Author Topic: Initiation Music... lost and found  (Read 3541 times)

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Initiation Music... lost and found
« on: April 27, 2013, 03:58:49 PM »
hello all..
I am curious if anyone has a full recording of the "Rich Bow" session???
I am not sure the other names that it might be found under.. Richards Session? Richard Harp?

this is one of my favorite recordings of bwiti harp and session  music.. there is a lot of singing involved and I am not sure who the singer and harpist is.. OKA?? mBOka ngombi?? sorta sound like him but I am unsure.. the session recording is a little different because the singing is more "lyric" oriented than chanting and repition (if that makes sense) AND.. it is a little "darker" like.. it feels more personal and story telling than guiding and watchful....
it seems to be more melodic and less bangy and chaotic

I did find a partial recording in here a while back ..
it was in a couple large and awesome collections of harp and other bwiti music...
it was under the HARP folder.. the same one with the womens initiation.. the delani one)

if anyone knows or has any idea of what I am asking that would be awesome...


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