Author Topic: Has anyone actually successfully maintained a casual habit after getting clean?  (Read 11840 times)

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Hi BT!!!

Sending you so much love today :)

The only "casual habit"  I have been able to maintain, that I always thought would be impossible is with alcohol...  I used to be a drunk.. thought I was an alcoholic but I guess there is a difference?  I did get a DUI prior to my Iboga flood and the booze box on my car really helped curb the alcohol intake.. but moderation has still been easy for me despite many years of binge drinking several times a week before the DUI..  I have seen alcoholics relapse (after Iboga) and it isn't pretty..

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You can maintain a casual habit before you get addicted, after that its over.  You have to learn to be ok with life without opiates.  For me I had to really learn how to fear opiates, at this point I'm scared to even take them for even a medical procedure.  Also it takes a very long time after getting clean for your body/brain to even get back to normal, though it will never be normal like a person who has never had an addiction. 

A lot of people think that because they've been clean for 3 months, 6 months even a year that its like starting over with a clean slate........but it doesn't work that way.  You will have a low tolerance initially, but that's it.  Once you've been addicted, especially long term & multiple times you will start getting withdrawals very quickly after only a few days of use, while they may not be the worst withdrawals they will be uncomfortable enough(coupled with the intense cravings you will get)to make you want to keep using & send you right back into addiction.  Once you're pickled you can never be a cucumber!

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The most casual opiate habit I had was taking Vicodins for a week, recreationally.

Opiates aren't my vice.

But for opiate addicts detoxing on iboga....well ask JackTripper, he somehow got it to his head to do that casual thing again and that was his last relapse.

So be careful.  Ask a junkie that's been through it many times before....they will likely say, it's not a good idea to get loaded anymore.

And if you had the privilege to come across iboga in your life, I'd say it wouldn't be wise to go down the opiate path again.  Life isn't always so ideal though, because some people might need to use again for completely different reasons (surgery, accidental injury)


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