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What to do between stopping suboxone and flood dose??

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I have read numerous times that those of us on suboxone need to discontinue use several weeks prior to taking the flood dose.  My plan was to transistion to kratom for 3 weeks.  At that time I would estimate my sub dose to be .5mg, however I am quite certain that if I were to just ween off altogether then I would not be getting out of bed to go to work.  I need to do something for those 3 weeks and luckily I have several months to discuss and prepare for it.  Can someone let me know what the best thing to do would be?  I am not opposed to using narcotic pain meds as I am confident that I will follow through as planned, but I'm not sure how I would even get those meds.

A low dose of a short acting opiate would be ideal - something like hydrocodone, if you could find some and keep the dose reasonable, for me - I would have to have someone else dole them out or I would do all of them in one go.

Another option is poppy pods - they contain morphine and codeine (neither of which stand a chance against Iboga) and are pretty cheap and easy to procure.

Thanks for the reply.  Based on a couple ppl reccommending, I will probably go the pods route for about 10 days.  It would be nice to know what to expect with that.

I would do the pods for closer to 3-4 weeks, since you want to really train your endorphin system to get used to the cycle of the short acting opiate, while allowing all the metabolites of the suboxone to work their way out of the receptors. 

When switching to pods you should start off with a determined dose and wait for an hour to see how it's working, then up the dose in increments, waiting an hour between each upgrade, until you find the working dose that makes you feel okay, but not high.  Then you can lower it by a few grams every 3-5 days, until you aren't comfortable, then stick to the dose that just gets you by.  For someone with no tolerance, 5-10 grams of powdered pod material (from my source) is where they begin to get the analgesic/euphoric effects.  This obviously jumps up a fair bit when someone has a tolerance.

You can slowly reduce your pod dose while planning for your iboga flood, and if you aren't using the pods to get high, you can really make it easier on yourself to step down very low.  I find that a minimal dose of pods is effective for 12 hours, so dosing twice a day on your minimal dose should keep you fine all day and night.  I have even done a dose that made me feel good for 24 hours, but then I do wake up feeling the beginning of withdrawal, while splitting that dose in half and doing them 12 hours apart keeps me more even, and less of the up and down feeling occurs.

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