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30 day microdosing regimen
« on: December 02, 2012, 09:40:43 PM »
So last week I did Kambo for the first time (an amazing experience that I will write about in the Kambo forum). I also took 30g of RB over the 4 days that I did the Kambo.

I took approx 2.5 grams at night after my first Kambo, approx 7.5 grams the 2nd and 3rd nights and the remainng 12.5 grams on the 4th and last night of my Kambo experience.

Prior to this I had microdosed 350mg RB each morning for a couple of weeks, taken a week off then did the same thing for a couple of weeks just prior to Kambo. So this was a considerable increase in dosage for me. I didn't have any physical effects at all (no tracers etc) - one night I had an interesting dream and another night I saw a bunch of random images. It wasn't until the last night where I took the 12.5 grams that I apparently hit pay dirt. I was unable to sleep that night (not sure if it was the RB or the Kambo or the combination of the two) so I spent the entire night just lying there with my eyes closed. Iboga revealed something very personal and profound to me that I'd prefer not to go into on a public forum but suffice to say I think it may have changed and certainly saved my life. The following 2 days were blissful.

So, now I think it would be good to continue microdosing. I'm thinking of taking about 1 gram every night just before bed. I only have 22 grams (need to find some good RB soon!). Will let you know how it goes but any suggestions welcomed.