Author Topic: Bwiti harp music clip for anyone interested  (Read 2484 times)

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Bwiti harp music clip for anyone interested
« on: March 08, 2012, 04:23:37 PM »
Hi y'all,

Random but I have this clip of Bwiti harp music, it is only 30 seconds long, but if you play it on an endless infinite repeating loop you really can't tell... From experience I have an intuitive feeling that the Bwiti harp music is a really quite important component of the iboga defrag experience, during my initiation I was listening to Bwiti harp music and my experience was much deeper, more guided and more grounded than my subsequent two flood experiences (without Bwiti harp music), which were physically and mentally much harder work. I mean it kinda makes sense as this music has evolved with iboga, and this is interesting as my first time was also with the largest dose of iboga I have experienced thus far (in the form of TA). I have another flood session planned at the end of this month and this music will be forming an integral part of the experience this time.

If anyone wants this clip, please find it attached.

Some more information on music and iboga ceremonies:
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Re: Bwiti harp music clip for anyone interested
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2012, 08:13:02 PM »
On that note, this harp from the highest celestial shambala region is known as the NGOMBI.  I have an "in" for getting some if anyone is interested.  It requires an American returning from Gabon but it shouldn't be too long. 

From what I have been told it is an intuitive instrument that does not require knowing chords or notes and one can simply observe in the Bwiti discoveries the youtube videos.  The cost ranges from $100-$300 depending on the size of the Ngombi.  I will report back when I recieve mine and maybe that way others will feel more reassured.

Same goes for the mouth bow aka Mougongo price on that is $100.

For those Bwiti's out there and/or Ayahuasquero's that want to make the optimal and ultimate icaros (IMO).