations, nor has anything ever come near to presenting them in such copious amounts and with such insistence as high dose iboga - such a universally experienced meme must contain inside itself some rare and potent means of healing, something which could not abide in any other particular.

General Discussion / Re: the past two weeks
« on: December 10, 2014, 05:54:20 AM »
Yes indeed loved ones, yet even if no one ever came here again I would entreat pkeffect to leave Her standing just on principle...bound to piss someone off somewhere. The social media thing is the major 'culprit' methinks.Facebook pages offer more of a 'real time' feel and frankly, the internet makes some of us lazy [or lazier - as the case may be] ergo - if someone is already logged onto Facebook and they belong to one of the many quite popular iboga sites, they do not have to fiddle around elsewhere and can do like one-stop shopping.

If this kind of thing had happened earlier on in our Life, I'd maybe get my feelings all hurt or something, but I have every confidence people will tire of the novelty that is Facebook and realize the value of this type of format, call it nostalgia for the archaic :) but the 'worst case' scenario I forsee is this: the powers that be are soon to shoot themselves in their collective way of flimmle-flammle'ing around with people's privacy and shit on Face book and Google. Nothing like a good dose of 'Noia to scare all our beloved friends back Home.

The holidays are traditionally a slow posting season, so that is another factor. Certainly it couldn't be some kind of narcissistic thing concerning myself, since I hover a lot but post very seldom these days.

Or...I don't know, a rare celestial alignment that effects only SMF forums?

Membership growth is almost up to par, very little change in the amount of new registrations...

PS - kickass post, dusttrust - I always appreciate such style and finesse, man. Boom!

Aloha new friend! Welcome and thanks for your participation  :D

  I know to be of excellent repute but as far as their tinctures I'm completely inexperienced I'm you have a good idea of what the concentration is?  Was the 1-2 drops in the a.m the procedure that reset recommended to you? Sounds like a nice start - I am wondering what 1 -2 drops would roughly equal in root bark? I think you will be very pleased microdosing this stuff, lots of folks come through a 'cycle' very satisfied and happy they chose that route. If/when you have spare time please peruse the board here on the forum - there's tons of info and user experience to munch on  ;D

  As far as how long to keep up your particular md session - you will hear many people say 'listen to your body'. Meaning that - after a couple of consecutive days on, it's not uncommon to have some side effects if you will...really these 'side effects' are just the wood doing what it does, but since you are doing sub-psychoactive doses you're likely to experience little to nothing the first time out, maybe the second also. This can be true even for those who are sensitive to the medicine. But the microdosing protocol is a cumulative process and after a few days you may notice insomnia, loss of appetite, 'jitters' etc. Nothing incredible but still, it can be uncomfortable for some to adjust to - or if a week or more has gone by, this kind of thing may be your queue to discontinue microdosing for a time - let yourself absorb and assimilate whatevers happenin and then pick back up a couple weeks later. I think you will be quite surprised at the way iboga communicates itself to you, even in these small doses - if taken repeatedly and the ibogamines are allowed to stack up in your system, it's like having a co-pilot heh...

  You could likely notice sharper, more vivid dreams during this process - this seems pretty common in many of us. Stamina and vigor increase is another commonly reported benefit - the natives do thus with small amounts of rootbark on long journeys and late night hunting parties,etc.. Safety with microdosing is a far more comfortable and relaxed affair than with a flood. Basic attention to detail, respect for the medicine and for yourself, and staying open to whatever possibilities present themselves during your process - bam, you got it!

  I have no experience with nitric oxide to share with you samsonics - but other members may chime in to answer your questions concerning possible contraindications with the supplements you described. Blue Tiger is familiar with a lot of the stuff you mentioned - maybe he'll respond - or drop him a PM. Peeps are really laid back round 'heya and are always keen to help out.

  Looking again at your list of supplements, that's quite a cocktail you got there. A few of those things I have incorporated at various times for various reasons, but only the aswaghanda have I used concomitantly with low doses of wood, and that so long ago I couldn't tell you what, if anything, I got from it. Really man, you may want to consider dropping most of that stuff while you are on a microdosing schedule. Things like taurine and nitric oxide are closely affiliated with the cardiovascular system and - though you may be pimp-ass healthy - it's always, always best to err on the side of caution with this stuff. That way you don't wake up dead or have some out-of-the-blue,super- rare, ridiculous episode that people read about as an example of how not to do this lol.... ;)

  Yeah, upon deeper meditation, discontinue anything and everything that relates to your heart and circulatory system. NO is apparently a strong vasodilator and has other potent properties around this system, so my vote is pull the bulk of it whilst you do yo 'thang with the tincture, and get back on schedule with all that in the interim betwixt md'ing or shortly afterward. The GABA is probably fine, it didn't bother me and I dosed booster-size extract while on OTC GABA...harmless methinks. But all that other hard-to-pronounce stuff, if there is any doubt whatsoever just shelve it until your experiments with the medicine are complete  :)

  Good questions man, very glad to have you - I am excited for you - hope you get all that you're after and more in your relationship with this incredible, marvelous shrub. Be well and we'd love to know how your md'ing goes!

