Author Topic: Healings and Initiations in Nogales or Rocky Point  (Read 2393 times)

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Healings and Initiations in Nogales or Rocky Point
« on: August 01, 2012, 01:15:14 PM »

My sojourn at the homeless shelter & spa will be coming to an end soon.  It has been a very valuable experience, seeing things from this perspective.

There are many types of homeless:  the damaged, the sick, the angry, the addicted, the greedy, the gentle, the sociopaths, the criminals, the hippies, the compassionate beautiful souls.  Despite the prejudicial views of the 'well adjusted', no two are the same.  No two are outcasts, untouchables for the same reasons.

If i had to choose between the politicians, the military, the bankers, the executives and the homeless, the choice would be easy.  Guess i should say the choice was easy, once i was able to shed the programming and conditioning of conventionality.

Like all people everywhere, my new friends seek a better, more fulfilling life.  Undoubtedly, there are some who would benefit immensely from eboka.  The notion of helping a few who are ready crossed my mind this morning.

Tucson is close to Nogales and Rocky Point in Mexico.  Using eboka where it is not under the stigma of illegality is preferable, and i am considering facilitating a few sessions there.  My personal funds will be severely limited for the forseeable future, but if the Goddess and the Spirit of Eboka will it to happen, it shall.


--  Are there Eboka-people currently in the Tucson/Nogales/Rocky Point area?

--  Is there a source for the medicine in the area?

--  Are there charitable sources anywhere that might be willing to provide assistance to those 'unencumbered' by money?

Your assistance and suggestions will be welcomed.