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Sleep disorders found something very interesting
« on: June 07, 2013, 07:54:32 AM »
Ok, let' s start , i flooded before 15 days i am OK , doing exercise and so, but the sleep was a problem , benzos did not work , but today i found this and wanted to share it is far stronger than benzos,  nutmeg soothes or stimulates CNS (central nervous system), works like a charm 5 only drops of essence 4-5 hours before sleep and you are going to enjoy , be careful big doses have hallucinogenic effect. It will help the female population more than the male , because of the numerous other properties it has (aphrodisiac, relief of pain, muscular rheumatic pain joints , gastritis, indigestion , anti-depressant and helps with the pains of ovulation , it is emmenagogue and abortifacient    ) . It is  mild MAO inhibitor,it has the same qualities with ganja!!!!! has many active substances, many minerals, strong anti-oxidant action . Do not use it simultaneously  with beznos .

Indians of the north-west Amazon  made yakee snuff. Delerious , dangerous , hallucinogenic, very great amount of DMT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a family species to nutmeg 8)

P.S You can use it simultaneusly with chacruna it does the trick with the maoi
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