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Eboka Talk / Noribogaine & Ibogaine Interaction
« on: August 04, 2015, 11:27:09 AM »
I took some Iboga TA a couple weeks ago (totalling about 300mg), and now I'm feeling a swell of the noribogaine effects: antidepressant, need less sleep, feel stronger, increased libido, etc.

What would happen if I chose to ingest more Iboga, to have a flood? I ask because it seems that ibogaine's effects are largely opposite of those of noribogaine--confronted with personal issues, feel drowsy, weak, decreased libido, etc.

I'm worried that the two will interact in a negative way. Noribogaine is, after all, an SSRI.


Eboka Talk / Full Moon vs. New Moon Flood Dose
« on: July 14, 2015, 05:56:21 PM »
Are there customs or traditions among the Bwiti or any of you on this forum regarding timing the flood dose in relation to the phase of the moon? I think it's best for me to do Iboga on the New Moon--more introspective time. I feel more unsettled during the full moon.

Anyone have any ideas or experiences?

Compost Pile / Re: ?? ???????? ?????? ????? ??????? ???????
« on: July 05, 2015, 12:39:32 PM »
You seem confused.

Could you rephrase the question?

Flooding / What do you think of this Flood Plan?
« on: June 21, 2015, 09:48:13 PM »
I flooded back in January 2011, and then like a half-flood in December 2012. The first was pretty darn intense, the second was intense, too. The second one I was alone.

Here's my plan for this coming flood:
Ease into a fast with cooked kale and cucumber. I will not have eaten for about 24 hours before ingestion.
During ingestion, I will have someone with me. I will take the Iboga incrementally this time, easing into a sweet spot, dosage wise. I'll probably start taking 300mg TA pills, one by one. I have some 100mg and 50mg TA pills for smaller increments, as well.
When dosage is done, and I am sufficiently in an Iboga-induced stupor, and visibly stable, I will be left alone. I will have someone check up on me in like 8 hours.
Then, the next day, I'll have someone again, possibly a different person, come and visit me, and drive me to a stream to bathe in. Bathing complete, I'll be driven back to my home, and left alone (I live alone, save for my landlord and landlady living in the other part of the house).
On day 3, I'll have someone check up on me again. Each time someone comes, they are committed to staying for an hour or two.

I'll have a bucket, a comfortable couch, some Bwiti and other West African music lined up to play on my computer in the other room. I will be letting my landlord know that I'll be doing this visionary herb that lasts for three days. No, mister Landlord, it's not Jimson weed. Yes, there is evidence of its therapeutic effects. My landlord is super cool. He's done his fair share of psychedelics in his hey day, and now he's an accepting person. He's seen me on mushrooms before, and I've given him weed butter. Though sometimes we're shy around each other, I feel comfortable telling him that I'm going to be in an altered state for 3 days. Well, not 100% comfortable, but of all the options out there, this one seems good enough.

So, besides my landlord being in the other part of the house (almost always out of earshot--it's a big house), I'll be alone for most of the trip. I believe I can call upon 2 or 3 local responsible men, older than me, but friends, to visit me from time to time to make sure I'm okay.

Does this seem like an okay plan?

My other option is to drive 3 hours to a friend I met only once and haven't seen in about 8 years, but I feel spiritually comfortable around him. He says he would be willing to be my "guard dog" for the three days. I am just hesitant to do this because it would be unfamiliar surroundings, I haven't seen him in a long time, and I might not have access to things like a good sound system to play music from, and a comfortable place to lie down. On the other hand, he lives by a stream (though surrounded by fallen trees, hard to get through), which is a plus. I am predicting that experiencing cool water will be key to the latter part of my trip. Also, the stress of the long drive and settling in, and reacquainting with him might distract/detract from my overall mission and concentration on connecting with the plant and myself and the Iboga spirit.

Any input would be gladly considered. :)

Thank you for reading.

Eboka Talk / How to Solve Problems
« on: June 04, 2015, 09:15:19 PM »
When problems draw attention to themselves, it easy to think that they must be solved via a process of fighting the problem, and defeating it. But, often problems have their roots in this adversarial attitude in the first place.

