Author Topic: The Porcupine - Connecting the Dots  (Read 2728 times)

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The Porcupine - Connecting the Dots
« on: July 25, 2013, 11:24:10 AM »
So last year before an attempted Iboga flood I had a couple of dreams about porcupines.  I have always been interested in dream interpretation, especially when animals or possible totems are involved.  In these particular dreams I would see a porcupine and it would look rather inviting, so much so that I wanted to pet the little guy.  Now, I know that isn't usually a great idea, but dream me didn't seem to care.  When I approached Mr. Porcupine, his quills spiked and he expanded into a very large figure.  I was not threatened, but rather dissapointed because it wouldn't let me near.  Next I'd wake up.  This dream occurred a couple of times.

I never actually reconsidered this dream up until quite recently.  Not long ago I stumbled across the Pygmy legend of the iboganaut porcupine.  Was reading this incredible account:

While reading, almost immediately I was taken aback.  I could recall the visions that I did have when the flood dose began to hit my system.  There were several, but by far the most pronounced and at the same time disconcerting was the little guy who would "swim" up to my third eye and stubbornly.....well I am not sure, but he would like cross his arms if he had any arms to cross and then stick his nose up and turn around to "swim" away.  I was being snubbed.  He did this a couple of times and I tried to describe some of it to my healer/sitter friend and he did believe it to be the spirit of Iboga and told me that he can be playful.  I truly felt like I was being rebuked, but at the same time was told that we would meet again when I was ready.  This was all being directly perceived by me at the time and I did not like it and everything went south.  Now, granted I was not only attempting to come off suboxone (a bitch with Iboga) but had dosed opiates too close to flood time.  None of that takes away from the fact of the visions, which also included a group of Africans hovering over me as I was laying on what seemed to be a hamock on the beach.  They were offering blessings of healing and well-being, that I could feel.

So I said all that to say that I recognized immediately, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the little guy who seemed to dissaprove of something with my flood was for sure a porcupine.  A few weeks back I was looking up pictures of porcupines and was just like "damn, how did I not see that?"

Today I strongly feel that Iboga is a big part of my path, and it already has been.  I really look forward to the time when the porcupine opens the door for me.  Now crazy me even wants to flood in the beautiful Porcupine Mountains (Ojibwe name for some rolling, expansive hills in UP Michigan) during the summer season, although I wouldn't do this because of legal concerns.  So I guess it'll be Canada, again. :)

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Re: The Porcupine - Connecting the Dots
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2013, 10:46:25 PM »
Thanks for sharing light,

So interesting that you had the dreams of the porcupine and didn't know the legend.. WOW! :)


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Re: The Porcupine - Connecting the Dots
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2013, 10:04:08 AM »
that's a great story. thanks