~ Cal


Compost Pile / Re: Hallo Eboka!
« on: October 02, 2014, 02:46:01 AM »
  Yah - rereading my post I did not quite articulate my meanings clearly, kinda sounded rather dismal which is not at all what I had in mind. It's just that when this little place began, there was zero anything else specifically dedicated to all, anywhere at least in the English speaking world. This was only 2009, September. Cinco anos...crazy huh?? But yeah there was the ayahuasca forum, and various psychedelic/entheogen sites to which I personally am grateful for learning how online communities of our ilk function, how we speak to one another about 'things' that our alien overlords deem much has changed, piggybacking on Moore's Law - not only has technology as most people understand it exponentially progressed, but things once not clearly understood as technologies in themselves have been revealed as just that and all swirled together in ever tightening spiral - and Lo! what a treat to watch it all, to be a part of in whatever way, what a cool, cool seems there was some residual something else in the bowl that just cashed out, hah. OOh that smell. So now I must pick this up later an possibly delte it. Just glad to see you home. great big love.

Introductions / Re: Hallo Eboka!
« on: September 30, 2014, 07:45:16 AM »! 

  So good to have your energy here, for real. You will come to find, in short order, that the conversations at large are fairly sparse right now. A few factors are relevant to this, but the main reason is that there was a migration over to the many facebook pages. People still have active accounts and post on a regular basis, but in general it's slowed considerably. Of course there are other things as well that we could point to, I just think that the forum format and different style here among members will hold strong and eventually our place in the scheme of things will be apparent.

  I knew that was you! You are most welcome friend.....  :D

Flooding / Re: preventing sudden death
« on: August 28, 2014, 03:36:24 PM »
I have two stents based upon coronary artery disease.  No heart attack and no heart damage.  I do not have hypertension.  Does my coronary disease make flooding too risky notwithstanding any heart damage or hypertension.  I have been microdosing to great benefit.  I am not even sure that I would decide to flood but if I should reach that point I would like to know if that is a realistic option. Thanks.

Hello Poonja ~

  Good questions, I'm glad you ask them: your having coronary artery disease does unfortunately complicate matters - certain other factors would need to be considered as well, among these - age, gender and any medications (esp beta blockers or ACE inhibitors)

  It is certainly good that you've no damage to your heart - but I think most providers would be very concerned about possible blood clots [iboga(ine) is reputed to increase risk of embolism] But you never know - I am definitely not 100% certain about your questions and maybe after careful review of your unique circumstances an experienced professional would greenlight you - in all honesty, with my limited experience I would counsel you not to hope too strongly for a flood experience, at least not in the near future. Things like the severity of your disease, how manageable it is and by what means, how long the stents have been in place - all this and more - will formulate your specific chances for any reasonably safe deep experience.

  It's always kind of sad to me when a person - who is all together ready in every other capacity - is medically 'grounded' from taking the Plunge. On the other hand, it is quite reassuring to see someone probing these serious questions in the public forum, so that anyone else with similar concerns may enrich their knowledge and also see that there are others in the same boat   :)


Announcements, News & Events / Re: Donations for Eboka.Info
« on: August 28, 2014, 02:27:01 PM »
Best wishes for a safe, speedy, and hassle-free move brother...may you endure no unnecessary crapulence along the way. Holler when you're plugged back in and thanks for everything.  ;)

Flooding / Re: preventing sudden death
« on: August 27, 2014, 09:16:12 PM »
In the preceding week(s) there are a few supplements that some providers recommend - [these are only suggestions for over the counter supplements and are not an exhaustive list OR a replacement for the pre-flood EKG and CBC blood work that any professional would require]




Some people suggest/recommend taking an 81mg aspirin 1xday for the week immediately preceding the flood

Dose is dependent on several factors but these are typically taken in a once-daily regimen along with strict attention to diet with heavy emphasis on hydration.

If you have ANY conditions you are currently on prescription medication for, these should each be evaluated and calculated in the final analysis as to whether or no this is even a reasonable endeavor for a given individual. This is especially pertinent for common chronic disorders like hypertension, high cholesterol, kidney or liver issues, blood clotting and depression...