Instead, we must grow the good things that we do have so that the "problems" fall away because something much greater is there to replace it. Your problem could be addiction, it could be any other bad habit, it could be a problematic relationship, or it could be an autoimmune disease.

I'm not saying you should ignore your problems. I'm saying that you should acknowledge them for what they are--placeholders for something much greater (a stronger you) for when it (you) come(s) around.


Compost Pile / MOVED: A Suggestion for Addiction After-Care
« on: May 24, 2015, 03:27:27 AM »

Staying Clean / A Suggestion for Addiction After-Care
« on: May 24, 2015, 03:16:21 AM »
I was just speaking on the phone to an as yet unnamed Eboka member (he may choose to reveal himself ;) ) and he was saying how the most underrated aspect of flooding with Iboga is the *after care*. So this is what I would like to address in this thread.

My suggestion is to use Salvia tea as an anti-addiction remedy when one is short on Iboga. Salvia, like Iboga, is a kappa-opioid agonist, shown to reduce addictive behavior

Salvia tea is NOT like smoked Salvia. Don't let the weird horror stories about smoked Salvia extracts deter you from trying the tea (or chewed leaves for quidding). It's a completely different ballpark.

Although I have never experienced addiction to substances, this experience does keep other addictions at bay (internet, stupid thoughts, comfort foods, etc.), and so I imagine that this would be a good kind of weekly or monthly upkeep for anyone warding off tendencies toward addiction.

Some effects you might expect from Salvia tea:

Meditative state
Temporarily arresting hunger
Abatement of addictive and compulsive tendencies
Slight ataxia
Insight into relationships/lifestyle/life

I like to call Salvia tea "Iboga-lite." That said, it can be quite powerful and should be approached meditatively and with great respect.


Here are the instructions:

The Approach:
Approach with care, trepidation, and questions. You do not have to be in a good place mentally to do Salvia, but you must at least understand that you are contacting a very wise and powerful consciousness, a genuine plant teacher. Your brain may be full of unwanted thoughts, knotted, and you may not be able to think or even see straight, and that's all okay.
I recommend not having other psychoactives in your system at the time of ingestion (although Syrian Rue seems to have a synergistic effect with Salvia). Have an empty stomach, but do not be ravenous. Your physical needs (sleep, hydration, etc.) should be relatively well met beforehand.
This should be done at night, when you have no other obligations left in the day. Leave yourself about 3 hours to have the experience and its after-effects. The setting should be peaceful, and there should be little chance of you being disturbed. Darkness and relative silence is optimal.

The Preparation:
Neaten up your tripping location. Close open books, neaten piles, clear the floor of obstacles. Neutralize precarious objects, put away potentially dangerous ones. Make your room a neutral, but comfortable place to be. Make your bed.

Throw a half a cup or about a handful of dried Salvia leaves into a small pot with a mugful of water in it. I like to let the leaves rehydrate before turning the heat on. Bring the leaves and water to a gentle simmer and simmer for about 5-15 minutes, stirring occasionally. A little foam is good. When done, pour into your mug through a metal strainer (not a coffee filter). You can put a peppermint tea bag in the bottom of the cup.

[Mint is in the same taxonomical family as S. divinorum, so there is synergy in both taste and effects. Menthol, present in mint, also is a mild kappa-opioid agonist, like Salvinorin A. A Nexian also just posted that menthol may help with buccal absorption. Make Salvia with mint!]

Presentation is important. Use a saucer if you have one. And do not rush the tea-making process. It's a ceremony in and of itself.

In Mazatec ceremonies, it is traditional for Salvia to be prepared by children. For this reason, I have made it a habit to have the tea "blessed" by someone I see with a particularly young/innocent energy. Or, it helps to do it in their vicinity. In the Mazatec ceremonies they keep a very close watch over the people taking the medicine. They sit very close and make sure they stay somewhat rooted in reality.

Beforehand, it helps to brush your gums and cheeks with a toothbrush to get the blood flowing there and expose them to the good stuff in the tea.
Sit down and sip your medicinal brew. Use a spoon and let each spoonful linger in your mouth, seeping into the crevices of your cheeks and gums. Hold it in your mouth for 10-20 minutes, if you can. Afterward, you can swallow it or spit it out. Remember, the psychoactives are mainly absorbed through your mouth, not your digestive tract. I recommend swallowing, as the liquid will pass over the back of your throat, a sensitive membrane when it comes to absorbing psychoactives.

