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Introductions / Re: Welcome
« on: October 02, 2009, 03:35:35 PM »

Thy sense of humor is much appreciated and like, welcome's my own 'twisted' and dry sense of humor that's kept me alive thus far...

As for you and Tia's ideas and thoughts on the forum, I am totally there dude...this is all kinda new to me, and the admin here (pkeffect) is the go to guy for geek shit. You guys can contact him and or me via pm if you like, This is my first attempt at moderating a forum solo and am still working on things. These are good ideas you shared and I couldn't agree more...for now, although 'generic' some of these sub forum ideas we can discuss in the 'general discussions' section. Since we're a growing entity some progress may be slower than I'd like but I'm glad to receive any and all requests and ideas, I DO think that in the near future this expansion will happen -to be more 'inclusive' of other areas regarding the benefits of this magical root..

I've been 'illin' this week with like some gnarly flu - shit so I haven't spent the time I'd like online...but the short answer is 'yes'....absolutely these are important ideas and we will work them in as soon as possible...for now if you're not sure where to post, just make a thread in the 'everything else' sub forum-we'll go about this learning together - and keep up the suggestions please!

Love and big colas ~ Cal

General Discussion / Re: Technical issues
« on: September 29, 2009, 02:26:14 PM »
Hmmm...looking into this.

Don't seem to happen here, but we'll work the bugses out!

Go in to 'profile' -->personal msg options-->check box that reads "save copy of all msgs"

Sorry for any hassles...i loathe hassles. But I LOVE you, man. We'll get 'er squared away. Anyone else having similar difficulties replying to posts etc?

Please let us know so we can kill the person who slacked...they will be dealt with harshly.

peace >;)

Eboka Pharmacology, Research and Clinical Findings / Voacanga Africana
« on: September 29, 2009, 12:37:50 AM »
Here a few links dug up on V.africana -

Some extraction info :

Any more input here would be much appreciated. Does anyone have experience with this material?

I know a number of other plants containing iboga alkaloids exist (star anise,etc) but in much smaller quantities and presumably containing unwanted nasties. It would be nice to explore some options with other materials, are there any practical and safe methods for doing an effective extract on some of the more obscure varieties containing alkaloids?

Eboka Journals / Re: A Chronology for Survival:
« on: September 28, 2009, 06:56:33 PM »
Thanks to both of you for the replies...I love y'all too.

Brother is doing better now, his BP more manageable, in retrospect these were simple mistakes; we are both medically trained (he more so than I am) and know enough about this to NOT make those mistakes...and yet...

But knowing when to call it quits is a virtue in my eyes, no need for an emergency and there are risks associated with this medicine as we all know. I've learned and am still learning alot, let's keep going shall we?


ps>Tia - I took it Friday and freaked out like Sunday or Monday...when I say 'freaked out' I don't mean under the direct influence of the medicine, this was a cumulative process that I'm still working out. Typically it can be days, or close on a week before someone is eating and sleeping "normally", but this is also dose-dependent and concerning the level of depth and length of the 'trip'

Introductions / Re: Greetings!
« on: September 28, 2009, 06:34:49 PM »
Greetings Mr.Clean
Welcome.... quick warning about V.Africana : it contains some toxic alkaloids and to my (uncertain) knowledge it would have to be extracted in order to get the desired alks in sufficient qty while 'losing' some of the toxicity in the remainin stuff. Just be very careful, I know there are teks online about extracting from V.Africana I'll try to dig some up and post them in pharmacology..again welcome aboard!

General Discussion / Re: Technical issues
« on: September 28, 2009, 06:26:51 PM »
Go to profile, then under notifications and email, there should be promts with checkboxes so you can set stuff up to receive notifications,etc...

as for replying to a thread, did u use quick reply? i'm trying to find out only moderating here so ill choke my geek dude an make him fix shit if need be...thanks for your patience...hugs

Eboka Journals / A Chronology for Survival:
« on: September 27, 2009, 03:13:04 PM »
My friends ~

Here follows the notes on my recent 'session' with TA iboga...we considered this a 'broken play' to use sports terminology. This is where things go differently than planned, yet you still achieve some results from the situation:

WED 9.16.09 ~ ppd TA extract using acetic acid tek

THURS 9.17.09 ~ This was to be my brother's second session within months to attenuate withdrawal and 'get back on course' However the following problems occurred before we planned on dosing:

Brother has stage 2 hypertension and is medicated for this, recently his Rx was changed due to uncomfortable side effects from his last script. Our first mistake was improper/insufficient monitoring of BP in the days immediately preceding planned treatment.

7:30pm - checked BP- absolutely too high I have recorded 148/94, but this was after an unrecorded reading of nearly 160/100...keep in mind he'd taken his medication earlier and it should've been far more manageable.

