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One week microdose report
« on: September 15, 2012, 12:12:24 AM »

   Every morning I wake up in mild withdrawal that includes watering eyes, sneezing,yawning,and the dreaded restless limbs. After a few hours this progresses into goosebumps and excessive sweating until I get to the methadone clinic and get my dose. Then after my dose about an hour later, these symptoms fade.
 The morning of the first microdose was a Sunday, Which means I get a take home dose of methadone. I decided Sunday would be a good day to start since I didn't have to go to the clinic and take the dose at a certain time in front of the nurse. I decided two 300 Mg caps was a good place to start. Within an hour of ingesting 600 mgs, I was pretty dizzy,slight headache,and wobbly legs. I was in fact so dizzy, I had to go lay down. Here's the weird part..... the normal morning withdrawal wasn't there.... Placebo effect???? After a few hours ( as I said,I was dizzy and went to lay down) I got back up and the w/d symptoms were coming back. I dunno, it seems too good to be true. Even if only for a couple hours,to be pretty much w/d free seems incredible!! Since that morning, I have decided to go with one 300 mg cap per day. I figured if 2 made me dizzy and unsteady,I'd better stick to one for now so I can work ect... The effects from 300 mgs are VERY subtle. Nothing out of the ordinary really. The only thing worth mentioning,is the quality and quantity of memories I've been having. For instance, eating a banana the other day,brought me way back to when my son was a baby. Somehow,the taste made me remember feeding him bananas,which led to feelings I used to have as a 19 year old mom. The love for my son,the way I felt back then, it was like I was THERE. Random,I know. But it seems like these old memories are colored with emotions I had back then. Like being transported if only for a second,into my 19 year old mindset. This is just one example. These memories that are are popping up (in quiet moments) are ALL PRE DRUG USE memories. For a few moments,it's almost like I can remember what it felt like before I ever used. Another one was walking around my college campus,again the distinct feeling of my pre addicted mind.
    As far as trying another 600 mg,I will try it again on Sunday when I dont have to go to the clinic. I want to see if taking two caps does anything at all to the morning w/d symptoms,or if what I experienced was a fluke/placebo effect. I will keep this board posted. If anyone wants to chime in about microdosing experience, I would love to hear it. There isn't too much about it here,and I would like to know about others findings....... Anybody else get random emotionally colored memories???

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Re: One week microdose report
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2012, 09:16:06 PM »
Appreciate the post, microdosing journals are very rare indeed.
Zero experience myself, but if i ever try i´ll write about it. let us know how you progress.

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Re: One week microdose report
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2012, 10:42:58 PM »
What you experienced is very common.  Sara gave me a little pea sized amount of TA when I arrived, which kept me from feeling sick all day, then I flooded that night..

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