Author Topic: Urgent TA reccomendation needed  (Read 2232 times)

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Urgent TA reccomendation needed
« on: March 23, 2012, 08:37:33 PM »
I recently procured 100g's of iboga rootbark but instead of running it all in one extraction I first did a 20g. extraction to which an unknown amount was obtained due trying to take waht looked like about 2 dry grams of TA. I then added 15ml X 2 to further purify the dirty looking TA into some nice tan PTA HCl.
Unfortunetly I did what I used to always see SWIM doing when he was dumb enough to cook meth.....he added 2 much hcl and wound up with a pricipitate that would'nt remain solid in the filter after refrigerating it for a night.

So next I decided that obtaining the TA extract should be the way to go for myself anyways. I've read so much deeper experience reports from those who've been dosed with or dosed themselves with the str8 TA precipitate.
Since I've obtained around 10 g so far fully dryed , ready for powdering and then encapsulating, given the week now I've been off of my 39mg methadone dosage and been using extremely small amounts of diacetylmorphine via chasing the dragon method.

What I would like to know is how much should I take?  4 years smoking chiva before them methadone clinics sunk their teeth into me for the 4 years after that. So 8 year opiate dependantcy.  I was thinking maybe 4-6 grams staggered?
Thats just what I read on one of GreatfulDads' posts.
I want a full flood for my first time experiencing iboga. So please someone who knows can you tell me how much I should roughly be taking as I weigh 210lbs or 95kgs.  So I would multiply 95 by 25-30mgs/kg ?
that would come to 2850mg.
Which would be roughly 3 grams. But I'm not sure if that ratio applies to the TA extract. I was thinking PTA is roughly 70-80% ibogaine. The TA extract is roughly 30%. They are giving those 15-30mg/kg ratios for 98% pure ibogaine arent they?
So I should stagger 6 grams of the TA extract to bypass the main withdrawal syptoms (not to have them return in 12 hours)
This rather urgent as its time critical.

Also besides addiction relief as my intentions behind using this sacramental extract, what are some positive intentions to focus upon during the trip. I read having several explicit intentions to guide yourself through the 30 hours of visions (if you get to experience the visions).??

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Re: Urgent TA reccomendation needed
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2012, 01:18:15 AM »
If you have the freebase TA, it will degrade faster than a HCl salt and is probably only around 50% pure alkaloids, so you may need more.  You could separate the water layer that the HCl is dissolved in and evaporate it to dryness to recover a solid.

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