Author Topic: staying sober after flood for extended period of time - noribogaine interactions  (Read 2822 times)

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i wanted to share an experience i made now repeatedly, after my last two floods.
a couple of days after my last flood i went for a beer with my colleagues after work.
i remember posting about the effect here, it felt like it washed away the ibogaine/noribogaine
out of my brain.

this time around i stayed sobber for a couple of weeks, not making that mistake again, but then
i decided to take some dream herbs and while i was at it i also ordered some kanna. a couple
of days ago i took a pinch of kanna and in the evening i made a tea with kirkii.

and well, the same thing happened again - it feels like it washed away the effect of the

note - i'm not saying that kanna/kirkii is not good, i have too little experience with it, and at least
with kirkii i am planing to work..

however, i now made the expereince twice that the state the neuronal network is in after a flood
is quite fragile and unstable when it comes to flooding it with mind altering substances. my brain
felt fresh and crisp before the alcohol/kirkii/kanna and duller/dimmer/foggier afterwards.

the first time it was just couple of days, the second time a couple of weeks. i am wondering if the
freshness/crispness of the mind would stabilise if only one would leave it untouched by mind
altering substances for a long enough time.

well - i'll find out the next time.. let me know what you think - if you have experiences with this ..

i am also wondering if it will return if i stay sober for a while, but it feels like it is gone - i'll report back
if it comes back..

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This is very crucial in my experience too.  Honestly this might be one of the most important things to know.  One beer even casually drinking like a week or 2 later can really effect the post glow in my personal experience as well.  I didn't drank one beer when I was a Rasta for 10 years.  But after my first flood only 4 days after I decided out of celebration to try drinking a nice organic beer with some friends.  I had to stop 1/4th of the way into it because of it causing me to feel so bad.  Now after my last flood same thing happened except 10 days later I drank a beer and same thing happened.  Because of this I am no longer going to drink alcohol other than in the form of tinctures.

I will make the odd note however that anytime from 3-7 days after I have Ayahuasca when I have 1 beer it brings the experience and visual fractal designs back.  So somehow it post synergizes with Aya. 

Very important thread IMO.  I will say that on a side tip, I have had great success with post flood microdosing.  Waiting 1 week afterwords then when I microdose again it takes much less and brings the learning up again.  I also then start up on my tincure and herb program again.

It was really interesting to me how my Yerba Mate'/Cacao/Guayusa tolerance got completely reset through my last flood.  That was a shocker.

Iboga, to me, is such a miracle the imprint of God on earth...proof positive.

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I know of providers who specifically use psilocybin mushroom teas as an adjunct post therapy. I have tried all kinds of things after iboga, some clumsy shit too - and alcohol is well known to arrest some of the properties of nor-ibogaine, so I do not think that is in question. Give it a few weeks before drinking - if you're inclined to imbibe alcohol.

Seems to me the tryptamines are the best fit for anything immediately following a flood. They do not take anything away and very often add to the afterglow. Perhaps with the exception of nn, DMT - and even this is fine, just need a few days rest before using it or else it is kind of weird and uncomfortable. But a few days after a flood DMT is very nice. All the DMT tryptamines will enhance the afterglow IME. Especially psilocybin/psilocyn.  ;)
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