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Giovanni Lattanzi on Ibo Radio
« on: March 25, 2012, 10:45:42 PM »
The leading Kambo practitioner (in the west) Giovanni Lattanzi gets interviewed.  He is also the one that inspired me with so many ideas like the 3x3 initiation, combining with Iboga, Sananga, using Kambo to treat addictions ext. ext.  A true prophet!!!

So specifically @ the 26th minute mark to the 28th minute mark is very crucial information.  He talks about single Kambo uses can immediately remove withdrawal symptoms.  I have also seen this happen with folks.  My modality is a bit different but to what I have learned and adapted is almost all from Giovanni Lattanzi.  So you can imagine that as the powerful detox, Kambo can completely replace the need to drink the strong Bwiti drink that causes purges, as well as it brings good luck and is more than anything (IMO) the divine ointment.  Traditionally to the best of my knowledge the Bwiti emetic drink is done the day before the Iboga initiation, because of my reverence for Kambo I replaced the drink for Kambo. 

Here is what I am referring to with the Bwiti emetic drink...

IMO the pre cleansing element is an ESSENTIAL part of the experience.  One must thoroughly purge toxins out the day or days before taking in the most divine of sacraments.  If you listen very closely to the interview and maybe over and over you will discover many of the attributes that I have mutually found to be true independently of Gio as well.  Hopefully in a year or so I can submit case studies of how the pre Kambo cleansing works for flood doses of Iboga, but never to be done on the same day. 

Thanks also the Roger for his epic thread...
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