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Re: Flooded with wisdom
« Reply #30 on: September 11, 2013, 03:31:46 PM »
Progress continues. Like Tony Robbins say's another word for happiness is progress, and I've been feeling great working on stuff.

Three top priorities
Taxes - met accountant, and gave him details of my old company accountant (who said he filed returns but there's no proof of them anywhere).
Also made an action plan of specific things to do to get my personal taxes sorted. Next step to action the action plan.

CPD - I'm plugging away at this. Slow and steady, and getting to my goal. Seems easily doable and I'll get there soon enough.

Relationship and social avoidance. I was still not going out on weekends, and not meeting people. So I had some hypnotherapy with a very good energy healer. He found out that there were still energetic links between me and this girl I was hung up over. They were pretty strong and over lifetimes, and this was concerning. He said he couldnt break it, but could reroute it. He did so anddd... Success! I went out friday night, some player boys I saw were impressed with my game and I might have some wings, and went out Saturday night to a different city to meet some friends, and consistently spoke to some pretty fecking hot girls. Stayed away from women who I thought were hot, but low quality (I hate that term), and went for beautiful women who had something going for them. But I still didnt have the balls to go for the women who were beautiful, hot, had their shit together AND made me go weak in my knees. Y'know the Gwyneth Paltrow, Zooey Deschanel, Cameron Diaz kinda girl that makes you go ahhh. These are the girls I should be going for. Had enough of the skanky one night stand bunch. No more crazy search for notches on bedpost. A couple of high quality (hate that term too) girls I can invite into my adventure, and see a couple of times a week. Whilst I keep an eye out for a longer term girl.
Need to get a social circle set up too. So have to get out of the house and meet new people.
But phew, finally finally finally - I get out of the house and get social. That was a whole couple of years of a brain freeze social circle wise.

In other news.
I continue to stay off the weed. I think habits change based on the emotional arguments we give ourselves. People make their decisions based on the information presented to them, and if you change the information, then their decisions and actions change. Once I realised that the weed was an escape from reality, and a timesink or a hole I was pissing my life away into all for temporary feel good feelings, and that it was a massive massive barrier between me and my goals - it was really really easy to stop. I wish I knew this years earlier. Was feeling really really anxious the first few days, but feeling fucking A now. Great levels of energy, and the anxiety I used to get with chronic weed smoking is almost gone. Just a tiny bit of eustress to get shit done.

I was not making my own food, and the iboga directed me to cook my own food, if I had growing my own food in future plans. But really really difficult for me to cook when I'm on my own. If I had a housemate, or a girlfriend, then it's guaranteed I cook everyday. But a tough tough ask on my own. So I now am getting organic vegan meals delivered home. 10 a week. Will continue my juicing for the other 2-3 meals a day. yeah, circa five meals a day, and here's why....

I've been doing Insanity, probably one of the most intense commercially sold cardio workouts. Been doing it everyday for the past 7 days (apart from the Sunday break) and it's been a revelation. Wanted to get down to a bodyfat of 8%. I was continuing to drop weight, but realised my weight is low enough, and if I drop more I would start losing lean muscle too.
So I thought better get some muscle hypertrophy in with some progressive weight training.
So am eating like all get out. Was eating some processed stuff like the flour on my veggie pastries, and afternoon bread. But will get off it now I'm all clean and vegan (apart from fish). So should only be putting the right kind of weight on. Or even if I stay stable, whilst the Insanity workouts strip the fat off. Just petrified of losing lean muscle mass, so cue the weight training, protein supplements to keep it on.
It's supposedly not doable, losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. As they are both completely different physiologic, hormonal and biological states. And one requires a caloric deficit and the other a caloric surplus. But fingers cross that the aerobic/cardio/fat burning zone work I'm doing melts the fat.
My bodyfat is now 13%, and I only need to lose 5% more (even if it is that last stubborn bit of 5%).
But yeah, Insanity to keep the bodyfat dripping off, weight training to keep the lean muscle mass on or increase it, clean organic vegan food so my body puts the right kind of weight on. And fingers crossed I'll have the body of my dreams in 60 days.

Really happy with my commitment, consistency and discipline. I wouldn't have previously been so confident of doing it, so this is a great change I should pat myself on the back for. It is a really really fun workout, even if I am bushed at the end of it. But the subsequent boost in mood is GREAT. Great energy all through the day too.

Also working through Tony Robbins Personal Power II 25 day CD program, and I'm on day 3. I have to work through some homework actions at the end of it, which are a pain to do, and they are doing the things I would have otherwise avoided or procrastinated with - but feel absolutely great after completing it.
The aim really is to build my follow through and taking action muscles. And if it does what it says on the tin, my follow through muscles (personal power) would be a lot lot stronger.

Also doing a no morning internet 30 DC. So no morning internet. Used the net for a couple of minutes the first day, then whatsapp for 30 seconds the next, and used it after 9 AM, and used viber (with good reasons that I had told myself) - but even if overall it was probably less than five minutes over the last week, Its cheating. The goal isnt so much no morning internet, but to build my self discipline muscles.

Also set up a domestic cleaner coming in every couple of weeks. So that's great.

Got a new trumpet teacher, and plugging away at practice (not as often as I'd like).

Todays Personal Power jobs are eliminating stuff from the house (everything I own used to fit into a suitcase, but now would probably fit into two (apart from a big fuck off 60 inch TV) suitcases, and have to get rid of a lot of stuff and redundant paperwork.
Making a laundry pile (after chucking out clothes that do not look shit hot. Everything has to scream style or class or at least loud and proud, lol) which I usually do every 2-3 weeks.
The house cleaner arrangement was the other job.
Didn't action the social circle bit today, as told myself I wanted to sort other issues out. But social circle and getting a couple of good peeps to hang with is a priority. Just have so many things Im doing in the evenings.

Also am massively cutting down my internet too, as I see it as a form of self harm. Just like the weed, it comes in the way of living my goals and the dream. Just lost in a silly dopamine chase for tiny meaningless pointless pleasures like facebook, or wikipedia. So set myself half an hour a day on all my most visited sites. Life's gotten a whole lot better with the morning internet fast, and now with evening internet limited to a half hour a day).

There's a lot that's happening - but ticking away one small bite at a time. Really really important for me to work on follow through, and completion.

None of this really matters. None of my goals might make me happy. The present moment is all that matters anywhich way, and its the reaching for more that drives more feel good dopamine into my current state.
We are parts of God born into human lives to create, and that's what I'm going to do. Choose the best possible reality for myself and go for it like the proverbial boss. If I get it good, if not, at least I tried.

Thanks for reading. It's been a beautiful beautiful journey since Papa came into my life, and I am really really grateful to his guidance.