This is where it's perfectly fine to keep asking yourself "Am I feeling it yet?" Overwhelming your system with Salvia is not the goal. There is no risk of under-intoxication. You may not even finish the cup. The goal is to invite Salvia into your space, but remain present as well. You are meeting Salvia halfway for a sort of dialog. Your participation is important--it is your job to listen and look. Do not expect to be overcome with anything like with other psychedelics. Rather, gaze into the darkness and listen into the silence for the textures of your mind.

The Experience:
You are probably more under the influence than you think you are. Many times I have done Salvia with other people, they claim they don't feel anything when I can clearly see a clear change in mood, posture, tone of voice, etc. This is especially true with the tea, where the effects certainly sneak up on you. Each sip of the tea takes about 2-3 minutes to come on. After 10 minutes of sipping, you will probably feel the full effects by 20 minutes.
During the experience it is important to fulfill any seemingly insignificant desires, especially physical. If you feel compelled to assume a certain position, do it. If you feel antsy and want to pace around, do it. If you want to turn off all the lights, do it.
Interacting with other people is fine for brief periods, but always return to your own space.

The After-effects:
The main effects last for about an hour, but the tapering off is extremely gradual--Salvia may be with you until you fall asleep. In fact, oftentimes the afterglow can be more insightful and spiritually nourishing than the main experience, which itself can be quite mysterious, like a dream. The period afterwards is where you slowly wake up from the dream, piece together the symbols (if there were any), and let your conscious mind awaken to the new wisdom in your mind.

Eboka Talk / Iboga <S Ayahuasca
« on: January 26, 2015, 05:33:44 PM »
<S = <3 + VS.

The following is going to be rambling, improvisatory, self-indulgent and autobiographical. Be forewarned.

I just got back from a walk that had a very interesting train of thought. Let me try to relate it to you, at the risk of sounding like a crazy person.

I have invited both Ayahuasca and Iboga to do some healing work in my life, and that's bound to create (or unearth) some very intense energies. I have heard before of how the two energies conflict in a way, and lately I have begun to experience this conflict, and man, is it heart-wrenching.

I can't speak too much in metaphysical terms, only in how the two energies have affected my life recently. As some of you may know, I've created/been blessed with a torrential autoimmune condition that has come very close to crippling me numerous times. Let's just say I have some problems, but substance addiction isn't one of them.

Last summer I did some Iboga microdosing (on the big side) followed by some mushrooms. Somehow, the result of this was a complete breakdown of my worldview and path in life. I am (or was, maybe) a recording engineer/producer. Somehow, I realized a terrible truth about recorded and recording music: Recorded music, if it is not actively beckoning one to participate in live music (like those wonderful Bwiti recordings) it is, cosmically, procrastination, false emotional comfort. It fills the gap where society has broken apart. (Hmmm, I guess this isn't a terrible thing... I mean, we can't all come together right now, can we? ...Can we? Would a lack of recorded music force us to come together and make it, solving all the relational woes of humanity?)

Moreover, the process of recording and producing music, from the engineer/producer's standpoint, is that of feeding off of, or catering to another person's creative energy. It's a process of, in a sense, becoming an energetic whore, if you're a good producer. You really get into what their singing about, the style of their music, etc.... the problem being that the engineer possibly loses touch with his/her *own* voice, soul, spirit, etc. I have experienced this. It's what makes me a great producer, and it is also what makes me spiritually unhealthy/off center.

Iboga showed me this. To my disappointment and wonder, I had no choice but to accept this truth. I felt my brain profoundly change and reorient based on this new information. It was okay, though, because I'm also a musician--and therefore I should use that as my creative outlet. In fact, I already knew that I was first and foremost a musician, and secondly a producer.


Fast forward two months: The noribogaine glow wears off and the mushroom trips become stressful and constricted. What to do next? Try Iboga again? No. Hmmm, one might think to try something different, right? From an outside perspective.