None of these (alone) would necessarily preclude somebody from a medical OK - but ignoring the basics, not checking this stuff out, and crossing your fingers does preclude you from the low risk category.

*PROPER HYDRATION IS THE HOLY GRAIL - ELECTROLYTES. ELECTROLYTES - these may save your life. If a person vomits, has diarrhea or even urinates to excess it can cause very rapid dehydration, and it is this teeny often overlooked factor that is the very basis for all other safety protocols IMHO. Drink a gallon of water the day before.

"Electrolytes are heavy metals, also known as salts, and are important for body chemistry to function correctly. Calcium, sodium and potassium are the most important electrolytes.

Calcium and potassium have to be in balance -- sitting on either side of cell membranes, ready to switch places -- in order to cause muscles to contract or nerves to transmit impulses. Once calcium and potassium swap places and cause things to happen, sodium puts them back in their place for the next time.

If there aren't enough of one or all of these electrolytes, then the heart muscle cells can't move, which means the heart won't pump. Heat illness victims, kidney failure patients and people on certain types of medications are prone to electrolyte imbalances.

Heat Exhaustion
Heat Stroke
- "

... but i know i will have to dose alone and face death alone, too. so i would like to be well-prepared as prepared can be when/if that day comes.

 - WHY in God's name would you have to dose alone?  If your time frame is dictating this process to the point of such drastic notions, a serious reappraisal of your situation is called for. For absolute real.
( I presumed time frame because this is the number one reason people forgo proper protocols with the medicine, cut corners and do things like dose alone - which is the single dumbest and most life-threatening idea we could pursue)
  Whatever specific concerns prompt you in this direction, I'm glad you 'came out' with it because you need to understand the seriousness of what you are undertaking here: people D I E - in scary, ugly, frightening circumstances that all too often are preventable. Don't be the next sad story, man...

  You are  very welcome and highly encouraged to participate here, but if you have read to any depth at all you will understand that nobody (on these forums) condones dosing flood protocols alone...ever. So you will only get continued admonitions to slow your roll and take these quite easy and relatively hassle-free steps to prevent any possible disaster.

What is it that has you feeling cornered so? If it's that you do not know anyone in your area that could assist - or like I said above, you have pressing time issues - maybe hashing it out in the boards will help you find some help you didn't know was available?

Please take the greatest care in looking into this work. ~ Cal

LQTS - - common EKG can reveal this potential hazard - Electrolyte+Disorders

The Muse / Re: Hey Muse! What tunes are you jamming to these days?
« on: August 22, 2014, 11:28:37 AM »
Phutureprimitive (w/Alyssa Palmer) "Luminous"  ~

This time, I've been what I'm looking for
It's in my hands, I won't let go
In my impossible endeavors, I can't let go of this soul, it brings me low

Enough is enough when you're picking sides
All the feelings left behind, no one knows where the story ends.

These days, been looking at myself, lay down, just lay down
See my shivering from across the room, lay down, just lay down

Enough is enough when you're picking sides
All the feelings left behind, no one knows where the story ends.
Enough is enough when you're picking sides
All the feelings left behind, no one knows where the story ends.

It hurts me to carry this soul, it's heavy and hard to hold
Am I dying
I can't be dying

Just have faith, all these days will amount to something
Lay down, Lay down
Just have faith, I've been waiting for so long
Just lay down, Lay down

Enough is enough when you're picking sides
All the feelings left behind, no one knows where the story ends.
Enough is enough when you're picking sides
All the feelings left behind, no one knows where the story ends.

It hurts me to carry this soul, it's heavy and hard to hold
Am I dying, I can't be dying
It kills me, the killing kind, It breaks me I can't rewind
Am I dying,
I can't be dying

Oohhhhh I'm not far away
Oohhhhh I'm not far away
Oohhhhh I'm not far away

Suggestions & Comments / Re: Some organization ideas
« on: July 19, 2014, 06:26:50 PM »
 I've given 'Flooding' and 'Microdosing' their own places as subforums and not child boards, I think you're right on about giving them a more noticeable spot. I haven't got time to rearrange or do much swippin and swoppin around of threads right this minute, any mods that have the time or inclination may fire away - but this is something I will attend to in due course.

Diggin aroun the compost pile, it looks like a mess too. I did not dig past three pages or so but it seems all of what I've seen is typical junk - do you know if most of the threads that were terrorized have been restored/replaced -  the ones that anyone cares about anyway?

As ever - thanks so much for helping out man...blessings!

Diet & Recipes / Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
« on: July 19, 2014, 06:10:47 PM »

Came across this inspirational story, thought it'd be a good one to share  ;)

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