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When I went unsane with self truth on Iboga!!
« on: March 01, 2010, 08:49:48 AM »
This is of what happens as of when you ingest a large a mount of Iboga in an attempt to kick 80 mg of methadone and 70mg of valium' I flew for 11 weeks all in'

I am conception branched.
Imagination evolved.
Life seeking life and completeness.
I am desire..

Come Sit Partake!!!
Partake Sit down . you need the Spade. It is a Tool. Remember. Please Remember. Not Tick Tock. But. Free life given. Take of the fruits My Son. Do not Whip at the wind. Howl or grudge for meat that you cannot find. The fruits of life are free. I think of other song lyrics and see. The universe. Expanding. Breathing. Partake. Arise slowly like the morning Rain .No the morning Sun. You are a child of the light. Do not question this. Sits do not think. Stand and be, feel and fill the apples of life the fruits are free. Slow down. Look. Do not Tarry. Look feel Partake. Do not try to order. Be. Serious. Yes Be.

Slow down, Peace. Sow down. Expand fill partake .Refresh .Stay cool .Body Numb mind expanding. Feel . Oh Bless you my lord. The gift oflife is given freely. Command only whatyou need . Need ??> Questions. No sit fill rise like the morning sun. Fill Rise energy. Kickeck.

Drink the water. The water is your Life. Your life is free, Sit partake try the Banana. Sit in Peace and feel. Expand fill. Sit in Peace. Sacred Peace. Father. Do. Yes you now can see. Ok

Funny little Creature dose not know how to care for oneself. Fill. Bannannanan fill.Peace. Amino acids Blast. I got the hang of this now. Got the Sun glasses offf and slowly rising for the day.Bannanaan

???????????????>????>?????????????????????>???>>?>?????ohyaioyyyauuii oyyohaeehheohuyyayayyyayhee. Peace.

Slowly fil expand sit do not Think do not Tarry your mind with rubbish.Throw out the Garbage. Serious. Yes. You just fort for your life and???

You have the gift given freely. Slow down. Slow down. No Pain. ?? Why. No questions see, Feel rise. Fill know be these are your Tools Slow down. Why so Fast. Wondering Dazzles. Not likke Naltraxone Expanding with life. Withdrawals nt there just living frwee. Dislexic. Could never Type. No matter. You are clean. Valium was your slave sit Partake slow down. Peace fills. Bananas? Yes banana Cos? No questions feel only my life force. Exist. Fill more? Ah go for it Gary You Rock the universe. Ha ha ha questions. Yes of course questions. Fill. Be. Thankyou. Your will controls. Controls? Ha ha God shuffles the Planet and? Refresh. Cor. Slow down understand. Do not grapple you are the Nature the animal. Furry. Free. Slow down Be. Thankyou Lord. Bless you my Son. Fill Partake be. Ah. Most beautiful. Exist Be. But my eyes see too much. That was why I blinded you. Your quest for meaning. My meaning .Yes. Go order and command what you will. Be free. But Governments. Ha Ha Ha Questions. The gift of life is given free. Partake fill. Thankyou. Now you see. Yes. Slow down don’t worry yourself slow down. So time dose not Exist. You exorcise well my son. You learn Fast. Slow down. Partake fill. You are a warrior weary and exhausted aghast and blind. Partake. Go now. Command. Exit go. Do. Now. Banana Yes water is life also go. Live. Live for your life slow down do not stomp fill. Slow down. Sit. Ha Ha Questions .Do as you command not as any one else commands else. ah , Conflict.Tis is you only task. You are detacjhed. Numb. Yes for Sure Alive Yes. Thankyou Lord. Now you se the gifts. Of life. Yes I ssee Slowww down. Time is not my enemy. Time ha ha ha aha ahja ha aha aha aha aha aha aha aha ASHA AHA AAASHA A. Do it in threes and you stay alive. You got it n owok. Yes thatnkyou. Fill Partake. Filll go. Now? Yes go. Exorsice your own free will. Go.

