Author Topic: Degradation of iboga alkaloids  (Read 2531 times)

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Degradation of iboga alkaloids
« on: November 28, 2012, 05:47:50 PM »
I did an extraction on 30g RB myself and ended up with only 250mg which is a terrible yield, and I didn't even bother to filter the product because it was clogging up the filter and I didn't want to lose my product on the coffee filters. For some kind of filtrations, you really need to do a vacuum filtration with a Hirsch funnel. I have the apparatus for that but no vacuum source. I'm going to convert a bicycle pump into a vacuum pump soon enough, it looks pretty easy to do that.

After researching it, it seems, like gratefuldad said, iboga alkaloids are susceptible to degradation. After I added the vinegar and water and extracted the plant mass, I boiled some of the liquid off which is one of the worst things I could of possibly done because both heat and acidity accelerate degradation. Also, instead of filtering the precipitated freebase alkaloids, I let it settle to the bottom of the beaker, siphoned off the liquid at the top then evaporated the rest. Another big mistake because freebase alkaloids are even more fragile than the salts. I'm worried now that my product will be contaminated with degradation products. Some of those degradation products might be active so God knows what effects they might have.

Has anyone here done an extraction as disasterious as my one and tested the product? If so, did it have any adverse side effects?