Author Topic: 1984 2012 timelapse deforestation  (Read 1820 times)

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1984 2012 timelapse deforestation
« on: May 09, 2013, 07:24:13 PM »

I am not sure if this will post what i was looking at.. but when i stopped, i had zoomed deep into the jungles of africa and south america to watch the deforestation that we have been doing for the past few decades... in some places its worse, in others you can see the grids forming and eventually branching into sectional clearing...

the map is interesting.. you can move it about to wherever you want and zoom in to watch globally,  the satellite images for the  past 30 years time lapse... watch the expansion of one thing and the decline of others....

 (i can see it didnt leave off where I wanted... I had it poised over Gabon... this just sets you back to the amazon..