Enter Ayahuasca. I make a brew, and it is good. It is direct healing. It is nothing but healing. Physically, emotionally, everything. (I look forward to doing more, I think.)

But then, I think--why wasn't Iboga this healing? I thought Iboga was the master, king of all healers. Actually, that is the question I pose to you.

But my further thinking goes like this: Perhaps Iboga (and Salvia, another powerful kappa-opioid receptor) deals with a much more broad kind of right-making in the universe. They deal with the Story of the universe, the Earth, mankind. They are the behind-the-scenes, the background, the puppeteers. They are all-encompassing, the beginning, the Origin.

Ayahuasca, on the other hand, is direct healing, but man, you gotta use that stuff CORRECTLY, otherwise, it could fall out of line with universal Truth pretty easily. It is a tool, and it needs to be used with the utmost care, love, and good intentions.

Iboga, on the other hand, you take, and BAM--you are MADE RIGHT with the universe.

What am I saying? Am I making sense? Hmmm...

Here's the important part: Ayahuasca is leading me in the opposite direction of where Iboga+mushrooms was leading me. Iboga+mushrooms was leading me toward being a creative musician and leaving the recording business behind. Ayahuasca is leading me back towards recording engineering, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.

On the cosmic scale: I think Ayahuasca is a part of Iboga. Ayahuasca is a tool of great healing within the story. Ayahuasca is a more concentrated energy whereas Iboga is a "take a step back and view the whooole picture" thing. Or, I could be making gross generalizations that, when you think about it, apply to both sacred medicines.

Again, my question: How could both medicines be so *completely* healing, and yet are somehow contrary in nature? Help me reconcile Father Iboga and Mother Ayahuasca so that they can make love in my mind!

Man, I do sound crazy.

Compost Pile / Re: Medical Cannabis and Iboga Root Bark
« on: January 01, 2015, 01:04:13 AM »
Speak for yourself!

With edibles, it's wise to do less than you think you need. This is even more the case when doing it whilst on Iboga.

Compost Pile / Re: Christian Ceremony in Gabon + Bwiti Sitter
« on: December 19, 2014, 02:31:35 AM »
Hi Nogamenolife! Welcome to the forum.

I admire and understand your dedication to doing this in its country of origin. I have some questions for you.

How do you envision the energy of your religion flowing in the room, aside from the iconography and prayer?

What makes you think you'll *have* control over the energy in the room once the Iboga kicks in?

Do you think the Bwiti are controlling the energy in the room when they do it? (I personally think they are not; they're just letting the 'spirit of iboga' filter through them (and therefore their culture).)

What is culture and what is religion? Do you think that cultural differences mean that they are, at the core, spiritually different as well?

And finally,

Why do you want to do Iboga?

Great post. I'm interested to see what happens.

Flooding / How to Talk to your Doctor about Iboga
« on: November 12, 2014, 02:47:18 AM »
This is more of a question thread-- How do you do it?

I recently went to the ER for SVT--supraventricular tachycardia, which is basically really fast and hard heart beating, for me around 165bpm, shooting up to 190bpm when they started prodding me against my will (it ended up being okay--they stopped). The episodes are uncomfortable and scary, but non-life threatening, says the cardiologist. I've had two episodes since 2 months ago--the first I went to the ER because I didn't know what the f was going on, and they gave me some ativan. The second, I decided to wait it out, meditate, lie down and relax, and it resolved on its own.

I want to do a flood soon. I have some doubts about my heart, though. For one, I am at risk for having the abovementioned condition. For two, I've been experiencing weird chest pains lately. For three, I've had connective tissue inflammation for a good 6 years, and some of that connective tissue is around the heart. I'm getting some tests done soon to see if there is any damage, and to what extent. This damage wouldn't be of the heart itself and of the blood vessels (this does not equal cardiovascular disease in the conventional sense), but rather of the sac of connective tissue which contains the heart, and keeps it steady within the body. That's my understanding of it, at least.

For those of you who have asked their doctor about Iboga and getting medical clearance to do so, how did you do this? How did you bring it up? Presumably you had to educate them on it? How does this work?


