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Re: Iboga TA from Ibogaworld Dosing Question
« Reply #30 on: April 24, 2012, 03:44:11 PM »
Let's all try and discuss things with each other in a civil manner, without calling names.  People will get one warning, and if they continue to blast each other, call names, insult, and flame, they will get the temporary ban.  We definitely can discuss everything we feel without it resulting in personal attacks.  If we disagree, there are tactful ways to express it without attacking the person with a differing view.  A good way to do this is to take a statement that we disagree with, state our opinion, then back it up with facts and references to support our view.  If we can't do that, then we should really just keep our mouths shut.  The only reason people use insults is because they can't effectively express their views in a positive manner. 

Crazylife, the fact that we don't hear of iboga overdoses makes me wonder why you would think a larger dose is so much more dangerous?

IbogaWorld has been doing this a long time, and the doses they recommend tend to work.  I believe this is because the way iboga is used, one is usually trying to "break open" their heads, so they can have a transforming experience.  This is how one starts new, with a clean slate. 

You can take a cup of dirty water, and slowly tip it and add more clean water, over and over, but if you want clean water, the best way to get it is to pour out all the dirty water, clean the cup, and refill it with your new clean water..  This is what an iboga flood does.  It pulls all our garbage to the surface, allows us to get rid of it, then helps repair damaged areas, and with new habits (clean water), we can begin a new life.

The way the Bwiti use it is to give a full flood as an initiation, then they only use small amounts as needed to help remind them what they learned, whenever they need it.  Several people have expressed that the very first flood dose is the only time you get very intense visions of great importance to you.  After it, you may get visions, but often they are not near what they were in the first experience.  So, IMO, I would think it wise to do the largest dose first, so you can have a full flood and experience the true benefits, the most intense visions, and the greatest push onto the healing path.  After that, microdosing, or using small doses as needed to help you remember is the way I think it should be used..

As for dick-waving, I don't see a point..  People could assume I am dick waving because of the doses I use, but why would I like to have to take more to receive the benefits?  The wood is expensive and precious, and I would love it if it only took me what it takes some other people.  I know that probably some of the folks on this forum are very tough, and plenty macho, but even they often can't take the doses I need..  That doesn't make me think I am a hard ass..  I know some on this forum that get extremely powerful effects from 1/4 of what it takes me to even feel it.. 

The thing is, with iboga, it's not always size, experience, or sex that determines how much we can handle.  It's a result of diverse genetics, biochemistry, and more that determines what our own personal needs are with iboga.  IbogaWorld has years of experience in determining what it takes to give an effective dose of iboga, and since there are no known overdose deaths from iboga, they would rather see someone have success with their first experience rather than fall short and be disappointed or discouraged. 

There are plenty of stories where providers wouldn't give the people enough iboga (sometimes due to them being shady and not wanting to spend their profits on more iboga), and the patient leaves treatment upset, without the best chance at recovery, and a big chunk of their money wasted on what could have been a full experience had they spent a small percentage more and got the proper dose they needed.

This will not make a business that is recommending doses more money if they don't get the job done the first time..  Killing their customers will not help them either..  So I think they recommend the doses they see fit, and do so from experience.  They know their extract, and how it works, and who has lasting benefits.  I understand the reason for caution, and there definitely are cases where death has occurred (none of them are linked to using too much iboga), but I think that in the majority of cases, complications are minimal, and I do think the danger can definitely be overstated.
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