Ah Why don’t they feed the childrten Lord like the Birds. The birds amnd the Bees are free. How come Man is Not Good Question. That is why I Made you Son of Man. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Sigh Relief. Secure. For sure. Now For ever. Ahmen Boshaaa’’’’’ ooooooopooooooohoohohohhohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohgohohohohohohklkjjkkjkkjk,kkkkkkkklkkkklk Not kickeck slow down. Fill Peace do not Tarry with you r Hassle slow down peace fill. Why do I feel like this? You have been asleep for many Years and now> Alive you live for sure. You live. Partake. Partake fill Do not command. Time is not your enemy. Funny little creature. Simple. But like a jigsaw. Growing. B ut not. Why question. You now can see Son of man. Go exorcise your Right to be free. In a modern world. Be you. Go. Partake fill. But How Do I hold all This together Lord. You ask to many questions. Fill Go you live. Exist. Thankyou. Remember. Fill what you need to feel. If you want to stay sleepy, eat little and often. Drink and be. Be. Exist. You are Angry. Yes. That is good. Slow down. Try not to understand. But everything is Blasted and warped. You think. So you see. Wow. Pray why. That is why I made you in my Image. Thankyou Relief. Wow. Cosmic. Cowboys. Really do kick ass. Yes they do lolololol haaa hhha Slow down. Usha’’’ Slow down fill. Do not command unless you need. Need? Questions. Be fill. Refresh. Slow down. You are a complex creature. Sit Partake Be. Sit and Partake with yourself. Do not grapple. Just be. Be one and no one self as you can only see. Blind, But? Seeing. Refresh go. Wow you are Petulant. Slow down. You have so many fits in life that you need only to partake of what you work for Honestly and know that you are a child of the light

Sit. Partake. Refresh. Wow Sardines. Balance? Questions. You stomp. Too much. You worry. Do not tarry your mind with questions only do what you need to do to exist. Ah discipline. Understood. Exorcise Free will eat what thou will that is clean. Partake only that which is Pure. Slow down .You just fought with your own enemy. Have won. Yes for now. Why. Do not question. Fill. Refresh, Go Exorcise your own Nature. Now you know the nature of the Beast. Go.

You know. Dogs are good Tools. To have. Cos. if you are messed up. Your dog is to. Bring back balance and a self-form of style and be. Partake. Refresh Kickeck.

Go. Eat drink the water given freely for life given do not tarry or tittle get what you need for now do not be geedy take of the fruits of life. Questions Later. Expand. Fill. Still jumping about like a monkey in the Zoo. You are a Wild animal my Son. You only have to know and be free. Partake fill. Burt sleep no no non no worry why worry that is your sin. Worry is yours forever cos. that is all you got feelings Feelings. Yes. Do not command. Be. Exist be Enjoy. Enjoy what you have, I have not tasted the melon Yet go. Now look see touch feel do every thing in threes and live life given freely. You battle well. Wow Gasp I know I should get the Melon. But my mind is Cosmic Blasted formed and moulded. Partake fill grow learn See. You now have the keys to the gift of life. Go. Do not exorcise; Go in Peace and Compassion and Grace just as you pray. Fill from within be see. Feel go . Do. Do not worry. How come Ah do not try to move before you can think. Think, do not be. Just be, Eat Refresh and see. Slowly time is not your enemy.

Go. Do be. Wow the Swash, I ate are swelling my skin. This is only natural. You are the full sum. Of what you put in. Plus a few other crinkles around the edges. Ah Sunglasses. Need to see with eyes open not closed. Wow. Orange light. Beats in time with my heart. Desire and Space have been thrown out of the window. Be fill be fill go refresh go now .Eat of the melon. It is your life given freely. Anger is good constructive but remember Peace that paces all understanding. Do not labour you life. Some day soon .I am going to be able to write this properly instead of kind of like Daytime dreaming trying not to fill or rise to fast as weary. Immensely Tired. Gone Spaced Blasted cosmic aquamarine Enfolds feel and be. Go get the melon. Muncheck. Go.

