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Title: Hello
Post by: expl0rer on August 08, 2017, 07:04:55 PM
Hello, it's my first post here and some of you may know me from other forums.

As for my experience with Iboga, I've done several small-dose roobark journeys at home and a TA flood under the care of a treatment provider. The flood was a very powerful and positive experience. After that I didn't feel the call to come back to this plant anytime soon. That was some 8 years ago.

Earlier this year, after an 8 year break, Iboga called me again so I procured some material and took a small dose of rootbark as a kind of a test, to reconnect to the spirit, refresh my memory of what it's like and gauge the potency.

I joined the forum to learn more about this plant and prepare myself better for the future journeys.