8:30pm - decided to give him another dose of his Coreg (BP) this would've been his second dose of the day, our intention was to get BP down to a manageable level so we felt safe with treating him...probably not a good idea in retrospect...{i shouldve skipped 2nd dose of Coreg opt for low dose xanax}

10:30pm - BP 142/92 this was getting to be satisfactory but now I was afraid he would bottom out, as he'd taken some xanax in addition to his Coreg...this to mitigate the acute WD and maintain BP. This protocol worked on our last endeavor but I had a bad feeling about trying to flood the guy...he was in deeper WD this time and had been so for doubt this attributed to his spikes in blood pressure, but my fear was he had too much medication on board now, and as soon as he was flooded the attenuation of WD symptoms would bring his BP even lower still, presumably and potentially causing a sever drop in BP - I wasn't going to risk an emergency.

11:15pm - decided to give 'test dose' and closely monitor him. 1.1g TA was given now, as his BP had fallen to 118/80 so we felt safe giving a small test dose. He went to lay down and we'd check in an hour...

12:30am - BP 120/82...seemed perfect to initiate flood, but something didn't feel right, the energy around us wasn't 'completely' conducive to carrying out our plans. i know this is vague, but here is where intuition and experience converge. Better to listen to my instincts and err on the side of caution, while things PROBABLY would've been OK, this was a new and different HT Rx with different properties, and as I said, in the preceding days not enough care was taken to monitor this satisfactorily. I didn't feel safe...

He fell asleep around this time and i woke him once to check his BP and look at his physical condition. although all appeared fine, I decided against a flood dose here...there would always be another need to make a hasty mistake.

Doubtless some of his higher BP was due to the fact he was in deeper WD this time, but until I have more data on his current medication, and more comprehensive pre session 'clinical' notes ie consistent BP charts, etc theres no way in hell i'd risk it...

Now comes another rushed decision:

Even though I'd planned on doing a session too, this was to be the following week, after brother's legs were under him so to speak. But since he didn't flood (and was actually feeling fine) the next day...we decided I would take the medicine we had prepared for him. Important to note here that we believe that even the small dose he received mitigated his WD and after a good night's rest and some benzo's the next day he felt 'fine'...not to mention he did't wish to flood given the circumstances. So far he is doing ok...

9.18.09 FRI ~
9:30pm  - I took 1mg xanax...I was anxious and wanted to calm down and focus some.

9:50pm - having some root-bark on hand in addition to the TA we made,I wanted to 'pay my respects' to Bwiti and engage the spirit in a pure sense. So to begin I took a small 3g dose of powdered bark mixed in honey. Yes it was gross...

11:15pm-took 4g TA extract and laid down..I was feeling only minimal effects from the 3g bark, and it's important to note here some other 'mistakes'...the set and setting were nor entiely devoted to MY experience. There was other activity in the house, spreading energies out that should've been focused on the situation at hand. There were 'sitters' but there were preoccupations with other projects also. I knew better but did this anyway, no doubt this is the reason for the difference in experience.

1:00am took remaining 4g TA and laid down...unfolded much more slowly than my previous efforts with this medicine, but eventually visuals built and somatic symptoms were evident. In total darkness i began to see images of humans in silhouette and saw what I thought was the 'face of Bwiti - a human-like face carved in wood or stone hovering above me, just looking down. Also I began to hear beautiful drumming and chanting, oscillating between male and female african chants, gorgeous music that doubtless was meant to 'move' me...but here is where things got different : the entire time I was "under" I felt extremely emotionally detached, i felt the immense void of what I expected to be 'there' and intuitively knew it was from the rush of this session, lack of mental preparation and the scattered energies of the sitters...all these things saturated me with feelings of shame and regret, I was embarrassed and regretful that I had not shown myself or Bwiti the proper respect, that I knew better than to go about things in this way but did so anyway...

Fast forward to the following days - here is where I quit taking notes...i found myself adrift in post-session wobbly ataxia and emotional no man's land. I 'felt' something underneath...that 'something' I'd expected and hoped to break/attain during the acute phase of the trip...this time slowly spreading itself out over days and days. The build up of raw and ugly emotion was making me physically ill...I could sense it rising ever so slowly but I could not 'force' myself to cry, or to vent in any way. This had to happen on it's own, and I wasn't sure it would or even if i could handle it if it did...

The weather was extraordinarily rained biblically and finally I broke...I just broke down. I felt rage and fear and sorrow wash over me in a torrent that I could never have seen coming, it scared me to death, i thought about suicide...I didn't realize at the time that this was the way my experience was unfolding, that i 'asked for it' thus...I just thought I finally lost my mind for good. God it hurt...

For several days I was in and out of this, although after the initial 'deluge' the waves of emotion were less and less intense, allowing for some introspection to sneak in...friends, when you know better than to do something, may I recommend NOT like, doing it?

I could've and should've waited...there was no reason other than my impatience for me go about this with such a cavalier attitude. Yes,  ' I know what I'm doing" it not evident??? Jesus...

As of this writing it's been perhaps ten days and I am waking up to myself again with hard earned lessons under my belt. I'm not even sure if i will be satisfied with this report as it only really outlines what happened and how, but if I didn't put something down NOW...I may not have gotten started at that this forum is getting started we can have the tools to more easily discuss and work out these things. All I can say is how grateful I am to you all, the friends I'm making through these endeavors and even the mistakes are precious...I love you people and welcome responses...criticisms, etc...forgive any typos, I'm not going there today man.If this is to be posted at all right now, it has to be as-is, I'm sure you understand.

