Author Topic: A must read about PAWS  (Read 1867 times)

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A must read about PAWS
« on: August 12, 2012, 07:52:40 AM »
Hey folks, I have had a HUGE breakthrough with PAWS.  I expect some feedback here, both positive and negative (no offense naysayers). 

The last 2 nights I have had 7-8 hrs of uninterrupted sleep without the use of any sleep aid.  Before that, I would be lucky to get 4 and it would be a sweaty mess all while rolling around a lot.  This was peaceful sleep.  Also, yesterday was my first day clean from any kind of opiate, benzo or stimulant (used kratom in small doses for a week about 2 weeks back and it was stimulating and masked PAWS quite a bit).

To add to what you'll read in the link below, my acupuncturist gave me a mineral/herbal mix that also helps, however it was designed specifically for me and not only for my PAWS.  This formula relaxes me since I am naturally high-strung.

Here is the link:;topicseen#msg396