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General Discussion / How has Iboga affected your life?
« on: August 03, 2013, 11:38:06 AM »
Plain and simple.

For me Ibogaine has eliminated a sense of dread that has characterized most of my life. Whether it was certain social occasions or work, there were parts of life that I disliked and would kind of go into a zombie mode. Having taken Ibogaine 3 months ago, I now feel a lot more engaged in every aspect of life. I feel more present and I act with greater intention as opposed to just drifting through. It's also helped me to make at least one major decision that I probably wouldn't have had the courage to before.

What about you?

General Discussion / Re: Any Salvia Chewers Out There?
« on: July 30, 2013, 04:32:59 AM »
A week later, the afterglow from it was disintegrating into a nervous energy, and I mistakenly tried to remedy that with another cup of Salvia. I think what I really needed was to process my newfound perspective more, because this experience, in combination with some other negative occurrences that night, brought down all the beautiful spiritual forms I had built around myself as a result of that last Mushroom trip. I had entered a kind of state of depersonalization.

That is so Salvia.
In my experience, Salvia will always rip you apart from any ideas you have about yourself. It shows you your true non-egoic self and so any kind of self-image you have will peel away. And that's why Salvia can be so terrifying... because we're always identified with ideas we ave about ourselves.

General Discussion / Re: Salvia divinorum
« on: July 29, 2013, 11:59:31 PM »
Hey RS

I agree that Salvia is a very very powerful tool. The main difference I see with it and things like Iboga or Kambo or Aya is that it doesn't seem to be a "healing medicine". I'll have to look this up later but I don't think the Mazatec shamans actually use it on their patients but rather on themselves. So it seems to be more of an insight thing rather than a tool for direct healing.

More thoughts later!

General Discussion / Re: Salvia divinorum
« on: July 28, 2013, 08:17:38 PM »
Ah, I didn't realize there were Salvia threads in this forum. I was using the search function and it wasn't showing me anything. Googling "salvia site:" does give me a bunch of results thouhg :P Think I'll read up on those...

General Discussion / Salvia divinorum
« on: July 28, 2013, 09:23:10 AM »
(I'm assuming it's okay to talk about this here... if not, please delete)

Does anybody here have experience wit the Diviner's Sage? It's interesting that Ibogaine and Salvia are the only naturally occuring kappa opioid agonists, though from my own experiences I can't identify any similarities in effects.

Eboka Journals / "Trip report"
« on: July 28, 2013, 12:51:45 AM »
Hello, this is my first post here. I'm planning for my second Iboga flood (possibly in conjunction with kambo and ayahuasca) in a couple months. Just thought I'd post my first HCL "trip report" here, which I had posted on a different forums. For some context, I live in Tokyo and took the HCL at my parents' cabin some hours away. Cheers :)

After a 6 hour bus + train ride from Tokyo I arrive at the mountains of Nagano where the cabin is. Stumbling through the dark forest I arrive at the cabin at around 9 pm. Originally I was going to take the Ibogaine in the morning after sleep but I'd got enough sleep during the bus ride so I said let's roll.

I took 200 mg in a capsule at 11:15 and another 200 mg 30 minutes later. I laid in a bed in a pitch black room (later it became really obvious why they tell you to do this). At first I thought I saw the blanket waver, but later I wasn’t so sure. 40 minutes later I took the remaining 600 mg. It’s hard to recall what happened after I started noticing the effects. I think everything started clenching inward.

There was also the high-pitch buzzing sound that kept coming and going throughout the whole trip. At first it seemed like my hearing range was being stretched as the buzz (I think, not sure) kept getting higher. My heart was pumping very fast and I had an image that the Ibogaine was being pumped to every corner of my body to every cell. I also started to feel the urge to puke, though I held it in until hours later.

My thoughts became a series of chaotic visions, as if unconscious mind content was emerging everywhere. I don't really remember these visions. I read a trip report where the tripper was told by his visionary "guide" that the majority of the visions in this dream-like state are for the unconscious mind and so don't leave much of a mark on conscious memory. If that's the case then perhaps the benefits of these visions can be observed in my unconscious reactions to things.

Many of the trip reports I read said that they had a “guide” for their entire trip. I think at one point I asked “Do I have a guide?” out loud. I didn’t get a response but felt there was a slight presence of some sort. So I named the guide Iru. It was only after this that I noticed "iru" means "is here". My unconscious mind seemed to be sharper than my conscious mind… I thought that maybe this lack of a guide was due to my lack of imaginary capacity for “imaginary friends”. It made sense because even when I thought of myself as a Christian, concepts like God or Jesus never took on a real person or entity as they seem to for others. These were just high symbols with whom I had no connection. Then again the reason for the lack of a guide could have been that I didn't take strong enough amount.

After a while when the buzz would return, something would happen at the height of the buzz. A portal would open up in the center of my vision. In the portal were different layers of patterns that would appear in succession. The final pattern layer the portal would arrive at looked like a sandpaper texture (I thought at first that I was seeing the ceiling of the dark room in super high definition). Then it would flip back through all the other patters and disappear. This clear portal vision continued repeating for hours. I got the sense that this portal was what was supposed to take me to a deeper state of Ibogaine and that I didn’t quite take enough to reach that level.

So during the whole dream state my bodily energy had been completely drained and moving about even slightly would induce nausea. When I opened my eyes to the morning daylight I realized I couldn't look at the light for long before feeling sick. Slowly I began to return to normal. By +15:00 I had regained enough energy to stand up, but it was as if I had to relearn walking from scratch. I was wobbling all over and I was getting edgy trail vision. Pretty soon I was able to eat some soup slowly. Everything had a sense of newness and I was feeling quite awesome just laying down and listening to folk music.

By +24:00 I was able to fall to sleep. During the trip I had to keep shifting my body position to mitigate aching but during this sleep I didn't move at all. At one point I was dreaming of a girl with red hair and arms of fiery branches dancing amongst a grey mist of tall boughs. Soon I saw myself falling towards the ground at high speed. Just as I hit the ground I opened my eyes wide and felt a massive rush through my body. I woke up in the morning feeling like I had a new body. I definitely feel more connected to my body now and I'm ready to fill my life with healthier habits.

Tl;dr: The trip was not exactly pleasant and it wasn't as intense as I thought it would be with this dosage. But the aftereffect is that you feel completely refreshed. This is an amazing substance and I would recommend it to anybody who is up for the challenge for personal development or for addressing addictions and habits. Unfortunately it's fucking expensive.

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