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Eboka Talk / Re: Prayer
« on: November 01, 2009, 05:55:04 PM »
" May you be in Heaven a half hour before the Devil knows you're dead.."

more to come, on the serious tip...this is a great thread.

Eboka Talk / Re: Ibo in Mexico
« on: November 01, 2009, 05:52:50 PM »
as usual, you are correct Tia. Alcohol and bezo withdrawal are the most dangerous, they can INDEED kill...Heroin wd just make you WANT to die, but unless one had underlying serious health issues, opiate cessation, while agonizing, is almost never fatal.

PS>> aren't drugs (almost ALL US scheduled drugs), now legal in Mex? I say circumvent the BS..label it as something else, I would imagine that customs there is inundated with shit now since they've laxed their drug laws? Correct me if I'm wrong?

Love and Calaquendi

Eboka Talk / Re: ready to drop the subxone
« on: November 01, 2009, 05:44:36 PM »
Tia is handing out Tiaras to the fabulous. Only requirement is to embrace your inner queen/princess with panache. Easier said than done, though. I'm much more comfy with my inner toad. :)

that's great news for Eon!!
Hypertension is common initially with dosing. My bestest girlfriend is thinking of taking Iboga, but I can't help her, she should go medical. Her BP is very high, even with meds, and I keep thinking she'd just *pop* if given Iboga. I would be permanently damaged if I had a hand in that.

do you know what meds she's on for HT? My brother had to experiment with several before he got the right one(s) -other circumstances like habits, diet, chemicals, age, weight factor in...perhaps this can be brought under control with a few adjustments? If HT is controlled by meds, iboga is safe to take. Get her stabilized for two weeks (perhaps with new Rx or some behavioral changes (smoking etc) and it may be light benzo sedation shouldn't interfere  with iboga experience and these do help to maintain safe levels of BP.
Sitting up or kneeling while hurling, yes, possible. More comfy for me was leaning over the side of my bed and dangling my head in the bucket. Stil, aspirating vomit can be an issue, and that's another reason a sitter should be mindful, mindful.
yes ma'am!

"Do people on high doses get excited, scared, confrontational, violent or what?  Should restraints be nearby?  How about duct tape?"
Coming onto Iboga, I was SUPER agitated and very bitchy in a bark at you for breathing too loud way.
But I was not violent in any way. After you go 'under' on a high dose, I can't see how anyone could be violent. First, it's difficult to move. Second, you won't want to move.
Post Iboga, I've heard of a range of reactions, up to and including rare violence. It's my opinion these are emotions uncovered by Iboga that are projected onto whoever is around. I would not think restraints would be necessary. I had a shouting match with dear husband afterword, raged at him for ruining my experience (lol) by coming in too many times. He obviously didn't care about me, blah, blah. That passed.
I feel like I should say again that there are so many, many people with more experience than I, but I don't speak unless I am confident in what I say.

There are 'techniques' for dealing with projected rage and fear, but best tailored to the individual.

well said...the exicement may come early in the dose, to be replaced with an introspective meditative repose, I've never known a single person to 'flip out' on iboga, this quality is lacking here where other psychedelics can foster feelings of panic, which I believe is where any potential violent episodes arise..this is typically not a concern. As you pointed out post-session emotions not only run high sometimes, the can range the whole gamut of human emotion...these are usually brief spells and a big reason I advocate short term sedation for many who undergo a big flood..

Thanks Tia!!

Eboka Journals / Re: HOLY FIRE 2
« on: November 01, 2009, 05:28:30 PM »
My pleasure...

I would like to see more experiences in this forum! I have a few more forthcoming, hell even second-hand ones are welcome!

Introductions / Re: official greeting
« on: November 01, 2009, 05:26:16 PM »
Good question Tia...hope he's okay. Gonna try to reconnect soon, drag him back here...I miss that guy!