Thanks for lending your ears and god bless you...Cal

Compost Pile / MOVED: unobtainable treatment
« on: September 24, 2009, 02:01:26 AM »
This topic has been moved to Eboka Talk.
moved to supplement board

Introductions / Re: Hi Everyone!
« on: September 23, 2009, 04:08:42 PM »
Thanks for being here Tia!

Love your enthusiasm   ;D

Eboka Talk / Re: unobtainable treatment
« on: September 23, 2009, 03:43:31 PM »
    I live in hilton head s.c-Will travel if have to,just need a heads up.Thank you for your support.The people I have met in this comm, have shown me more caring than most of my ''friends''. I mean it,even if all you do is listen it s nice to know I m not alone ??? Love to you ALL AND MANY GOOD BLESSINGS :-*

Grateful you are here man!

I honeymooned in hilton head...then got divorced. ;D Nice town, and I don't even golf...

Although this forum is still in infancy, this is exactly what I'd hoped to see. These types of communications are precious and with many more to come, this place can be the haven we all need and deserve...

You have my deepest condolences for the loss of your parents. Few things in life rival grieving for the cherished lost.
I keep you in my thoughts and prayers, you are not here by chance my friend.

Eboka Talk / Re: unobtainable treatment
« on: September 23, 2009, 03:26:25 PM »
Move as if it's on it's way, because really, it is.

Absolutely sister!
...there's a synchronicity weaved in the weeks/months preceding a session that is palpable...another element of this fantastic journey. Sometimes, you can only realize this in retrospect but it is profoundly true nonetheless.

Great post Tia - serendipity is magic...

Eboka Talk / Re: User-friendly
« on: September 23, 2009, 03:12:51 PM »
The short answer is "yes". One 'strong' dose will do the 'strong' I mean the calculated mg/kg flood dose required for most opiate addiction interruption. 'Tolerance' to psychedelics has no bearing on the efficacy of the process...whatsoever.

However, I think if anything, familiarity with hallucinogens and/or altered states of consciousness boosts an individuals confidence and receptivity to their experience. Those 'fluent' in this regard may accommodate levels of deepening trance more readily. Additionally, prior ventures into psychedelia may have laid the groundwork for a smoother integration of visions and their interpretations.

On the whole, I think it's a positive position with respect to an iboga experience.

Eboka Talk / Re: unobtainable treatment
« on: September 21, 2009, 08:42:25 PM »
  I feel the same way about ibogaine-Its a plant-how can it cost so much for treatment

Because it's fucking illegal in the states...and because it works. This is extremely threatening to the established treatment paradigm; note the vernacular; "treatment" - in my mind this implies continual and on going maintenance>>  ie methadone, suboxone etc. Loss of revenue and solubility would certainly occur in these and other areas...their goal is simply the "bottom line"

if it is for helping addicts how can they afford it By the time an addict is ready for trearment he has begged,borrowed and stealed from everyone they know they have no money-JUST PAIN

All I can say here is that I empathize, I for one am glad you found your way here...I understand the frustration, but truly. "where there is a will, there is a way"...sorry to cliche, but it's true...If I may counsel patience,  (that's fucking ironic)'re going the right direction, it'll happen when and how it is supposed to....I promise!

Eboka Talk / Re: unobtainable treatment
« on: September 21, 2009, 01:30:11 AM »
No, 2c-c...
You are not alone. We all know things cost money, But the last thing I want to see is an enterprise where patients are called 'customers': this is not just semantics ...I've worked in hospitals where this was the mantra....astounding.

Stay close to people in the community, there are ways. Thanks for the thread, important topic.

There are resources out there, hopefully when this forum expands we'll get more solid info...God bless

**This is for research purposes only**

This is a safe and effective measure to collect all the essential alkaloids from the plant material without having to consume pure root-bark. Please take care using such a procedure. This will yield an 'acetate' salt, total-alkaloid from Tabernanthe iboga.

  • 50g (for this extraction) Tabernanthe iboga root-bark (NOT whole root!)
  • Bean/Coffee grinder
  • White vinegar (acetic acid)
  • Cloth filter (T shirt)
  • Paper filter (coffee filters)
  • Qt. sized mason jars
  • Plastic funnel
  • Scales
  • Glass baking dish


Grind root bark into fine powder.

Cover with vinegar

Simmer on low heat for 60 - 90 min (do not boil).

Filter through cloth - collect solution.

Return plant material to pan and recover it with vinegar.

Repeat cook down 3 times.

Collect cloth filtered solution and filter through paper (coffee) filter

Preheat oven to 200F (ibogaine melting point is 300F).

Pour solution into glass baking dish.

Evaporate liquid in oven (leave oven door ajar) until dry.

Scrape residual with razor.

Weigh and load into gelcaps. Pray...

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