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Source for Sustainable Iboga Pods/Seeds/Root Bark

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Iboga Panacea:
I posted this on the nexus and thought it would be proper to post here...

I'm very happy to say that after searching for months now I've finally come into contact with someone that has proven with numerous pictures that he is a viable source of farmed Iboga coming out of SW Cameroon. I trust this person and have been in contact with him for about a month now asking him very particular questions and getting very transparent and satisfactory answers. Although I have come in contact with several others saying they farm their own Iboga they could not provide the adequate proof, but this guy came through. He will be willing to share his pictures with anyone that needs them.

Here he is (his name is Ndialos)...

***Also people that have asked me for seeds, I can't follow through anymore it become a serious stressful burden to fulfill this task. I was overly optimistic. If needed on request if this fellow does not satisfy your needs I can provide additional contacts, but I can not guarantee that they farm their Iboga.

Have you tried his bark?  If so, how is it, and what kind of prices does he have?  Say for 50 g, 100 g, 500 g, and 1000 g?  I may e interested in purchasing some more bark soon, so if you recommend him, I'd possibly give him a try.  I'd like more bark and some pure HCl, too, if extracts are available, although I doubt it..

Iboga Panacea:
I can't publicize the RB price he gave me as I do a lot of haggling w/Cameroonians to get the price @ a standard and affordable level.  I get a certain price from a main guy and say I will pay no more to the rest.  Then they always cave in as they are paying very little or farming what they have.  When you say no they say yes.

He showed me a heap of clearly original pictures of everything pods, plants, root bark, seeds and farm.  The whole of it.  Absolutely no way IMHO that he could scam all those beautiful photos.  He is also sincere and professional something that is often lacking I find.  He's got it all is really what it comes down to, but the very important thing is his (Ndialos) work and product is sustainable.  So we don't have to feel guilty (excuse me rho and Tata Yo) for purchasing his RB.

I hope people support him, enough of the poaching of Gabon.

I just wanted to give you credit for the work you put in here kambogahuasca, if/when i order i will try this guy first.
And i hope anyone who orders from him will post here about quality and other details.

Hi everyone!
I'm new to these boards, and would like to say that this is one of the best out there. The amount of knowledge is incredible and the sourcing is a GREAT help! I don't want to go on-and-on as it isn't my intention to hijack this thread.
So, I'll get down to the subject at hand; I ordered from the email listed, all went well with the initial exchanges of info and pictures. The guy does have quite a few convincing pictures, and I even had him write my name and addy on a peice of paper so he could take some pictures with my info to put me more at rest.
After doing the dance with him I decided to Western Union him the loot (yesterday). After sending him the details for him to collect his money(today) I haven't heard from the guy. I'm hoping that there is a good reason for his absence, and lack of response to 3 of my emails; hopefully he's just busy and will get back to me sometime today.
I guess I'll keep everyone posted as to what transpires with this guy.


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