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Introductions / Re: RhythmSpring Here. Hi!
« on: January 23, 2011, 11:29:34 AM »
Whoa! That IS good news.

The bark... is this what you're talking about?

Introductions / RhythmSpring Here. Hi!
« on: January 23, 2011, 03:09:19 AM »
Hi Friendly Iboga-people!

My name's Dan, and I'm interested in Iboga for spiritual self-improvement purposes. I don't have any chemical dependency issues, but I certainly do have a rather large burden of addictions to the internet, food (emotional eating) and negative thought patterns. This last one is the main thing that's driven me to seek out Iboga. Sometimes I have incredibly intense periods of being extremely hard on myself.

An important fact about myself is that I have near-crippling rheumatoid arthritis and/or lyme disease. I am in a sea of fatigue that I've just gotten used to, I have a racing mind, and worst of all, severe pain and inflammation in all my major joints, including my jaw. The inflammation has not reached my fingers (or my toes), fortunately--I am a passionate hand drummer and pianist and composer.

Another important fact about me: I strongly believe my mental/emotional hindrances and woes are connected to my physical condition. Having tried many many things to abate my arthritis, I now look to Iboga as a possible cure. I'm not counting on it, don't get me wrong. But I know that it couldn't hurt.

With me I carry perfectionism, hopelessness, complete and utter frustration with authority, and bitterness. I've experienced harrowing moments of ultimate paranoia and desolation, and I wish to get the bottom of that. Especially now. I'm 21, at a clear crossroads in my life. The time is ripe (perhaps overdue) for a genuine coming-of-age experience.

I've experimented sparingly with some other psychedelics: Ayahuasca (once), DMT (~10 sub-breakthrough), Mushrooms (twice), Salvia (~25 times sub-breakthrough), Mescaline (3), Peyote (1.5 times), LSD (twice), LSA (once), MDMA (~7 times). These things have given much insight into myself, but with them I haven't dug as deeply as I intend to with Iboga.

I'm frustrated because I want to do this ASAP. There is an increasing sense of urgency in my life. But I am broke, and it looks like only a gram of Ibogaine costs 200 dollars. Inflated prices or what?

Love and Surrender,

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