Eboka Preparations & Extractions / Re: Total-Alkaloid Extract of T.iboga
« on: October 30, 2009, 10:18:51 PM »
haha it is for me... ;D

"My body is a temple" - Abe
"Well now it's an amusement park" - Hellboy

Eboka Preparations & Extractions / Re: Total-Alkaloid Extract of T.iboga
« on: October 30, 2009, 08:52:31 PM »
My good man...

Thanks for the tutorial, you are now stuck in the have only yourself to blame.  ;)

Concise explanations, I would really like to hear more!

So far, I am only proficient in some A/B, STB...and various tea and tar methods (mimosa, other DMT plants, cactus, yage) along with the crude TA at the top of this thread...

It would seem to me that actually reading the entire thread has it's benefits. That way when when one does a cursory glance and then replies (like I did) he doesn't eat his sneakers hehe..

Glad to have your advice and interest! That's what it's all about!!

Eboka Preparations & Extractions / Re: Total-Alkaloid Extract of T.iboga
« on: October 30, 2009, 02:27:05 PM »
Hey McKnight!

Great links and information...

As my own internet connection is wishy-washy right this minute, I am afraid I have to be brief - but I promise to post more later.

Your question about the pH of the naturally occurring alkaloids is very interesting. I was under the impression that most if not all alkaloids are basic in nature, hence the word 'alkaloid' coming from 'alkaline'??.. - but how could this be, some plants are highly acidic so you can do fairly easy alkaline extractions on them  ???

Obviously I'm no chemist...probably be in jail if I was!!!  ;D But I do have years of experience extracting alks from plant sources, in fact before we came up with the acetic acid 'tek' we tried an STB (Straight -to -Base) on a small portion of RB...this did nothing, at least at first. We left it sitting in solution for some time (days, weeks?) kinda forgot about it, but when we looked again, there were what appeared to be crystals forming in the NP solvent layer (naptha). Too little material to gauge anything from, but enough of 'something' to pique interest. Root Bark is expensive not to mention hard to come by, so this 'method' will be hard to reproduce, and anyway this (even if it worked) would yield a free-base material that I've never worked with...The bark itself is almost certainly acidic, not sure how this effects the extraction of the alks, or even what pH the alks are naturally occurring. Acids are sour to taste and once you've tasted many many acids you can pretty much tell what is and is not. I realize this is the crudest of the crude so far as methods go, but in lieu of having a GC/MS in my basement I'll have to settle for the 'old ways' and some litmus paper...

The last time we made the extract from iboga, we diluted the vinegar, which was standardized at 5% acidity, with the same amount of h2o and the outcome was identical. Technically I think just 'cooking' the bark in water would yield similar results. I am not sure. If this is the case, I suppose these alkaloids exist in salt form...when you do an A/B (acid-base) extraction on something, it is to convert the salts to free base...this would also indicate that the DMT in mimosa exists in salted form 'alkaloid' here seems almost misleading??

Mimosa hostilis (Tenuiflora) is certainly acidic, so you can just hit the powdered bark with alkaline water and add np solvent to yield a pretty pure DMT from -a free base of course. Having ingested this with caapi for ayahuasca sessions, I will say here that I much prefer the naturally occurring form of alkaloid. Maybe you can help to clear some of this up hehe I hate to answer questions with a question, but here I have only my experience as a guide. Basement shaman trade ideas all the time and I think it is as much an art as a science, not meaning that the science shouldn't be reckoned in...

Well I've just proof read this and I hate to dump a bunch of text I've worked on, so I'm keeping this load of crap, if anything, perhaps you are amused...I like the tek you have at the end of your post, there's an alcohol extraction that was popularized in I think the 80's (?) that yields a liquid - called "Indra"(??) - seems pretty damned gross...Any way, when I get to my buddies I'll steal highspeed and be able to more accurately peruse your post...keep up the good work my friend, we're all in this together!!