Remember. Thou. Respect for this is free as is compassion love and peace life is given freely. Do not tarry or worry be. The Energy for life comes from within. Go and be. Wow the Melon. Burns my Skin. Slow down Be. Fill feel. Wow my body feels like Road trash would imagine itself to be. Horrific but still. At one. But Not Exorcise what you only know how that is the way to get out of all this crap. Ah Music. Flowers the Sun. Love of life given freely go. Melon. Fill. Go. Exorcise what your will. Chicken Feed, You know your need.

Go. Must remember to transfer files from Tosh too Leo. Cos. nearly Trashed Tosh. Knocked the keys. J and p out of the deck. So can’t use it properly as dyslexic as hell and having to have to stomp. Every thing likes a monkey in a Cage awaiting to be fed and filled. Chill Partake Refresh go. Curry tonite. Kickeck. Now What you are that is the nature of this beast that yea Fight. Go Refresh live. Woko Sela’ Bushaka’ Meditate. See. Feel .Live breath. Exist only for the moment of the glint in your eye. Amuse yourself. Love yourself, as only you know how. Be and live. Wow I am tired. But like to write. I am coming back together slowly like a shattered jigsaw. Refresh go. Wow Some night. Few. Just looked in the mirror. Like what I see, But What one hell of a freaking battle. The fire and Anger has been Extreme more than reality should of aloud. But now I have discipline. This is good. Constructive. Ha ha Ha ha I read what I have read and see so clearly. I would love most dearly Addicts of Opium and such like substances. Stop. You are already in hell. Coming back to the light is less painful. I now know. Thankyou Lord Amen. The scars on my body I have given to God as reminder of what I am an Animal. No pain. Just gain. They got that wrong at school also. They say no pain no gain not true, I know now. The darker side of my inner self gave me the courage to fight with pure life for of lightning see with. Like white horses crashing through the Heavens Stomping. Graceful, remindful of Grace. Pure emulation of being at one with nature. Wow I got a head ache .lololol

Ah one hell of a night. Shall tell of more later. Suffice to say. I have managed to turn my hair White over night. Incredible. Wow I tell you for sure you think you are secure. Well and living your life the right given. Crap. You are all so shuved up each others apples eyes with money that you don’t even give time to look at the problems created in this Society today. You do not like the truth. Well what the Hell. I been there done that worn the clothes and grabbed the bull by the horns and wrestled with my own self to try to understand the meaning of my existence. And the only thing I can really think of that would make you real secure and happy would be food alsorts of everything clean no dirty meats no unclean herb, kind or drug. You are blind. Doctors, Governments, Agencies. Tools of control. Control of the Opium addict, with Slavery to Methadone. I clucked of Smack Many times but never in my life wrestled so hard for my life as coming off Methadone. Now that took four hours and now just cruising. Had to eat about 2000 carbs of different meats and fish. Ah Grapes. Well at least I don’t waste food anymore .I sigh and laugh at the glow of my inner being. At being to still be able to type, laugh, cry and sing. Without collapsing into shock withdrawal. Took a while to get here. Cos. I had to work out how to get off the Benzos. They don’t agree with I, I, I, I know cos. that ain’t know no bodies friend. Self-examination just gives weird and strange numbness of body. Clarity of mind and hearing. Sight really mashed, but on the other hand not. Wow power the Herring has. Pure fire. I feel her rise. That's burning within. Radiating like a diamond across the back of my eyelids. Shame you couldn’t just look at the Atomic explosion within your minds eye, for 15 days + instead of all the body crap. Balance. Meditate. Water. I have a head like a peanut. Split open and the little curl of the tailroot is slowly growing out of the top of my head. Treed lolololol Wow on food.