General Discussion / Natural vs Synthetic: A Philosophical Dilemma
« on: October 09, 2014, 06:41:20 AM »
Some background... I have been taking mushrooms regularly to heal myself of rheumatoid arthritis. It is working, slowly but surely. However, the synthetic relative of psilocybin--4-aco-dmt--also has a directly healing effect on the disease, perhaps more powerfully so. But there is still this nagging feeling that what I am doing when I take that synthetic molecule isn't completely natural... so it's not right. Help me out here:
Although 4-aco seems to be directly healing... i *do* notice a difference that I'm not comfortable with... which is that it seems like on 4-aco, the effects of the drug are separate from my will/intention. In other words, I feel like mushrooms assist *me* in creating a higher state within myself, and on 4-aco, I feel like that higher state is fed to me on a silver spoon.

I also feel like I "suck" on 4-aco, in the most literal way. Like I am "sucking" experience itself around me... sucking psychological nourishment, consciousness from my surrounding environment. It feels good, and is directly healing, but there is some law of the universe I feel that I am breaking... and that is the law of mutual permission/consent. Like I am disrespectfully (and perhaps prematurely) taking healing when it isn't time, yet. I place a very high value on timing, and the natural order of things, the natural course of events. I desire utmost harmony with the universe and its progression.

Salvia (and to some extent, Iboga) has informed my deeply animistic tendencies, that there are living, speaking consciousnesses embedded in even the most inanimate objects. And to take 4-aco would be breaking a mutual trust between me and every bit consciousness in my surrounding field.

Call me superstitious, but... there's more. I believe that the source of any substance has a direct impact on the effects of the substance itself. This is very similar to beliefs of Ayahuasca curanderos--the maker of the brew has a direct impact on the healing effects of the brew. The story of the brew--from what plants it was made from to whose hands it has been possessed by... all have an impact on the energy the brew carries.

The most recent batches of mushies I had were given to me via this completely gentle, mutual exchange--no asking or buying was involved. And they turned out to be the most healing batch yet.

Now, think of the hands and the circumstances 4-aco has been through. Rather than the playful, nourishing environment of natural and living growth, it has been forcefully made in cold, sterile, industrial environments, both physically as well as mentally. And in China. The themes surrounding chemical synthesis are not surrender, trust and connection to the All, but rather command, isolation, and cold, materialistic logic. Maybe this is ok. Maybe there is a place for this energy, too. Maybe I need some of this energy in entheogen form to counteract all the cold, dominating, materialistic energy I took in by taking synthetic immunosuppressants and antibiotics for years. But I'm not sure.

I know it seems like I'm thinking way too much about this. Maybe I am. But I still desire an answer.

The Muse / African Dance (Guinea) and Other Music
« on: October 03, 2014, 08:50:26 AM »
I remember so much about my inner ecstasy when I watch/listen to these.



I think I'm going to make this a continuously updated post, as I'm always finding cool stuff like this I want people like you to see.

Music: <----- WOW. The rhythmic power behind that...

Music: <--- Same ppl as above, but recorded really well.

Music: <--earlier, bombastic album of the above people.

Music: <--Genius drumming

Suggestions & Comments / Some organization ideas
« on: July 16, 2014, 08:52:01 AM »
I've noticed that in "General Discussion" people are still talking about Iboga. It appears to me that General Discussion is for anything and everything that doesn't necessarily involve Iboga. The subtitle is "Everything Else," but I think maybe it should be "Everything else not directly related to Iboga."

I say this because we have "Eboka Talk," which has the subtitle, "Ideas, opinions and any other iboga talk that doesn't seem to fit elsewhere." THIS is where general talk relating to Iboga should happen. Otherwise, there isn't really a difference between the forums.


Also, I've noticed that people keep asking about information on microdosing, and it's sort of spread out all over the place. I propose that there some way to organize all the microdosing information and discussion into one place. Because let's face it, microdosing is a very different animal from flooding. At first I thought there should be a "Big and Dandy Thread" like there are on Bluelight, but then I realized all that varied microdosing discussion might be a bit much for one linear thread.

So maybe it would be a sub-category under "Eboka General" on the front page? Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

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