Eboka Talk / Re: ready to drop the subxone
« on: October 28, 2009, 03:47:25 PM »
Good points Psychenaut! Thanks for sharing   :-X

mushroom - I am glad to see your attitude is so open and honest. In your post you stated that a provider advised you to "get back on heroin" for a couple of weeks prior to iboga treatment...this isn't as odd as it sounds, although I personally would not advise someone to take heroin (specifically) - it IS advisable, if not prudent, to try to switch to a shorter acting opiate for at least a week. Suboxone is very tricky, I would advise someone on methadone likewise. The long duration of buprenorphine and methadone make the amount of iboga/ibogaine necessary for withdrawal attenuation more difficult to gauge...though it certainly can be done, why not make things 'easier' if one can?

Perhaps you can find someone to prescribe hydrocodone or even oxycodone...something along those lines? I read a report about a man in the UK on Suboxone telling his physician of his plans to kick opiates with ibogaine, and his doctor prescribed morphine to him for a week or two before hand, to mitigate any potential difficulties that would present themselves in getting off buprenorphine. Maybe some of the 'complications' of Suboxone come from it's being an agonist/antagonist? The naloxone in it may be one area of difficulty to negotiate?

I know how hard it is to get a doctor to listen to you in the States - you'll never find one (probably) willing to help you with plans to 'heal yourself' especially with a drug that's a schedule one, I don't think any physician would even sign off on such an attempt, much less switch a prescription for you. Maybe you could fake a back injury and go to an ER to find something? The point is - it will certainly be advantageous to at least try to roll over to a shorter acting, semi-synthetic opiate, and it shouldn't be too hard on you physically if you're on a small enough dose of Suboxone. Best of luck to you and your wife!

Eboka Journals / HOLY FIRE 2
« on: October 26, 2009, 09:52:47 PM »
Hello Eboka!  Here is recorded the TA iboga session that my brother experienced a few months ago. I copied from another forum the notes we took during his treatment. This is about as good as it gets, IMO...everything was thoroughly 'mapped out'- two medically trained and iboga experienced sitters present and attention to every detail. Thank you and God bless!

Hello friends!

Here follows the notes (verbatim) we took last weekend during Brother's Eboka healing:

First some background:

Brother is 35 yr old smoker, (poly) opioid addicted for 12 years, treated for stage two hypertension, successfully, with medication(s) {note: ibogaine and TA Iboga CAN be taken concomitantly with BP meds as long as the medications for HT are employed correctly and regimen has proven to stabilize BP}


LOG: FRIDAY 5.8.09

*5:50pm> took BP = 120/80 excellent. in acute withdrawal. took test-dose
(.5g TA extract.)

6:15pm> already feeling relief. color returned to face. feeling "dopey"

6:30pm> .1mg xanax (alprazolam) **use as prophylactic for anxiety and to keep BP manageable**

*7:00pm> BP = 130/80 went to lay down and collect thoughts...
(admin. 1g extract)

*8:15pm> BP = 126/80 (admin.2g extract) - feels fine physically. no w/d not thinking about finding drugs. damn im glad we live in a free country.

*9:37pm> BP = 118/78 (admin. 2g extract)

10:19pm> up and took a piss, starting to feel a little vertigo. no w/d. YOU KNOW IT!

10;32pm> BP = 118/78 OH YEAH! just had mighty B.M. starting to feel effects develop.

10:42> laying down, "starting to blow-up". increased sensitivity to sound.

*11:23> BP= 132/84 - YUP! intense 'tracers' , experiencing "lots of insights".
(admin. 1g extract)

*12 midnght> {.1 xanax} looked in; lucid, no w/d - bit shaky but communicative. confusion. took another (1g extract) to deepen - blew out candle.

*1:25am> feels good, feeling it strong, starting to see visuals: (People...Animals)...took a piss. "Can't seem to remember withdrawing"
(admin. 2g extract)

************************************************** *******

3:00am> DEEP - had vision of me walking in room. "just like you were really there" Looks good physically. Bombed in his head. PERFECT!
gave water

4:30am> check-in...homeboy is G O N E! it's glorious. looked peaceful. wonder what he's experiencing?? was going to chk BP but looks/feels good to the touch. don't want to disturb. so happy!!

