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Designing the experience
« on: August 09, 2013, 01:07:26 PM »
Hello brothers and sisters,

I'm planning to embark on an Ibogaine experience and I'd really appreciate everyone's suggestions and/or insight into the best way to go about doing taking Ibogaine for the first time. I'll save you the details, but let's just I formerly had my shit together and right now I'm in the dumps.  I've been pretty dejected ever since a visit back home where some childhood stuff came back into my consciousness, and I haven't been the same ever since. Formerly ambitious and inspired, I've been depressed and using junk food like a drug (it's sad and disgusting). I haven't accomplished anything since this episode started, I've gained a bunch of weight and have really just been a big time waste of space.

So... that said. I'm really looking forward to utilizing this motherly plant to sort out my woes and get back on track to living a virtuous life.

I'm currently based in Montreal and am torn between ordering my own product from Cerberus Extract and trying to find some sort of clinic to do this properly. I am strapped on cash so I'm really trying to see if this experience can be done on one's own. I've read a bunch and am aware the experience can be heavy, hearing it's wise to have at the least some sort of sitter. I've taken mushrooms and acid before and have been fine on my own. I put this all out there because I am asking you what you'd recommend I do. Can I do this on my own? And if so, what would you have be the protocol (dosage, environment, etc). Quite honestly I'd love to hear from you that I should order 2grams of TA, bring some water and trash can, and pitch a tent out somewhere in a nice natural setting. If this is not recommended please elaborate on what you'd suggest. Is the only real way to do this with some shaman/guru type sitter? And if this is the case, any recommendations on the best way to do this on the cheap?

Thanks in advance,