Wow I must be Crazy cos. someone told me once to eat and I told them they where full of crap. I was full of crap. Lololol

I have to now retire to my bath chamber and ponder nothing in my bath. For I have found the Sister Sense of Hot soapy water most invigorating and restorant after eating allowing me to slumber a while. I bid you al a fair and most wonderful day and shall call in on you all again real soon. Timothy Leary got it wrong. It was not turn on tune in and drop out it is turn on tune in and change the program. Being a computer mechanic for some years now taught me this. We get freaked out so much by what other people say that we don’t even consider our own thoughts, feelings. Desires Senses. This thing Desire. People thing of it as want. This is wrong. Desire is the Centre essence of the love of life’s existence. To be able to play laugh cry and sing freely. Without, regard from others and humiliations. Peace is a process of smashing down the walls of one mindset and rebuilding another. Reprogram the Man. The inner being evolves. Roles over the countryside like green grass and all kinds of animals and root vegetables of the field. It must be a good job to be a grocer for you may always have enough and sufficient for the day. Wow!!! Darwin’s Theory on Relativity is definitely correct in the fact that Man, a creature, non-nocturnal or octurnal, relative to stasis.of correct REM pattern Dream State shall be in order. Of Body mind and soul. Man is a Monkey by design. If he had the chance he would just love to turn into a monkey and hang upside down in a Tree all day by his Tail, and Wrap himself warm in his fur and feed his desires in grace and peace and love. Making babies and regenerating the genetic construction of a social and viable community.

Wow. Rocka’ Must meditate.

Bear in mind I was very very ill for well over 4 weeks'

Blessings and light'

Nganga Nobunoni +

Copyright © 2010 Paul Brookshaw

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Re: When I went unsane with self truth on Iboga!!
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2010, 07:36:42 PM »
Damn, Nobu...a lot of that sounds like some stuff I recorded in a journal after my first flood. Did you write this after the first iboga experience you had?
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Re: When I went unsane with self truth on Iboga!!
« Reply #2 on: March 01, 2010, 08:06:43 PM »
Hiya Cal' I spent 2 months stepping from 150 mg of meth' stopped drinking' taking "H" dropped all the psych meds' I got to 80mg then partook of Iboga' I was blank for 6 days' then collapsed psychologicaly and physicaly for 3 days on my bathroom floor' my wife had to feed me tea and honey'
I lay in my bath and went through a birth experience and felt the sweet pain of the umbelical cord being cut'
By day 14 I was no here' only in body' I had to wrap my chest in towels from the sweeting and lie on the bed' the valium ripped me up for 15 days'
I turned my hair white in one nite' the storms in psychi where so extreme they threw me off my bed'
I took a valium one evening and went to bed' Iboga had me out of bed like a flash drumming on a stool for over an hour whilst I was busting for a piss' Ibo finaly let me go as of when I promised to throw the valium away'
I wrote this at day 18'
As I have said before I never came back from Bwiti'
I chewed through all of my psychological stuff and busted some bad programes'
77 days I flew for' eyes open eyes closed visuals'
I only have to touch this experience and my whole body goes ice cold and goosebumps ripp me up.:)
I blew some weed but did no take a substance again for 2 years'
I sleep different' and am never bored'
I have learnt so much it is astounding the power given unto someone of whom had no clue of anything'


Nobu +

I can still see everything as I read this' all of the experience comes to mind and I can run the video'

After Iboga you really no need anything' ever! Again! Just a little Iboga to warm the heart'
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Re: When I went unsane with self truth on Iboga!!
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2010, 03:29:04 AM »
wow...that sounds like a pretty intense positive experience.

Of which method did you ingest the iboga?  RB, acetic TA, Acid/Base TA, or HCL??  just very interested?

And of whatever method, how much did you take over a period of how long?  Don't mean to try to ask invasive questions...Strictly just curious for I am trying to guestimate the amount of TA would be good for my flood dose. 

Truth and Peace -

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Re: When I went unsane with self truth on Iboga!!
« Reply #4 on: April 02, 2010, 03:31:07 AM »
Oh, and last questions...I take it, it worked to kick the methadone and such habit?? or not?  And how well was the recovery not just from the iboga, but recovering from the maybe minor wd's of being on opiates for quite some time as I myself have been too...
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Re: When I went unsane with self truth on Iboga!!
« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2010, 05:10:52 AM »
I kicked methadone my first time, but had stepped down low.  It took 2 weeks to start feeling better, then 2 months to feel totally back to pre-addiction state, for me, that time.

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