*6:00am> BP = 120/80 !!! seems like everyone's prayers are being answered (again!?) doing fine. temporarily coherent, lots of vision, insight.
NO sick. helped up to piss. (admin. 1g extract)

10:30am> came out of bedroom...beginning to come down a bit - but still heavily intoxicated.

2pm-5pm> left Achtwan's for home. getting a little cooped and wanted to see his dog. had a frosty on way back. drinking water. still heavily influenced, waivering gait. unfocused. relaxing in basement.

9pm-10pm> soaked him in hotass tub. drifting back mentally. NO W/D, but spent. feels 'raw'. told him this is normal and temporary. hot bath/ light sedative {.1mg xanax} and some food (chik nuggitz/shake)
gave water and 3 aspirin.

11:00pm> lied down in cool basement - in thirty minutes he was out. SNORING like his usual snorry-self. Perfect!......


As of this writing, Brother is FIVE DAYS on the other side, and is beginning to sleep easier ( has gotten about four to five hours of 'mixed' sleep since session). this is extraordinarily good. here follows a brief summary of some of Brother's visions in his own words:


~Early : First - 'buzzing sound' & music?
Light (like stars?) appear and reappear

~Later : Humans in silhouette. @ some point my brother walked by foot of
bed and crouched down and crawled thru wall (?) wtf

~ A PRIDE OF LIONS and some trees...stars still "bubbling" then descended
into a vortex in the thousands - spiraled at my third-eye and spiraled
back up.

~Craziest : A HORSE in FULL COLOR, wind in mane, walking into stable....


Brother took 10.5g total alkaloid extract. Based on the mean (5%) of Total Alkaloids in RB this comes to between 1.5 and 2 grams of pure alkaloids.
Difficult to know for certain the exact amount,(anyone have GC/MS?) but we think this method is pretty thorough. Twice in six weeks, have been right-on with it. Please know that this is posted only for research purposes. Ibogaine and Iboga's other alkaloids are amazing, but dangerous tools. Do Not be cavalier about this. Those of you considering this medicine as a possibility for yourself or a suffering loved one...please please read as much as you can get your hands on, make INFORMED decisions. Bless all of you, this forum and you folks have provided wonderful support!

Eboka Talk / Re: ready to drop the subxone
« on: October 22, 2009, 10:25:37 PM »
Welcome mushroom! :)

Thanks for being here. I'd like to ask a few questions of you - have you any idea when you are planning to this? I ask because there are some considerations regarding Suboxone, it's one of the longer lasting opiods and so more time away from from it is recommended - ideally 24 hours or more in my opinion. Suboxone (as you know) does not inebriate like methadone and so it can be tricky to point is please make sure you and your wife are in acute withdrawal. Go as long as you can stand it before you test dose. Are you both planning to 'go' at the same time? How many sitters have you and are they knowledgeable in emergency care? I do not want to frighten you, in fact I did iboga myself, the whole shebang - but my brother was here who's an RN, and my best friend sat also (he's an EMT)...I'm all for DIY especially when the costs are so high and logistical issues present - does your sitter know about this medicine? I don't mean to come across like I'm raking you, I hope you guys find the means to a healthy and fruitful session. Please stick around man, nice to have you!!

Peas ~Cal

Eboka Preparations & Extractions / Re: Total-Alkaloid Extract of T.iboga
« on: October 22, 2009, 03:48:41 PM »
Here is a link to some extraction techniques and information for T.iboga and V.africana :

most of this looks complex and not very user-friendly-however if anyone here has the skill to decipher any of it in lay terms I'm all ears...

Eboka Cultivation / Re: Hydroponics?
« on: October 21, 2009, 12:30:59 PM »
Interesting points Psychenaut...You are very correct about plant stressing and alkaloid potential. I am just learning some basics about this stuff, and it seems you have a good head for this type of thing. Maybe there is no 'quick fix' in growing this magic, maybe we can put our heads together and come up with something? Thanks for sharing!

Eboka Talk / Re: Ibo in Mexico
« on: October 21, 2009, 12:20:54 PM »
Good post zz! Thank you...

You are absolutely right on all points - I have done iboga for opiate addiction and "thrashed" is the best adjective I've heard yet describing how I felt post-session. Good word. Rarely does an addict (IMO) look past the acute phase of withdrawal, this being the 'built-up' be all end all of their situation. I mean, for me it was the anxiety and agony of actually 'kicking' that kept me in the maze for so many years - but to my surprise iboga practically eliminated any protracted withdrawal symptoms. Let me clarify: Indeed I felt physically "thrashed" as you so eloquently put it, but my emotions and my mindset were surprisingly buoyant - and it was this aspect of the session that I finally realized held the gold for me...The severe depression and mourning that are so common once a person is on the other side of acute w/d was simply not there. I was very emotionally sensitive, but so stoked that I survived in the first place, and that I would never ever have to go through w/d again that I was just...well, happy for the first time in many many years.

Your advice to have an experienced provider present is invaluable. This medicine is unlike traditional psychedelics and having a 'sitter' who's untrained, at least in basic rescue would be ill-advised. The medical concerns of an iboga treatment, regardless of what the session is for, cannot be understated. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"...indeed. I still think iboga is far safer than some would have us believe, reading as many reports as I can get my hands on, cross referencing them and talking with experienced providers has led me to draw some of my own conclusions concerning iboga related deaths. There seems to be some common denominators that are glanced over by those who oppose this work: pre-existing health concerns, particularly cardiac, and more often, inadvertent overdoses post-session by under educated people who, probably, rushed in to the treatment thinking that it was a 'magic bullet'. It is indeed sad and my heart aches for those people, but I truly believe with the appropriate pre screening and after care that we can absolutely mitigate tragic instances like those, and bring a clearer picture of the safety and efficacy of this work to folks who need it.

Needless to say, the legal status is preposterous. A schedule one drug by definition has "no medical value, and a high propensity for abuse"...sound like eboka to you?? I won't even start...

zz, you pose an interesting and fair question my man - one that I'm surprised I haven't heard before. As for cost of a session, it's really hard to say for several reasons: first, how do you put a price on such freedom and healing? Next, I would that there were providers with the resources to help those out who cannot afford 'commercial' treatment - my friend and my brother both paid $5000 several years ago...I know another person on another forum who spent less and got their session done in Holland. But it was still close to three grand I think. The medicine itself is costly, which blows my mind, I mean, with the rising popularity and interest we see here, you'd think that someone somewhere would be investing in cultivation. That would be ideal. I think that it takes so much plant material to extract the Hcl that it's almost wasteful...Two of my closest peeps have done both the ibogaine hcl and the TA extract and each of them much preferred the TA. This came as no surprise. It really is difficult to put a price tag on treatment, but unfortunately even though money is totally fake, we need to consider it. If there were somehow a 'sliding scale' for those who can come up with a portion of costs, and have the rest covered by say, philanthropic interests that would be great...for the sake of discussion here I will toss out a figure in my head : I'd like to see a good treatment run no more than $2000 - that would (somehow) include everything. Medicine, sitters, immediate post session counseling etc...I'm open for dialogue this is an important topic.

Thanks for sharing!

Eboka Journals / Re: Luminosity, my Iboga experience.
« on: October 19, 2009, 05:34:27 PM »
Thank you for an excellent, honest report Tia. I was wondering when we'd have more 'testimonials'...

Everything you said, everything you experienced seems to me quintessentially iboga. The way you were emotionally 'raw' immediately after for a few days, I was impressed by this quality as well. I mean, here I am, a heavy-metal-head junkie - walking around sniffing flowers and balling like a schoolgirl. Amazing.

I think this touches on many important aspects of a session...pre, during and post. Thanks again for sharing!

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